Hello guys I am back guess what ??? I am sooo happy today yaar wanna know reason chalo last me batati hu ????????
So bada Wala thank u sooooooooooo much for ur cute comments guys ????
Chalo now no more BAK BAK ….
Lets us begin ….
Recap : twinj got teased by the family members n twinkle angry with kunj …
.The episode starts with twinj n others entering the valley twinkle n girls were walking n kunj n boys were walking behind them when suddenly mahi feels nauseous and dizzy and twinkle holds her …….
T : mahi are u fine ????
M : yeah Bhabhi I am fine …
Twinkle makes her sit on a rock there n yuvi and others comes there …
Y : what happen Jaan u alright …
M : nothing yuvi I am fine I just I am feeling dizzy she holds her head …
K : okay let’s go from here will come back some other time nothing is more Dan my sister Health n cups mahi face twinkle sees him lovingly ……
M : no Bhai u all go I’ll sTay here …
K : but mahi …
Y : kunj u all go I’ll stay with mahi n when she feels alright we will come there
T : r u sure yuvi ????
Y : yeah Twinkie u go PLZZ …
M : ha Bhai …
K : okay if u say ….
Kunj hugs mahi n ask yuvi to take care of her n they all left from there ….
Twinkle Anaya meher were walking when kunj calls twinkle …
K : twinkle stop I need to talk to you about something…
T : huh but I don’t wanna talk about anything n smirks …
Meh : twinkle comes here …
T : coming she goes from there …
K : AB ghee tedhi ungli se hi nikalna padega kunj smirks ….
Mehbeer were walking together n anraj too n twinkle was walking alone as she wants to make kunj desperate…
When she sees someone pulls her n line her to the trees …
T : ahhhh she began to shout when kunj covers her mouth with her hand …
K : its me twinkle u single husband n laughs ???
T : huh just leave me she was saying in weird voice …
K : what happen to your voice …
Twinkle shows him dat he has kept his hand on her mouth n kunj removes his hand ….
T : huh I am angry with you n I don’t wanna talk to you she tries to go but kunj holds her by waist …
K : the place is perfect with perfect weather only u and me here n winks at twinkle ….
T : kunj leave me nah …
K : no not today ….
T : kunjjj (in a slow voice )
Kunj removes hair strand from twinkle face n she was enjoying her touch kunj leans closer to twinkle she closes her eyes n soon. Their lips met n they have a deep lip lock ….
After sometime they broke it n twinkle blushes n kunj leans n kisses her neck n twinkle was shivering as she has only awake the wild man inside kunj …
T : kunj let’s go everyone will be waiting for us …
K : let them wait ….And tightens his grip
Suddenly they hear Anaya voice n kunj left twinkle ….
K : huh babaji I feel like my cousin’s is my biggest enemy …
Twinkle laughs n pecks his lips before when could depart they have a lip lock n left from there ….
They reach the place n sees the whole city from the hill station …
T : sooo beautiful nah kunj …
K :yeah but not more Dan my love …
T : thanks for the complement Mr husband…
K : who said dat i complemented u ..
T : then who is your love n gets angry
Kunj laughs n says u only baby n hugs twinkle she too melts n they stand their taking selfies….
K : I love u twinkle shouts kunj n it echos
T : I love u too kunj she shouts back n they hugs again ….
Soon they enjoyed their n left for the hotel where everyone is waiting for them n they all left towards their farm house kunj n twinkle in back side of the car n Raj was driving….
Soon twinkle sleeps on kunj shoulder he smiles n they reached farm house after sometime ….
K : I think I have to lift her …
R : yeah kunj …
Kunj lifts twinkle in bridal style n takes her to their room n makes her lie in bed n put blanket n smiles and pecks her forehead ….
K : look how cute she is looking I just love my siyappa queen…
Screen freezes
So how was the Epi ????
Well do comments ….
I am leaving ba byeeee …
Love u all take care …
Ha I have u tell me why I am happy right guys the reason is my exmas finished now I can give u all regular updates like before most probably isn’t it good news???
Sameera ??????

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  1. Kanchi

    Wowwwww loved the episode it was osm plzzz post soon

  2. Sohi

    The episode was sweet, lovely, cute
    It was just fab
    I can’t tell anything more than it
    Do continue

  3. sameera di i just loved it

  4. So nice sameera dii

  5. Simiyy

    Hey Sameera
    It was too good
    I think Mahi might be pregnant
    Anayway post soon
    Load of love ?

  6. SidMin23

    As usual super excited for next update

  7. Ramya

    Awesome sameera
    Episode was sooooo cuuuttte
    Loads of love keep smiling

  8. Presha

    Hey sam its lovely dear

  9. Chiku

    That soooo sweet!! Loved it. Lovely. Amazing ❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Post soon

  10. Adya

    Wooowwww amazing an tooo cute episode di… Awesome..
    It was soo lovely.. I’m happy tha we’ll get regular updates..
    Post soon..
    Love you!

  11. Kruti

    Lovely epi
    So happy that u will be able to post early updates

    Love u ?

  12. SidVee_Yashvee

    Awesome n soo cute.. loved it.. and of course it’s good news since now we’ll get regular updates ? do cont soon ❤

  13. SidMinTwiNj

    Yayyyy sammu I’m so happy that u will be able to post regularly now… As usual this amazingly amazing… Love it…

    Love you?

  14. Shalini15

    Hi Sammu my sweetness ki dukan, I’m too very happy that you’ll post your ff regularlly…. well episode was superb n so sweet as always… n hayee kunj is single husband of his wife hehehe loved it yar…. N I think mahi is pregnent…well let see what is in your dimag… chalo next epi mein milenge…

    Ba baye… love you♥♥

  15. Aanya_pandey

    Amazing episode dear!! Just in love with d track going on

  16. SidMin

    Awesome 🙂 Just loved it 🙂 So sweet 🙂
    I know how it feels when exams are over Enjoy 🙂
    Love you 🙂 Happy new year in advance 🙂 Post soon 🙂

  17. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous

  18. Baby

    Sameera di???
    ?kunj is srsly too naughty…..
    Hayeee….?soooooooooo romantic uffff…luvd it to infinity……shooooo cute sch mein ???
    Luv u loads di amazing fabulous ???????☺?

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