Hello guys I am back once again I am so sorry guys bcoz of mistakes in last epi kya karu yaaro jaldi jaldi me gadbad hogayi so plshh forgive
Actually hua kya na mera cousin irritate kar raha tha that’s y that happen n again I resubmitted the article n it hot posted as 6 epi
(Ek din me itni saati gadbad)
So it’s is 6+7 epi together so enjoy ……
Incase if anyone missed previous epi n twinj entry here is the link

Episode 6
So many of u commented about twiraj nope guys it’s twinj story only as twiraj r just friends
Hope clear everything
Let us begin
The episode starts with kunj picking up naman in laws from airport n comes back to the venue
Naman : thanks yaar kunj
Kunj : it’s ok bhai n hugs him chal I’ll meet u in evening ok
Naman : yeah alright
Kunj comes back in his car n sees twinkle scarf n thinks y so I feeling strange kunj kunj relax he thinks n goes grom there
In evening :
Kunj cherry rohit n everyone roaming here n there checking decorations n everything
When naman comes there with his fiance ashna
Kunj : so our bride n groom has come
Cherry : naman abhi b time hai if u wanna run you can
Kunj : ha u have still time ….
Naman : huh I don’t wanna go anywhere leaving ashu
Kunj : ohoo ashu ha not bad chal hat ashu se milne de
Naman moves aside n kunj meets ashna …
Kunj : wow ashu u r looking… so pretty
Ashna : thanx for the compliment kunj
Kunj : ashu I have a doubt tujhe poori duniya me sirf naman hi Mila tha kya
Naman passes death glare to kunj n cherry n others laugh??
Ashna : kya karu yaar kunj tu mujhe pehle nai mila nah
Kunj : hayeee kash mein tujhe pehle mil jata
Naman : ohoo ohoo I am here only n kunj u wait when ur partner come I’ll tease u like this only
Meanwhile twinkle enters the venue …..wearing a white n pink coloured gown with curled hairs
Kunj : ok we will see at that time only now I go n see other things u too love birds enjoy
Naman : ok n smiles looking at him
Twinkle was coming inside while kunj was going the same way ….when some kids runs n collides with twinkle she slips n falls
But our hero in Nick of time holds her twinkle falls in kunj arms n they both have eye lock
Tere sang yaara plays in bg

After sometime kunj makes twinkke stand n they both passes death glare to eo n says
Kunj : tum ….
Twinkle : tum ??
Kunj : tum yaha kaise aayi
Twinkle : chal ke u see
Kunj : huh I know that ….
Twinkle : so u remember me ……
Kunj : ha so how can I forget u miss siyappa queen….
(Doubts doubts I know u must be thinking how twinj knows eo )
Flash back shows
America flight :::::::
Kunj was sitting in the flight n continuously looking here n there
Kunj : why that seat beside me is empty who is gonna come here
Twinkle enters flight and air hostess shows her seat
She comes n sit beside kunj who was reading magazine
Kunj turns n looks at twinkke they have a cute eye lock …..
Kunj : omg how beautiful she is …..thinks n says hello myself kunj he says forwarding his hand
Twinkle gives whatever wala look n ignores him
Kunj : haww she has done a big mistake by ignoring kunj sarna he thinks n wears his Googles
Twinkle takes magazine air hostess comes there she slips n juice falls on twinkle
Twinkle get up with a jerk n says what the hell …
Air hostess: I am so sorry mam ….
Twi : ok ok leave it
Kunj : sahi hua uske saat kunj ko ignore kar rahi thi huh he thinks n laughs
Twinkle turns n passes death glare to him n then again settle on her seat
Kunj : I wanna have fun let’s irritate miss siyappa queen hello g Indian I am Indian too
Twinkle doesn’t pay attention to him …..
Kunj : fir se infinite kiya ab to gayi ye siyappa queen he thinks n says air hostess
A.h : yes sir how can I help u
Kunj : I wanna have lunch what’s in menu
A.h : se we have she days dishes names
Kunj : aloo paratha with chutney ….n miss u want something
Twinkle : I want juice ok
A.h : ok man n sir she says n left from there
After sometime air hostess comes back n gives aloo paratha to kunj while taking he purposely make chutney fall on twinkle
Twi : u idiot what the hell
Kunj :ohh I am so sorry miss ab mein kya karu tum ho hi siyappa queen
Twi : u ….she goes to washroom n changes her clothes n comes back
Kunj : licking his fingers ahaa kya aloo paratha tha mummy ki yaad aagayi
Twi thinking Mr whatever u have u pay for what u did let’s wait n watch …..
After sometime they comes out of flight n twinkle puts nail cutter in kunj pocket n smiles

