Hello guys dekho I am back but for sometime only as in my ss intro many people told me to post ishq forever too soo I wrote this epi …
My exms are going to start from 17 …..
I am giving this epi as a treat just wait for sometime guys I’ll be regular from jan with many twist n turns too …
So thanks to all the members for their lovely comments ….
Recap : twinj n family decides to go on picnic
The episode starts with twinj n sarna family going to railway station n sees tanejas present there ….
Rt : see thay all are here ….
Kunj greets everyone n twinkle meets leela n rt
Ab : let’s go guys …..
L : is it necessary to go ????
All looks at leela n twinkle ask what happened … ..
Rt : nothing twinkle leela didn’t want to go that’s why ….
T : offo maaa we’ll have fun plz come nah ….
L : but twinkle …

K : maa what happen u seemed tensed is there anything u can tell us …
Rt : no kunj its. Nothing
L : okay fine we will go …
All enters the train n takes their seats …
K : I have booked this whole compartment for our family ….
T : u did right kunj n hugs him …
Ab : ahem ahem …

Meh : Abeer someone is forgetting we are here too
Twinj blushes n their journey starts …
Kunj wants to sit beside twinkle but mahi n anaya sat beside her ….
K (thinks) : uff this anaya n mahi kabhi to mere biwi ko chod do ….
Mahi n anaya giggles seeing kunj making faces ….
M : bhai what happen u wanna say something…
K : no mahi …
T : chalo na guys let’s play a game what say …..
K : yeah it will be fun …
Y : what to play guys ?????
R : let’s plays truth n dare ….
All sits to play where as elders were bzy in there talks ….
Kunj -abeer- meher -raj -yuvi -twinkle -anaya ….
Twinj were sitting opposite to each other
Bottle spins n it first comes on yuvraj …
T : so Bandar truth or dare ….
Y : truth ….
T : tell me before u met mahi how many girl friends u have. .
K : bura phasa bechara n twinj hi-fi n yuvraj was speechless ….
T : ha chal bata ….
Y : wow I have UMm 3 ….
Mahi gets jealous n twinj laughs ….
K : what happen mahi n winks at her
M : nothing bhai ….
All laughs n they continue their game n it comes on Abeer anaya they r supposed to do signing dancing etc ….
Next it comes on kunj and twinkle looks at him …..
An : so bhai tell me truth or dare ….
K : always dare n winks at her ….

Y : ohoo dare u have to nah ….
K : what ????
Ab : u have to kiss twinkle ….
Twinkle who was drinking water spills out n coughs ….
T : what is this guys ????
K : okay I’ll do my dare …..
Twinkle looks at kunj with no expression while kunj comes closer to twinkle she gets nervous ….
T : kunj ….
Kunj pecks her forehead n turns at yuvraj n Abeer n says …

K : I have done my dare guys u didn’t told me where to kiss ..
Meh : hawww so cute ….
Twinkle was still shocked she blushed hard n kunj messages her …
K : don’t blush so much jaan I am not able to control myself …
Twinkle smiles reading the message n looks at kunj who was smirking. ..
T : control Mr sarna everyone is here ..
K : hayeee why I have them idea for picnic sends kunj ….
Twinkle smiles and they get back to the game bottle spins n it comes on twinkle
M : so bhabhi tell me one thing u haven’t done till now ….
T : woh I wanted to become a RJ
K : what R u serious twinkle ….
T : yeah kunj but i didn’t ….
Ab : okay let’s continue …
They all continues the game n teases each other by asking many questions such as first crush n all …
K : now I am full tired. …
T : yeah mee too …
Ba : puttar come here to have lunch. ..
All nods n went to have their lunch …

Twinkle goes to wash her hands n kunj pulls her …..
T : haww kunj leave me anyone will see us ….
K : let them see huh I wanted to spend time with my lovely wifey n pecks twinkle on cheeks ….
T : kunjjjj let’s go nah what will they think of us .
K : oye siyappa queen u are my legally wedded wife n I can do this no one will tell anything to me yaar n pouts..
Twinkle pecks him on lips making kunj shocked ….
K : haww twinkle what’s is that ???
T : return gift jaan…
K : then I have to return something too n winks at twinkle ….
T : ha babee we are coming ….
K : huh I’ll not come in ur trap ….
Ba : oye khote de puttar …
Kunj makes face n looks at babee n leaves twinkle ….

K : woh babee mein woh …
B : come have dinner ….
K : okay babee n makes a cute baby face ….
Twinkle smiles seeing kunj n they all have their lunch ….
Screen freezes….
So how was the epi guys ????
Do comment chalo I am going guys
Take care do read keep commenting n stay tuned….

Wish me best of luck for my exms????
Sameera ??

