Hey guys I am pretty early today right ???? Well I have got holidays so I got time to write n post …Well guys my exams are going well thanks yaar for ur wishes free more exams left then I’ll be back well I am giving this episode early just to give author note do read it at end …
Pehle epi lelo …..
Recap : twinj at vizag their romance …
There episode starts with Twinj waking up next morning….
T : good morning Mr husband….
K : good morning wifey n pecks twinkle
T : I am going to get freshen up …
K : if u want I can help u ….
T : hawwww kunj she hits him by pillow
K : oye siyappa queen …..
T : don’t u dare call me siyappa queen
K : I’ll call u siyappa queen n teases twinkle ….
Twinkle beats him by pillow n falls on top of him ….
They have a cute eye lock when kunj phone starts ringing ….
K : I hate this phone huh …
T : hahahah go n pick ur call …
K : huh hello ..Yeah papa okay we will be there in half n hour ….
Kunj turns n sees twinkle has already left to get freshen up ….
After sometime Twinj comes down n meets elder n they all went to see musiems beaches parks valleys etc
At musiems:::
Twinj mehbeer yuhi anraj comes there n sees many preserved things …
T : Raj see here Is ur brother n shows him skeleton …
All laughs ????????
R : huh chipkali ….
Twinkle teases Raj n yuvi both n they all have fun ….
At parks ::::
They all comes to the park and they SAT for sometime having chit chat they roam all over n plays many games ….
mAh : let’s play blindfolded game …
Meh : yeah let’s play …
K : but yuvi is already blind in mahi love n winks at mahi …
mAh : Bhai n blushed …
T : hahahah look at this red Bandar n pulls yuvi cheeks …
An : Chalo guys let’s play …
First turn was of Anaya she was searching n everyone were running here n there when twinkle runs but she was pulled by someone ….
T : kunj…
K : ha to AUR kaun hoga siyappa queen
T : leave me everyone is here …
K : no I won’t ….
T : plzzz nah baby …
K : no I am not leaving u have to give me something n winks at twinkle ..
T : yeah meher n kunj left her n twinkle goes from there winking at kunj
K : huh not again siyappa queen
Twinkle goes n resumes playing kunj comes there too now it was twinkle turn n she catches kunj …
Soon everyone get tired n they left for the hotel ….
@ hotel ….
Everyone comes back to hotel n went to dinning section ….
T : what happen to kunj why he is not taking to me …(thinks)
K : think think siyappa queen I’ll not talk to you now huh (thinks)
Man : so last day to explore tomorrow n day after tomorrow we are leaving for farmhouse …
K : okay papa …
L : I wish to go from here ASAP …
T : maa what happen. Why u are not eating anything …
L : nothing beta. .. tell us what u did today. …
B : ha beta tell us …
They told everything how much fun they had n all …N they all went to their rooms …..
Kunj comes to his room n doesn’t find twinkle in room ….
K : ye twinkle kaha chale Gayi … Twinkle twinkle shouts kunj but doesn’t found her ….
Where she went hope koi siyappa nah karde twinkle ….
Suddenly his phone beeps n he opens to find twinkle ….
T : omg I know Mr hubby u would be finding me right well I am right I know but Mr angry sarna I have found a way to cooled down ur anger wanna see it how baby then come down to beach ur love twinkle ….
Kunj smiles looking at message n thinks so angry version plan worked well done kunj he smirks n left for beach …
Screen freezes…
Here I am done with end ….
Do comments ????
A/N : well guys see tell me one thing r u all liking the track or not I felt like u are all not liking it well I am not getting comments hardly 10 comments guys well I asked u all before dat if will be better if I end it but u all said ull wait for me see guys I am posting just for u all N if an author doesn’t get appreciated then there is no point for me to continue it I am wrapping it in next 5 episodes guys (sorry yaar aduu vasu di Soho sidmin kruti N my other commentors )
Sameera ????

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  1. Very nice sameera dii.

  2. Rashiverma2199

    Wow….sam3era loving the track…. Amazing

  3. Presha

    Hey Sam its lovely and plz don’t wrap it

  4. SidMinTwiNj

    Hey sameera
    Lovely epi… Waiting for twinkle surprise for Kunj… Sam plzzzzzzzz don’t end it… Plzzzzzz try to reach century… I so want someone to complete 100 epis of TwiNj ffs… Dear you are so close to it so common dont give up and continue… Plzzzzzzzz its my request atleast for ur regular commenters sake u continue plzzzzzzz???

    Love you?

  5. SidMin23

    nice and waiting to know what is twinkle surprise for kunj

  6. Kruti

    Sam 🙁 pls dont end na….I dont know what prblm readers have that they cant comment a single word also….Every ff is getting very less comments now a days…..pls yar 100 epi kardo….then urs will be first Twinj ff to reach 100epi….nd ur not far also….pls pls pls think of it

    The epi was cute…..loved it
    Continue asap

    Love u?

  7. Ramya

    Hey sameera dis isn’t fair u can’t do dis he can u end it
    Plastics don’t end
    Well EPI was so cute awesome I’m eager fr next one post soon
    Loads of love keep smiling

  8. Aanya_pandey

    Awww.. how sweet episode n d end ws to super

    1. Aanya_pandey

      Will b waiting to see hw twinkle manaoing kunj

  9. Chiku

    Hey sam
    Ots awesome!!! Loved it sooo lovely ❤️❤️❤️?
    Plzzz dont end ur ff???plzzzz
    Post soln

  10. Adya

    If you end then I’ll kill you! I’ll send you to mental asylum… How dare you say that we don’t like it…
    We love it… You know n how much I love it… Don’t do this to us… Plss we want to read your ff more and more…
    At least 100 episodes… !!! Plss..
    Today’s episode was lovely…
    Try to post soon…
    Love you !

  11. Amazing sameera I love the track

  12. Anshikajainn

    Yrr sameera it’s outstanding pls don’t end this ff

  13. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute epi

  14. SidVee_Yashvee

    This was so cute n adorable.. loved it.. n plz don’t end ur ff plzz, it’s a request frm ur fan.. I really love ur ff.. will v waiting for the next ❤

  15. Baby

    sameera di dare u end it……..mein toh as always late hun naa………..
    bt plsss dont end didi noooo…………….
    phele toh mein epsiode babati hun it was very cute angry kunj sarna loved it……
    kitna bhav kha rhi thi twinkle hahahaaaa………
    love it soooooo much it was adorabl bt di u wont end it naa plsssssssss…………..
    love u lods♥♥♥♥

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