Hello guys I am back again ?????….
One request guys pinch me ???? I know dat u must be thinking if I have gone mad but still it’s unbelievable for me dat I have completed 75 episodes I am seriously I still remember the day when I started this FF thanks to all the members to their constant support from the beginning glad that I have u all guys love u all soooooo much ?????
Special thanks to all my readers who have supported me during hard times I am just continuing this FF for my readers n this epi is specially dedicated to them guys so enjoy
“Dil SE kabhi juda NAHI hote ???
…………..Yun hi hum Kisi PE fida NAHI hote ?
?mohabbat SE badhakar to dosti la rishta hai
Kyun ki dost kabhi bewafa NAHI hote ??
:::::::::::::::::: ISHQ FOREVER TWINJ 75 :::::::::::::::::::
Recap : twinj moments n kunj getting angry with twinkle ??
The episode starts with kunj smiling looking at twinkle message n goes to beach ….
Kunj pov :::
As soon as I went there I saw the beach fully decorated with balloons ribbons n tiny bulbs n I looked around to to find sorry cards with a smile emoticon on it I smiled and appreciated what twinkle did I got shocked at the moment when I saw a bed fully decorated in the middle of the beach I smiled to myself n thought chal beta kunj aaj to Teri izzat lutne wali hai but where is this siyappa queen just one question was running in my mind when I saw the most beautiful creature of the world yes I saw twinkle coming she was wearing a red gown with her hairs on one side she was looking perfect n I wasn’t able to control myself n was lost in her twinkling eyes when she came n snapped her fingers n I came back to reality….
Pov ends ….
Twinkle pov ::::
Finally all the arrangements done hope my cute angry sarna will like it after all it is done my be twinkle taneja ops not taneja twinkle kunj sarna I saw kunj coming to the beach his eyes were showing dat he liked my suprise I went towards him n he was lost I know I am beautiful I thought to myself n snapped fingers before him …. I asked me what happen he just smiled n asked u did it twinkle ??? Haww such a silly question no my Bhoot did it I replied n turned to the other side as if I am angry with him when I felt a hug from behind n I was sooo happy I liked the suprise very much my love said kunj n I blushed …
Poora intezaam kar Liya hai na tune Meri izaat lutne ka he asked n I left a soft giggle n turns towards him ….
Pov ends …
Again kunj pov
She turned towards me n was looking extremely beautiful than before with her cute red cheeks I wish to eat her right itself really twinkle I wish to eat u today I said when she kept her hands around my shoulder n came towards my ear n whispered I am totally yours Mr sarna I smiled at her n pecked her forehead she smiled as I proceeded towards her cheeks I kissed them n then we lean towards each other soon our lips met we didn’t want to pull out but had to do it coz of breathing we are breathing very badly n I saw twinkle she lowered her gaze n I smiled n lift her chin I kissed her neck n she was just shivering n I lost my control n lift her in bridal style n took her to the bed n came on top of her I started kissing her n she was just maoning my name making me go wild more soon the passion inside us became more wild n we are kissing EO like him I must say this is the special night for both of us after sometime we slept in each other embrace ….
Pov ends ….
Twinkle pov ::::
Next morning I woke up to find kunj sleeping peacefully omg his perfect boy makes me go crazier everytime it was a pretty good morning I remembered last night n blushed hardly though It was just 6 in morning sun was going to rise I got up when I felt kunj holding my wrist I smiled at him where u are going siyappa queen he asked pecking my cheeks let’s go to room kunj I replied why he aksed omg just look at this shameless sarna if anyone will see us together like this then I replied to which he got up n came on top of me n said what u said shameless sarna huh I’ll show u now he said n we h
Both had a passionate lip lock n broke it kunj let’s go nah I said okay madam ur wish my command he said n we both went to our room before anyone can see us n kunj drifted to sleep I went to get freshen up …
Pov ends ::::
Soon twinkle came out n saw kunj sleeping she goes n sleeps too after sometime kunj wakes up n saw twinkle n he kisses her forehead
T : good morning Mr hubby (yawning)
K : good morning twinkle thank u sooo much for ur surprise n winks at twinkle …
T : no need baby n pecks him lips …
K : acha idea nikala tune MERI izzat lutne ka n winks n says where is my clothes …
Twinkle gets angry n gets up from there to go but kunj holds her n pulls her due to which she rested on kunj chest ….
He moves hair strands from twinkle face n says u look sooo beautiful twinkle when u get angry everytime I glare at you I fell for u even more Jaan n hugs twinkle ….
T : sachiiii kunj ???
K : yeah Jaan thank u sooo much for trusting
me …….
T : I trust you more Dan muslef n if ur cheesy talks are over we need to go down Mr husband
K : hawww twinkle poots romantic mood kharab KAR DIYA huh …. Waise if I get angry even today will u give me the same surprise n winks
T : hawww shameless huh leave me I am going
Twinkle gets up n kunj smiles at her n they both get freshen up n goes towards their family soon they all left out for the valley ….
Screen freezes …
So guys how was the epi ????
Plz do comment yaar ….
Chalo I am leaving will be back soon .
So read keep commenting n stay tuned ….
Sameera ????