At airport
Security: sir wait we need to do checking
Kunj : mein kya terriost hu ok check
Security checks him from too to toe n finds nail cutter n takes it out
Twinkle thinks ab maza aayega bhtt ud raha tha na flight me Mr what ever …
Security: what’s is this Mr kunj
Twinkle : chaku chaku everyone screams ….
Kunj : ohh no plz listen this is not knife
Twi : haww kitna jhoot bolo ge ….
Kunj : u shut up siyappa queen
Twi : bhalayi ka to zamana hi nai raha huh
Security : Mr kunj u have to stay here until we will satisfy
Kunj : but why sir that nail cutter was not mine
Kunj sees twinkle who is smirking n they both passes death glare to eo
While twinkle left from there showing thumbs down to kunj
Flash back ends
Kunj : u didn’t did right at that time
Twi : I have done right only she says n left from there n hugs ashna
Naman : hahahaha kya story hai Mr whatever n miss siyappa queen great
Kunj : huh mein aur is siyappa queen kabhi nahi
There on other side
Ashna : oh twinkke u have come u know how desperately I was waiting for u n u know kunj ??
Twi : ha yaar …n tells her the whole story
She too burst out into laughter n says wow yaar superbb n teases twinkle
Twi : never me n this sadu no never but let me meet my jiju
Ashna : jiju ?????
Twi : naman yaar
Ashna : naman she shouts
Naman : waht happen jaan
Ashna : wo actually naman I want u to meet my friend
Kunj : miss siyappa queen
Twi : u shut up ….
Ashna : when I was in Paris I met twinkle there
Naman meets her n they two had a casual talk n kunj goes towards ashna
Kunj : ye siyappa queen Teri friend hai ???
Ashna : siyappa queen who kunj ???
Kunj : wo pointing towards twinkle
Ashna : wow kunj pyaar se siyappa queen not
bad ha n hits him playfully
Kunj : u also started ashu I am shocked to know this siyappa queen has friends also (kunj u r her first friend???)
Ashna : yaar twinkle is so cute I met her in Paris she is an Indian but stays in Paris n recently she shifted to germany
Kunj : so madam ka naam twinkle hai
Ashna : yeah …..

There ashna n naman parents come n they exchange rings while everyone smiles n kunj
was just looking at twinkle
Naman : so guys engagement over let’s have fun …….
Cherry : so well play a game we have written everyone names here boy pick chit from blue bowl n girls from pink bowl u will get whose name chit u have to dance with her only
Everyone pick up their chit n kunj gets twinkle n twi get kunj name both get shocked
Ashna : wow twinkle go dance
Twinkle : no I don’t wanna dance with that sadu
Ashna : plshh today is engagement
Twinkle : yaar ashu
Kunj comes here n forwards his hand saying may I
Twinkle gives her hand n they all started to dance on bewajah nahi milna Tera mera rehnuma plays in bg twinj constantly looks at each other n have a cute eye lock
Kunj pov
Why Babaji why I am feeling so strange as if j know her why I am feeling that this dance never ends what’s happening to me ….
Twinkle pov
Babaji what’s this happening why I am feeling so special with him why I am feeling that I know him he can’t be my sid …. n I will always remain of my sid only I have promised him that I will never forget him but eahts happening to me why I am getting attracted to kunj why ???
The screen freezes on twinj tensed faces …

So guys how was the epi ….
Hope u all like it twinj meet
Will kunj n twinkle will be able to recognise each other ????
Stay tuned to know more
Bye bye take care
So sorry for last epi mistakes
Love u all
Do comment
Sorry for grammatical errors…..
Do read keep commenting n stay tuned

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  1. Aamu

    oooooooooooo my shammuuuu……….
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    tussi great hoo……
    kahin tujhe meri nazar naa lag jaaye…..
    isliye me to kuch bolungi hi nahi……..
    in short……..
    speechleesss bola na!
    love u

  2. SidMin

    Sameera Loved it and specially the part where Twinj first meet It was amazing their fight in the plan but the highlight of the episode was their dance when they felt they know each other Loved it post the next part soon 🙂

  3. Kruti

    Sammmmy……amazing epi
    The flashback was awesome…..and agar twinj ne ek dusre ko recognize nahi kiya toh tum kis din kaam aaogi??

    Loved d epi sam

    Love u ??

  4. Aksa(SidMin's and the ff writers die hard fan...)

    Amazing epi…luved the airprt wala part…bechara kunj…post the nxt epi ASAP…

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  6. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Sameera di
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    U r amazing

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    Dekh lo Abhi tumhari ff ki tarref bhi nai kri r dusra update maang rhi hoo…. But kya karun I can’t wait to read next one….

    ?????… Twinj aeroplane nd Airport scene… Kya Yrrr tune toh hasa hasa kr mere stomach main pain krwa diya….. Heehee too good….
    Then Twinj next meeting…. The way kunj was staring her… Then finally their POV’s…. ?????…. Chalo sab log mil kar clap kro Sam ke liye itna accha episode likhne ke liye…..

    Amazing. Awesome… Loved it to the core…..
    Love u ???

  8. ???
    Yeh twinj ka kamaal hai! Inki nok-jhok was sooo cute!!!!! Amazing!!! Loved it sooo much

  9. Super se bhi ooper wala epi.. really loved it.. loved twinj’s meet and their flashback in the airplane and airport??.. do cont soon ?

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    awesome amazing funny epi

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  13. Fan

    Awesome epi sam!..that airport scene was too funny ?

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    It was awesome…
    Their first meeting ????….

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