Hello guys I am back again early today right well I have penned this epi before only n posting it now guys as I want you all to enjoy last days of the year ??????
So thanks to all who commented on my last one guys seroulsy loved your comments yaar m yeah vaasu twinj sidmin u can surely call me sammu I’ll be glad ????
Well enough of my bak bak …
Lets us begin ….
The episode starts with Twinj coming down to have break fast kunj was wearing white shirt and blue jeans and twinkle was wearing cream n pink Anarkali both were looking damm cute n was coming hand in hand when their cousin sees them ……
Meh : ohoooo just look at the love birds how cute they are looking nah …
T : huh meher thanks ?
AB : saali saheba AB kunj hai to hum Sab ko bhul hi gayi han ???
R : ha abeer Jiju ye chipkali nah Aisi hi hai n both teases twinkle ….
Leela comes there n holds abeer n Raj ears n says now don’t tease my kudi and damad ….
AB : but Leela aunty …
R : ha maasi we are not teasing her ..
L : ahha ha ha I know u too very well
Babee Manohar n Usha too comes for breakfast….
B : twinkle puttar u are looking too cute today ….
U : ha puttar …
Mah : the glow on Bhabhi face is clearly tell me nah Bhabhi what is the secret n winks at twinkle …
Twinkle blushes while kunj whispers the secret is me for her glowingg face twinkle looks at kunj n makes haww Wala face while Leela n Usha heard kunj n laughs ….
L : u said something kunj …
K : nope Leela maa n puts down his head ……
Soon everyone had their dinner they all left to go for araku valley ….
@ araku valley :::::
(In the bus ) ????????
It was a very isolated place with many beautiful scenarios n high forest n weather was sooo cool there anyone who go there doesn’t want to come back and stay there whole life is it all they heard from heard during their journey
T : wow I am sooo excited to see dat place …..
K (murmurs) : lagta hai aaj BHI izzat lutne ka irada hai madam ka …
Twinkle heard him n he passes his cheesy smile n twinkle passes a death glare to him ….
T : huh now I’ll not talk to u huh she turns to other side …
K : chal beta kunj now u have to pacify this siyappa queen …But really she is looking sooo cute today ha ha I know I am the reason only thinks kunj n smiles when abeer yuvi and Raj ask him to come to there seat ….
K : yeah tell what happen ???
AB : u tell what happen ….
K : when yaar ….
Y : last night bro …
Kunj smiles n remember last night and a cute curve appears on his face …
R : ohooo someone is blushing yaar
K : haww guys nothing happen last night he tires to change the topic …
Same happen at girl side n twinkle was red like tomato due to continuous blushing ……
Twinj looks at each other n tries to avoid their gaze soon they all reach the valley
Their was treasure hunt in isolated forest and everyone was sooo excited n our siyappa queen was angry with her Mr husband …
Twinkle POV :::::
Wow finally we reached the valley it is the world’s beautiful place I have ever seen I was blushing like hell in the journey we reached there n entered girls in one group n boys In other I saw kunj coming near to me but I am his siyappa queen n I ignored him to which he makes haww Wala face but what to do but zyada bhav khaya kunj ne Kal now it’s my turn we entered the forest n I saw boys who wants their girls to be with them but we all decided to Stay together n leave boys as meher mahi n Anaya too had a fight with boys now it will be fun …
POV ends ::::
Kunj POV ::::
Finally we reached here these abeer yuvi n Raj nah Nevers leaves any chance of teasing us I mean how can I tell me what happen last night we reached n I wanted my wife to be with me but madam is showing attitude but I am also kunj sarna I heard dat abeer n others had also fight n they made two groups girls n boys I don’t want to be with them I want to be with my wife after all it’s our honeymoon phase huh …
POV ends …
Screen freezes….
How was the epi ????
Hope u all like it …
Well do.Comment ….
Chalo tata take care …..
Will come back soon ….

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  1. Kanchi

    Hey sameera di loved this episode excited for the next one
    Love u
    Waiting for the next part
    Love u
    See you soon??

  2. Simiyy

    Hey Sameera
    You nailed it as usual
    try to post soon
    loads of love

  3. SidMin23

    Super as always waiting for next update

  4. Ramya

    Sameer it’s just cute
    Awesome n girls n boys have fight ??but still it’s cute
    Loads of love keep smiling

  5. Presha

    Hey Sam its marvelous just loved it

  6. Chiku

    Wowww sam!! Its lovely❤️❤️❤️Loved it
    Specially the teasing part. I was smiling like a fool while reading the teasing part❤️❤️??
    Post soon

  7. hey sameera di cute epi…….and that blushing part was awsm

  8. SidMinTwiNj

    Hey sammu
    Lovely epi… Loved each and every bit of it… Everyone teasing TwiNj and Mahi asking Twinkle secret behind her glowing face and Kunj wishpering I’m the secret behind her glow tho????????? so boys and girls fought and they made boys vs girls group… Bechara Kunj he don’t want to be in boys group and want to spend time with his wifey but he is not able to… Sammu mere Kunj ki wish ku pura kardo usse Twinkle k saath thoda private time de do after all its their ?? ?? next epi soon n next shot too…

    Love you?

  9. RUTU.....

    Amazing episode dear really loved it

  10. Sohi

    Episode was too cute like twinkle
    Liked the episode very much
    Excited for aruku Valley trip
    Do continue and post soon bye

  11. Shalini15

    Hi meri sweetness ki dukan I’m back again…episode was mindblwoing n too cute…. n aaj kal kunj ki kuch jyada hi izjat lut rahi hai… hayeee yaar he is too cute… loved when everyone was teasing him n twinkle… now lets see how he will pacify his syapa queen… both are really so sweet… loved it… n by the way I love your POV idea too… keep writing like this beautiful episodes… ab next bhi jaldi se post kar dena…..

    till then ba bye

    Love you♥♥

  12. SidVee_Yashvee

    The episode was too cute.. teasing and blushing?? loved it.. do cont soon ❤

  13. Adya

    Samu di…
    Wooah.. shooooo cute… especially the teasing part.. I love it…
    Kunj has become too naughty…
    Try posting soon..
    Love you!

  14. SidMin

    Loved it 🙂
    Awesome :0
    I loved the way Twinkle was ignoring Kunj but still blushing 🙂
    Interesting GIRLS VS BOYS 🙂
    waiting for the next episode 🙂 Post soon 🙂
    Love you 🙂

  15. KarthikaJasmin

    Episode was toOooooooo gOooooOOood!!!!??????
    D way KUNJ teases TWINKLE..& make her blushing…???
    Post soon..

  16. Kruti

    Sam that was just so cute
    Twinj being teased??…bechara kunj twinkle ke saath time spend karna hai…..ok so ab jaldi donno ko thodi private space de do
    Continue asap

    Loads of love??

  17. Aanya_pandey

    Mast mast mast!! Ek dum mast episode

  18. Baby

    hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaha………oh god sameera di
    izzat lutne ka iraada mast tha……………………………..
    loved it soooo much itna cute angry mode phele chal hojata hai inka……….
    hahahahaaaa red due to blushing bechare ab kre bhi kya kaisee bataye hahhahaaaaa……..
    love u lods di it was spr cute……….♥♥♥♥♥

  19. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute epi

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