Hello guys I am soo sorry yaar for the inconvenience wo kya hai na jaldi jaldi me gadbad hogayi
Hello guys how r u all here I am once again back ???? or miss Kiya mujhe ????
So so so as u know sidmin childhood end ho Chuka hai now the real story begins
But wait yaar itni b jaldi kya hai
Pehle thanking ceremony hojaye what say ??
Ayu(shreya): thank u soo much yaar for commenting
Joonakansha: thank u soo much
Angita : thanks angita love u
Sidmin damini : dammu thank u soo much

Baby : hayee chotu as baby thank u soo much for commenting Everytime
Rashiverma : thank u soo much
Romaisha : romu yaar thank u
Sayeeda : sayu hayee ab kya bolu itne cute
words kal k liye thank u soo much I was really
blushing like hell love u yaar
Fan : thank u so much keep supporting
Sanjana : sanju thank u soo much
Dreamer arundati: aru thank u soo much love u
Baaki ki thanking ceremony epi k beech mein
U know guys seriously I didn’t get time to reply
to u all so sorry
Ab itni b jaldi kya hai epi ki aaj thodi Bastien hojaye ????
Ok ok dont get angry ……..
So… Ab shuru hogi Twinj ki ek nayi kahani…..
Bachpan ki yaadon ke saath kya Twinj ek dusre ko pehchan payenge… Kya hoga jab unki family ko pata chalega…. Kya wo ek ho payenge

Jaanne ke liye padhiye ” ISHQ FOREVER TWINJ FF BY SAM..”………(thanks sayu ??)
So now bye bye take care
Wait kuch bhool rahi hu na ya ya I know epi

Recap : bechare twinj k separation ??
Lights camera n action
Shuru hogi ek nayi kahani kya twinj ho payengay ek

18 years later :::::::::::??
The episode starts with the cute view of Germany city lights crowded people green forest ……n trafficking roads screen shifts to a
place having many bachelors there
Wait there was bachelor part going on here let’s
go inside …….
Mere hath mein glass
Teri aakhon mein sharab
( A handsome hottie is shown having full bottle
of alcohol in his hands dancing )
Thodi si pila ke
Mujhe karle kharab x (2)

(He goes towards his friends n make them drink the alcohol while they all enjoys n drinks alcohol together n dances with full energy )

Ho jaldi se pila de mainu
Dance-vance vi karna hai
( He dances n goes towards his friends n hugs them he was very hot all girls in public were
shouting for his single glance )
Aaj phir, aaj phir
Aaj phir peene ki tamanna hai
Aaj phir peene ki tamanna hai
Aaj phir peene ki tamanna hai
(They all jump n dances like hell does competition of alcohol n makes each other drink it they r drenched fully in alcohol but stiff
shooting n enjoying )
Songs ends everyone sits at the slab of pub n that boy too
Another boy shouts from behind wow kunj what

a party n u dances very well man he does hi-fi
with kunj (yeah u all guessed right that hottie was kunj only ???)
Kunj : then this party has organised by kunj
sarna so it’s needed to be on fire
Naman(kunj friend ) : yaar kunj meri engagement se pehle Hi tune mujhe bachelor
party dedi
Kunj : ha yaar kal k baad tu milne kaha wala hai
Naman : yeah ….but yaar I am soo happy to see u
Kunj : aana to tha hi aakhir mera bhai cum besti ki engagement thi n hugs naman
Rohit cherry prince n others aldo smiles looking at them
Naman : so kunj meri bachelor to dedi apni kab
de raha hai
Kunj gets silent …..while rohit says kya hua sitti bitti gul kunj ki
K : no yaar first meri jaan ko Milne to de fir
bachelors lelena

Cherry : woah jaan kunj ha kon hai wo bata to Zara
Kunj closes his eyes n reminses twinkle n

Naman : oye kunj kaha kho gaya ??
Kunj : wo nothing meri jaan nah she will be
different from other girls
On the other side
A cute bubbly girl is shown buying roses she took out her phone n calls someone
Kunj : jab wo aayegi na to sare log use dekh te reh jayengay
There that girl is shown walking n market with roses in her hands everyone eyes popped out
seeing her beauty
Naman : ye Teri imagination hai ya koi ladki hai Teri life mein
Kunj : nah ab tak to nahi but I know my queen is
still waiting for me ….
:::::::::::::::::Break break ????
So guys kaisa laga epi
Purnima : thank u so much yaar for always

