Helooooo guys khem cho arah guys kaise ho ….
Well dekho I am back again kya karu yaar Sunday hai n thoda free b hu ????
Well thanks for ur lovely comments guys love u all sooo much ????
And vipul mere dil ki baat kaise jaan li how do u know I have already started thinking about new plot???????
Well now no more bak bak guys …..
Let’s us begin …
Lights camera action????
Recap : sarnas n tanejas patch up n they decide about twinj marriage …
The episode starts with Manohar calling Rt n says work done …..
Meanwhile twinj r in their rooms thinking how to tell twinkle/kunj about their alliance fixed they fall asleep thinking dat only …..
Next day :::::::
Rt and Manohar got to know that they have to do contract together n they smile and ask twinj to work together ….
@ office ….
Kunj comes n looks at twinkle n she too looks at him they have a cute eye lock n smiles (sajna ve plays ……)
K (thinks) : how to tell twinkle know that ma n papa have fixed my alliance…
T(thinks) : idk how to face u kunj but I have to tell u ….
Twinj : kunj/twinkle suno …
K : say twinkle …
T : No kunj u say ….
Twinj : wo maa n papa have fixed my alliance …
T : what same urs also
K : yeah twinkle urs also …
Meanwhile they get call from their respective parents to come to xyz restaurant right now as they have to meet their in law family ….
Twinj hug each other assuring that they will disagree for this alliance n went to cafe ….
@ restaurant::::
Rt and leela were waiting for twinkle inside the restaurant where as Manohar n usha outside the restaurant twinj goes to their parents …
L : twinkle u came puttar come let’s meet ur in-laws …
Rt : yeah princess U’ll surely like them ..
M : girl is so nice kunj U’ll definitely like her ….
K (thinks) : I can’t like anyone except twinkle …
Twi too thinks the same n they come to meet sarna family ….
Twinj gets shocked seeing each other at same place …
Rt & M : so here is the girl n guy we choose for u …
Kunj n twinkle looks at their families shocked when Manohar says what u two thought that we will never knew about u two …
Rt : yeah monu see how they r shocked
T : but papa u and Manohar uncle ..
M : we patched up beta n how was the groom twinkle n shows kunj
Twinkle smiles looking at kunj n hugs leela n rt while kunj too does the same
K : wow I didn’t knew dat my parents will give me such a shock thanks u maa thanks papa ..
M : anything for u kunj …
U : I am so sorry twinkle for being harsh with u …
T : no aunty plzz it was due to dat circumstances n hugs usha while kunj touches leela n rt feet n takes their blessings ….
M : now when everything is fine we will come to your home to fix marraige date
Rt : okay monu we will be waiting for u
Rt and leela take twinkle but she wants to stay with kunj n he understands this n smiles n hugs his parents once again ..
@ night
Twinkle was in her room endlessly smiling recalling what happen today n thinks Babaji today is the best day of mah life n smiles
Rt and leela was sitting in hall when leela says him now everything is fine
Rt : yeah now I have done my all duties
L : yeah let’s go for a walk
Rt : okay
Kunj comes to taneja mansion n climbs twinkle room pipe he was in middle when leela n rt sees him n thinks to tease kunj now …
Kunj was in middle when Rt Pat’s him from behind ….
K : UMm UMm let me climb nah he turns n gets shocked seeing….
Rt : come down kunj …
He comes down n bows his head meanwhile Twi too comes there n laughs silently seeing kunj …
K : woh uncle main woh…
Rt : call ur parents kunj …
K : what ??? (Shocked) n calls them while leela n twinkle laughs silently n rt takes them all inside …
After sometime manohar usha comes there too n smiles looking at Rt …
M : what happen ram u called us here at this time ….
Rt : ha monu kunj was climbing pipe to meet twinkle …
M : what n angrily looks at kunj n says u can meet twinkle directly then what’s the need to climb pipe …
Kunj gets more shocked then all laughs on him n usha says mera bechara kunj
L : twinkle go show kunj our house and make tea too
Twinkle nods n takes kunj inside while all the elders sit outside to talk ….
T : hahahah kunj just look at your face
K : u r soo bad twinkle I don’t wanna talk to you …
T : aww my lovely to be hubby n keeps her arms around his shoulders n pecks him on both the cheeks …
K (comes more closer and points on his lips twinkle slaps him slightly n says I have to prepare tea for my In laws leave me ….
K : no I won’t …
T : plzz kunj …
K : okay n leaves her n they both went to kitchen to prepare tea …
Outside ::::
M : let’s call surjeet too we will relish our memories tonight what say …
Rt : yeah let’s call him they call surjeet n after sometime he comes there too with Anita ….
S : guys I am so sorry …
M & Rt : now leave this sorry n come we will have masti tonight what say
The trio hug twinj comes there with tea n serves everone n smiles looking at them
T : Anita aunty yuvi aur mahi nahi aaye
An : wo twinkle they didn’t came as u know privacy
All laughs n smiles at each other when twinkle n kunj went to Twi room while elders sit to talk ….
@ twinkle room …
Kunj takes twinkle phn to make a call when he sees anaya video n gets shocked twinkle comes there …
T : kunj listen ….
K : twinkle what is this ….
T : kunj ..wo listen to me yeah anaya was the one to separate us I didnt told u bcoz I didn’t wanna make u more tensed
Kunj sits sadly n thinks how can anaya think this n gets sad while twinkle consoles him n says we will talk to anaya now lets forget it okay everone is happy nah see kunj say okay n they sit to talk …
Next day @ office ::::
Raj comes to office n meets twinkle n congratulates her …
R : hayee meri chipkali …
T : Raj don’t call me nah yaar
R : waise tera chachundar kaha hai …
T : kunj kunj Raj talk with respect …
R : ha ha whatever … well twinkle k wanna share one thing with u …
T : yeah Raj tell nah …
R : wo twinkle I love anaya…
T : what ????
R : yeah twinkle ….
Meanwhile kunj comes there n Raj meets him ….
K : hey raj ….
R : hi kunj n they shake hands … twinkle I’ll be back in a minute n he left from there to make a call …
K : so how R u Mrs to be sarna …
T : fine Mr kunj sarna …
They both smiles and started working on project when anaya comes there n twinj looks at her ….
Anaya apologize to kunj sitting on her knees kunj makes her stand on her feet n ask her not to apologize n hugs him while twinkle too smiles looking at them anaya hugs both twinj n Raj comes there anaya sees him …
T : anaya Raj wanna say something to u
A : what Raj ???
R : twinkle what ???
Twinkle signs him to confess his feelings ..while kunj understand..
K : yeah Raj tell nah ….
They insist Raj n he sits on his knees n proposes anaya …..
Twinj claps for them n they all left for taneja mansion ….
@ taneja mansion….
Rt leela Manohar usha mehbeer surjeet Anita yuhi bebe are waiting for twinj when they came n meets everone ..
M : so now u two came …
Rt : we have decided ur engagement will be after 2 days …
Twinj gets happy n meets everyone n they all meet Raj too …
Y : now twinkle bandariya U’ll also get married …
T : huh yuvi n hits him
Meh : I am so happy for u twinkle
Ab : mee too sali sahiba
They all teases twinj n left to do preparations for engagement
Screen freezes….
So how was the epi guys ….
Plzzzz silent readers do comment nah plshh plshh plshh ….
Okay I am going now
Ba byeeeeeee …….
Do read keep commenting n stay tuned

