Hello guys here i am back again ??..
Well guys thanks for ur lovely comments and sohi I too wanted to show hyderbad only but vizag is necessary for the upcoming twist so enjoyyyy ….
Without wasting time let’s us begin …
Recap : twinj ddlj scene ….
The episode starts with everyone reaching vizag twinj with family comes out of train ….
K : finally we are here guys …
All cheers n they took cabs n left for hotels as farm house were far away from they city so they decided to stay at hotels and then left to farm house for anraj engagement…..
Twinj sits in one car n twinkle was very happy to see the green city ….
In their destination to hotel they saw beaches arts musiem everything….
T : wow kunj see nah everything is so beautiful…
K : yeah twinkle they smile n after sometime reaches hotel ….
Man : everyone go n rest after sometime u can go to explore ….
Everyone nods n left to their rooms …
Twinj comes to their room n they were astonished to see the scenario …
She went to balcony n was seeing whole as twinj room was on 10 floor of the hotel. …
Kunj comes n hugs twinkle from behind
T : ahem ahem someone is getting romantic …
K : ha it’s perfect place to get romantic Mrs sarna n kisses her neck …
Twinkle gets nervous due to his touch n kunj pulls twinkle n her hand rest on his chest ….
They have a intense eye lock ???
(Sajna ve plays in the bg ………….)

They both lean closer n soon their lips met n have a deep lip lock n they pull out due to lack of air. …
Twinkle shies away while twinkle smirks
K : hayeee twinkle u red cheeks nah always make me go crazy …
T : haww kunj anything ….
Kunj smiles n twinke went to get freshen up ….
After sometime twinj comes down where other family memebers were waiting for them ….
Ab : let’s go guys ….
K : yeah lete go ….
T : but where is maa ….
Rt comes from behind n says dat leela is tired n she wanted to rest …
T : what happen papa is everything fine I can stay with maa…
Rt : no princess u go n enjoy I’ll take care of her …
K : r u sure papa ??
Rt : yeah kunj u all go ….
Man : we all decided to enjoy here u all go …Everyone nod n they left from there ….
All the couple’s twinj yuhi mehbeer anraj comes on the beach …
Meh : wow it’s so beautiful…
Kunj holds Twinkle hand n they go for sky diving swimming and comes out after sometime…
T : volley ball ….
K : u wanna play volley ball twinkle
T : yeah kunj …
Meh : let’s play guys …
Ab : okay girls vs boys …
They all nod n have fun while playing they were capturing each n every moment …..

It’s 5 :30 everyone got tired n kunj ask them ….
K : itni jaldi thak gaye ….
T : no I am not tired …
Ab : I am going to hotel guys …
Meh : I am coming too …
Mehbeer n anraj left n yuhi goes to other direction ….
K : only we are left kunj smirks …
T : let’s go for a walk Mr husband ….
K : okay Mrs wifey ?
Twinj holds hand n goes for a walk cool breeze were touching them n they went towards water n looks at sunset …
T : such a beautiful scene …
K : I have never saw sunset before
T : meet too kunj twinkle rests her head on twinkle shoulder n he held her by waist n they were looking at the sunset
K : u know Mrs wifey I love you …
T : I love u too Mr husband twinkle pecks kunj cheeks ….
K : twinkle what u did ha ….
Twinkle keeps her hands on kunj shoulder n says what kunj ???
K : u did injustice twinke ….
T : injustice how ?????
Kunj pulls her towards himself n whispers u kissed my cheeks what about my lips ha n smirks …
T : kunjjjj says in a slow voice …??
K : hmm Mrs wifey ….
T : Mr husband u are becoming naughty day by day ….
K : hmm Mrs wifey I am not able to control myself when ever I see u ..
Twinkle blushed n hides her face in kunj chest he smiles n holds her …
They stand there for sometime n went back to hotel …..
At hotel ….
Twinj comes there n mehbeer ask them to come for dinner …
Babee : so puttar g enjoy kiya …
K : ha babee aaj ache se enjoy kiya n winks at twinkle …
Twinkle puts her face down …
Ma : ohooo look at bhabhi ….
An : bhai aisa kya enjoy kiya ha …
Soon mehbeer Raj yuvi teases twinj ..
Ba : bas karo shaitaano mere bate aur Nuh ko mat satao. ..
K : ha see nah babee …
Ba : only I have the right to tease him bata kunj aisa Kya kiya …
K : babee ….
Everyone laughs n twinkle hugs leela who was sitting beside her …
U : bas bas don’t tease them now …
K : I’ll order dinner …. He orders barbecue…
An : yummy look at the food it’s seems so tasty ….
K : moti always u think about food give sometime to Raj too …
Anaya blushes n looks at Raj ….
T : hawww kunj ye Bandar thodi na kam hai isee bhi nah sirf khana chahiye …
R : huh chipkali ….
Meh : yeah twinkle u said right … I am feeling bad for Anaya …
T : yeah anaya tell us how u fallen in love with this idiot …
K : twinkle what u are asking ask Raj how he has fallen in love with this moti
An : bhai n blushes …
T : ab pata chala beta tease karne k anjam waise just 4 days left.for ur engagement….
Everyone laughs looking at anraj condition as they were blushing badly …
Soon their barbecues n they all have their dinner feeding each other …
Twinj comes to their room n drifted to deep sleep ….
Screen freezes…
So guys how was the epii ????
Do comment guys ….
Chalo I am leaving …
Do read keep commenting n stay tuned
Sameera ???

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  1. Sohi

    The episode was too lovely I liked it
    No problem dear if you don’t write about hyderabad because of the twist
    I had also visited vizag so I enjoyed about vizag it was good
    Every scene was nicely described
    Do continue and post soon bye

  2. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute marvelous epi

  3. Nice sameera dii

  4. Paavu


  5. Presha

    Hey sam its super se bhi upar

  6. Presha

    Hey sam its super se bhi upar yaar

  7. Ramya

    Lovely sameera
    Loads of love keep smiling

  8. Kruti

    Sam………that was so cute ….nd tang khichai???….loved it
    I really wanna appreciate u for taking out time from ur busy schedule nd exams to write the ff’s for us……Thank u sooo much sam☺

    Love u loads??

  9. SidMin

    Merry Christmas ?
    I Loved the episode 🙂
    It was so romantic ………Twinj
    I feel there is something wrong with Leela … I don’t know why …
    Love you 🙂 Post soon 🙂

  10. Chiku

    Woaaah!!!! Lovely❤️❤️?Loved it
    Post soon

  11. SidMinTwiNj

    Hey sameera
    How are you? How are ur exams going on?

    This epi is fab… The way everyone were teasing TwiNj is so funny… As always TwiNj scenes are blissful to read… Naughty Kunj looks so cute… Trying posting next soon…

    Love you ?

  12. Aanya_pandey

    Fab update yrr?

  13. Adya

    Awwww samu di… that was indeed very cute..
    I love it soon much..
    Plsss post soon!
    Love you!

  14. Baby

    amazing sam di 😀
    loved it sooo mcuh too cute adorable beautiful♥
    loved it to infinity………….. 😀
    love u lods di♥♥

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