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  1. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute marvelous lovely epi

  2. Simiyy

    Sameera it was a cute update
    i loved Twinj moments
    try to post soon

  3. Presha

    Hey sam its fabulous nd cute post asap

  4. SidMin23

    Awesome and I don’t have enough word to describe this scene all I can see today is twinj romantic scene thanks SAMEERA wating for next episode

  5. Chiku

    Hey sam
    Congoooo for 75 episodes ❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Episode is soo sweet loved it to the core. Lovely ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Twinj romance was awesome ????
    Post soon

  6. Adya

    Samu di..
    Congo for 75 episodes..hope you soon complete 100 episodes…
    Well the episode was soo cute and awesome di.. I love it extremely..
    Twinj romance was lovely..
    Post soon..
    Love you!

  7. hey sameera di love ur ffs and twinj moments were fab dii i love u

  8. Aamu

    Haaye meli shammmmmmu…!!!!!!!!!????
    Chalo ab Google baaba kaa wish tumhare liye….Google ki traf ss nahi merit taraf she haaa.!

    u know mene jab dekha ki tu 74 epi cmplte karliya…mene socha ki 75 pr cmnting banti hai here I came…????
    Love u..
    Or haaa me epi k baare me kuch nahi bolsajti kyuki men’s read hi nahi kiya…sorrrrryyyyyy yaaar…
    But for me dusre b read karne lag jaungi …mere pass 3 din hi hai ab…till 31 me roz on ho jungi….
    Reply karna agar ye padhe to…or n sure read to karegi???
    Love u..
    Misss ur writing….
    Will b soon back…
    Till Dan miss me n love me
    Stay bless..take care..
    N hit a century pls ..
    Yeah ek twinj ki diwaaani kaaa order or request samjo WO hai?
    Love u???????

    1. Sameera

      Hayeee thank u sooo much MERI jaan well AB order mil hi Chuka hai to centruy b hit KAR dete hai n the quote from Google baba is amazing yaar I am sooo happy to see ur comment babed …
      Dil Khush KAR DIYA…..
      Well well jaldi Se wapas aaja…
      Fir dhamal macha denge babess …
      Missed u too loved it …

  9. Kruti

    Sam that was just???????????
    Loved it

  10. RUTU.....

    Awesome episode it was really amazing loved it dear post next one soon

  11. Sohi

    Wow yaar the episode was soo romantic I liked it thanks for the treat yaar do continue and post congratulations for completeing 75 episodes bye

  12. Shreya098

    Loooved it..

  13. Ramya

    Awesome sameera
    Lovely n yelo Maine pinch kardi ??
    Ab yakeen karlena
    Loads of love keep smiling

  14. SidMinTwiNj

    Hey sameera
    Congo for 75th epi… Celebration time ?????????????? muh mein pani aa gaya ?? sameera can I call u sammu?

    Sammu as always the epi is sooooo cute… TwiNj romance tho??????❤❤❤❤❤❤?????? love it to the core…

    Sammu I’m TwinjSidMin(Vaasu) don’t get confused as I changed my username…

    Love you?

  15. SidVee_Yashvee

    Wow amazing n romantic epi.. loved it.. and Congo for 75 epis 🙂 do cont soon ❤

  16. Shalini15

    Hayeee Sammu meri sweetness ki dukan kya epi likha hai yaar… bechare kunj ki toh izjat hi luta di tumne…. too romantic amazing superb mindblowing epi… loved it…congo for 75 episodes…

    N sooooooo sorry for not commenting in previous few epi…. busy ho gayi thi to gayab ho gayi yahan se… ab one go mein padh rahi hun… pls maaf kar do…
    well ab next wala padhne ja rahi hun…

  17. Aanya_pandey

    Amazing update yrr jst loved it.. it ws soo soo soo cute

  18. Baby

    sameeraaaaa………………di ufff…..sooo cute n romantic it was……
    oho kunj ko toh har time naraz rhena chaiye iss twinkle se hahahaaa……….
    loved it to core ♥♥
    love u lods♥♥♥♥♥

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