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  1. SidMin

    Loved all things are getting well and that Ananya too 🙂 Loved it post soon 🙂
    Love you 🙂

  2. Rashiverma2199

    Wow….sameera lovely episode…. Awesome…. Happiness returns in twinj life???

  3. Anshikajainn

    It’s nice

  4. Sohi

    Well episode was full of bechara kunj ?hahaha well do continue

  5. Sohi

    Well episode was full of fun bechara kunj ?hahaha glad that anayas truth is out well do continue

  6. Awesome.. loved it.. bechara kunj?? everyone was teasing him??.. n twinj scenes were so cute.. loved it.. do cont soon ❤❤

  7. Ramya

    Awesome lovely episode bechara kunj
    Per cute that loved it n love u
    N I’ll glad to know I have a new story running in ur mind

  8. Paavu

    Haye rabba jaan leli itna cute epi and pipe wala embarrassment was awesome dear

  9. Hey sameera I’m very happy to learn that you have started thinking new plot for next ff…this episode is amazing and funny…Kunj pipe scene tho ???????? loved it ????❤❤❤❤bechara Kunj ???? very excited for TwiNj engagement…

  10. Amazing episode

  11. Chiku

    ?????hilarious. Ohh god kts amazing ??❤️❤️?
    I am really going to miss ur ff after it ends. Plzzz do come up with another one
    Post soon
    Lots of love?

  12. Ayu

    ????soooo damn awesome! I can’t even eplain!!! That pipe wala scene???
    N …n….all the moments were fab!!! I enjoyed them soo much!!! I am soo happy that they are going to unite!!! This is a treat to me❤️❤️❤️
    Love u?

  13. Hayeeeeee Sameera kya epi tha…. I mean it awesome amazing fabulous n superb epi…. really yarrr I just loved it n kunj ka pipe wala scene hayeeeeee itna funy tha ki I was laughing hardly while reading that…. sachhi yarrr main itna has rahi thi ki mummy mujhe bas gusse bhari nigahon se ghoor rahi thi…. really it was mind blowing…. look I’m still laughing…. oh sorry tum kaise dekhogi?? well I’m very exited to see their engagement…. so pls…. achha nahi bolungi bcz I know tum jaldi hi post karogi….

    N ya about to know ur dil ki baat… tohhhhh u r my best freind aur shalini apne best friend ke dil ki baat hamesha pata kar leti hai… sooo maine tumhare dil ki bhi baat padh li… haan ye baat alag hai that if u don’t consider me as ur friend… well I’m really very happy that u have started to think about new plot…. so I’ll wait for ur new ff…

    come soon with next episode. n kep smiling….

    ♥ Love u ♥

    “Shalini/ Neha”

  14. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing cute lovely epi????

  15. Baby

    sam di m sooo happy aftr reading dis episode
    first of all wen i was reading sdnly d part came were kunj was climbing n rt tapd him
    srsly di meri hassi ruk hi nhi rhi thi bhot der tak hasti rhi meri mom ne dekha toh unhone ka pagal toh nhi hogyi hai kun has rhi hai i said kuch nhi mom voh aise hi kuch joke yaad aagya bt srsly osm di loved d epsidoe to eternity osm di………..♥♥♥♥♥
    n den 2nd baat khushi ki yeh hai ki u hv already strtd thinking about a new plot…..
    love u lods didu muaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh………..♥♥♥♥♥ 😀

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