Sidmin : love u yaar n thanx for lovely comments
Aamu ; hayee ab tujhe kya bolu well dara diya last epi mein n thanx for the lovely comment
yaar love u soo much
Shatakshi : sattu thanx to u so much
Meeta : thanks yaar
Dolly : thank u soo much
Kruti : thanx you soo much kru love u
Sidmin love : thank u soo much
Thanmy : thank u soo much
Sidvee : thank u sidvee
Monica : thank u soo much yaar
So thanking ceremony ends hope I replied to u all n others too plz comment
:::::::;;;;;;;:::;;;;;Now come back :::::;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
That girl is showing waiting for someone at the bus stop she was so beautiful n continuously smiling looking at her phone
On the other side
Kunj : I hope that like I am waiting for u and u r too waiting for me
Naman : ok let’s leave kal engagement hai meri

Kunj : yeah I have to go also
That girl was shown now she was very much angry n her nose got red due to anger
A voice came from behind i am so sorry twinkle
mein late hogaya
(Yeah u all once again guessed it right that girl was twinkle )
Twi : kya yaar yuvi itni der laga di aane mein
(Yeah that guy was yuvi )
Yuvi : Kya karu baby doll Teri fav chocolates lene gaya tha ab tu ja rahi hai Germany
Twi : tu b nah yuvi kabhi nahi sudhrega
Yuvi : hayee sudhar kar kya karu baby doll
Twi : see the time I have flight in two hours
Yuvi : I am so sorry baby doll so u r moving to Germany
Twi : yeah I got transfer there n ashna
engagement is tomorrow also so yeah
Yuvi : ha I forgot I’ll drop u at airport
Twi : ok my monkey
They both sit in car n yuhi drops twinkle at
Yuvi : bye baby doll donf dare to forget me

Twi : how can I forget u idiot
Twiraj hugs n twi left for Germany
Germany :
Kunj was sleeping peacefully when his phone rang
K: itni subah kon mar gaya
Naman : kunj yaar ek kaam karega ??
K : nahi n cuts the call n sleep again ??
Naman calls again n kunj gets up n pick his call
K : bol kya kaam hai
N : kunj yar my in-laws r coming so can u please pick up them from airport
K : ha ab jaga diye mujhe ok I’ll pick them
N : thank u soo kuch bro love u
K : hey wait I love u na ashna k liye bacha k rakh warna wo bura man jayegi
N : ok ok now go
K : aise dost hone se to dushman better hai huh
At airport

Twinkle comes out of the airport it’s was 6 am
She comes out n feels cool Breeze touching her
Kunj also come on same side n sees twinkle
from side view Twi get a call from ashna
Twi : yeah ashu I safely reached here no need to send anyone I am coming
Her scarf flies due to air n falls on kunj Twi
turns but in hurry she went from there without taking her scarf
Kunj pulls scarf from his face n thinks why do I
feel that I know her his thoughts were end by
naman in law’s n he picks them from airport
Screen freezes
So how was the epi guys
Share ur views
Do comment
Aaj bhtt sari bak bak Kari
So yeah bye bye love u all so much
Do read keep commenting n stay tuned

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  1. Sayeeda

    Itni baar thank u ????…..
    Har line main jaan ke liye padhiye Twinj forever by Sam ( thanks Sayu) ?????….
    Itna toh thanks aaj tak kisii nain bhi nai bola ???…..

    Episode was too good…. Amazing… Awesome yrr….. But I’m missing Twinj childhood days ???…. Maalom hai sabko ek na ek din bade hona hai par Tiwnj mujhe chote hi cute lag rhe the… Lollzz ????…

    Plz post next one soon…. I can’t wait to read next one please yrr jaldi post krde…..
    Love u ??

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    U know I imagined sid doing all those things with his cheezy smile???
    Really it was damn Awesome
    Plzzz post asap
    Love u❤❤

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    In friendship no thank u no sorry but………………
    I always appreciate ur efforts though u r very talented but still I never said thanks for updating I just encouraged u but…………
    Anyways as always superb epi
    Looking Damn interesting
    Plzz post soon
    But……………….Muuaaahhh ?????

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