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  1. Baby

    sameera diiiiiiiiii…………………………….aapko pata hai kal hi mein aapko itna miss kar rhi thi kya batun or aaj yeh episode khete hain na law of attraction n jo aap dil se mago voh pura hota hai n ho bhi gya m sooooooooooooooooooooo damn happy
    srsly i was jst w8ing for u aap sdnly chale gye the was missing u sooooo much di
    d episode hayeeeee schi mein it was too cute d T AND D game was amazing hahahaa twinj were soooo cute n above all dat washing hands wala scene mein hahahaa bebe was dere khote de puttar awesome fabulous di nailed it…………it was soooooo adorable n dose cute peks were sooooo sweet i mean twinj were soooo sweet in d train………
    loved it to core……… 😀 love u lods di srsly missing u sooo much……..
    all d very best for ur exams di m w8ing for u……….. 😀
    love u lods♥♥♥♥♥♥

  2. Chiku

    Awesome ????lovely sooo sweeeeett
    Glad to see the episode
    Post soon
    Love u??

  3. Sohi

    The episode was cute I was soo happy to read this ff after so many days i missed it very badly well post it when ever you time do continue bye

  4. Omg Sammu my darling aaj toh mujhe jhatke pe jhatke mil rahe hain… yaar I was missing this very badly n you posted this… hawww you are soooo sweet… waise mujhe tumhare is ff ki lat lag gayi hai n when I saw it I was smiling like a mad… man kar raha tha tumhein ek tight wala hug dun… lo de rahi hun bahoooooot tight wala recieve kar lo…

    Anyways this epi was superb n so sweet like always n you know what when twinkle spiled out water me too was drinking water so maine bhi spiled out that…ab chalo jyada haso mat… n that dialoge “oye syapa queen you are my leagali wedded wife” hayeeeee TEI ki yaad dila di…. well love it… love you too♥♥

    Aur tumhari is friend cum sis ka ashirvad sadaiv tumhare saath hai balike.. go n rock the exams….
    Best Of Luck For Your All Papers…


  5. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute epi

  6. Aanya_pandey

    Loved d episode.. truth n dare se twinj romance everything ws jst bang on.. loved d episode

  7. Baby

    ISHQ FOREVER TWINJ episode 70 + Author’s Note

    dekh rahe ho sam didu i didnt even came to know wen u posted ugghhhh paka khin bimaaro marizo ke tara padi hui hongi mein hahahahaaaa srsly m sooo sorry for not commenting on dat episode i was soooo stupid sooo foolish to think ki di kahan chali gyi bina bataye n today i saw ur episode i was soooo happy n den nly it was den nly i realised i missed dis episode ohhhhh god srsly di d epsiode was superb it was too cute loved it d reception n evrything wow loved it n now yeh trip hai bt now a questuion came y leela is afraid of going to vizag……
    well nailed it di srsly luvd it n ll miss u as m still doing…….. 😀
    love u lods beautiful episode ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  8. Presha

    This is awesome cute amazing lovely fabulous sam
    All d best for ur exams

  9. Simiyy

    Welcome back
    I loved it
    Please post the next one soon

  10. Soooo nice… of luck for ur exam

  11. Ramya

    Awesome sameera loved it

  12. SidMin23

    I was misssing this ff and all the best for exam SAMMERA and you make me missed again KUNJ SARNA dialogue —–TWINKLE YOUR MY LEEGELY MARRIED WIFE the way he said to twinkle was cute missing twinj and hope you will passed your exam and waiting for more episode.

  13. Mind blowing episode and I missed u I’m happy that ur back and best of luck for ur exams

  14. Kruti

    That was an extra cute nd sweet epi……I legit loved it
    All d best for ur exams……rock them nd come back soon

    Love u Loads 🙂

  15. SidMin

    Loved it awesome 🙂
    I just Loved the train part and the kiss was so sweet 🙂
    Just Loved it 🙂
    All the best for your exams 🙂
    Love ou 🙂

  16. Anshikajainn

    Samira welcome back

  17. Awesome…. This ff is my all time favourite☺☺
    As always i luvd the episode…☺
    Post next soon….

  18. Hey sammera thank you so much for posting this ff… Was missing it like hell… As usual the epi is shooooo cute… Cant wait till Jan for the twists and turns… Try posting in between if u r free…

    All the best for exams… Rock the examzls and cone back soon with full bang…

  19. Thanks for posting Sam di??????? u no I love u soooooooo much……..
    Dis epi was mind boggling. …too gd……
    Nd rock ur exams ……..All the best????love u post whenever you get time……

  20. Hey sameera…. I missed ur ff so much….hope ur exam soon finished…. well ur ff is simply suparb….love to the core….
    Plzzzzzzzz come back soon in January… We will be waiting….
    Love u and keep smiling…,,,,,,

  21. Adya

    Sorry for the late comment…
    Samu di … Yaya…
    You are back ! Wooooww…
    I missed you … *Dancing *
    Haha … I love this di .. I just love this…
    Well will wait till Jan .. come back soon..
    Rock ur exams..
    Love u.

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