Hello guys I am back again ??? so thanks to all of u guys for ur cute n lovely comments and for ur suggestions too …..
Well I have taken a decision but I’ll tell it in the end but pehle epi lelo okay …
Now no more bak bak ???
Let’s us begin ……
Lights camera action????
Recap : twinj n yuhi decides to disclose the truth ….
The episode starts with Manohar usha babee kunj all r in gurudwara for the hawan meanwhile at the taneja mansion…. twinkle says maa let’s go to temple nah plzzzz
L : but twinkle we will go tomorrow
T : plz nah maa plzz from tomorrow I have to work on presentation plz plz Rt also comes there n twinkle making a puppy face agrees him to go gurudwara n smiles …..????
After sometime luthras comes to gurudwara n sees sarnas doing hawan they ask sat there while surjeet was quiet only n kunj was waiting for twinkle when twinkle comes there with leela n rt n kunj looks on n wishes everything gets fine …..
Rt and leela were standing with twinkle n praying when Manohar does all the rituals of hawan n turns n gets shocked seeing Rt n leela n gets angry too ….
M : what the heck u r doing here Mr raminder taneja….
Rt : I don’t wanna fight with u today I just came for my daughter …
M : huh n u think I’ll believe u you came here to see if we’re r sad or not
Rt : there is nothing like that monu …
M : Manohar Manohar naam hai mera I had lost my sister bcoz of u and u came here how shameless
Meanwhile everyone was just looking at them when Rt shouts how many times I told u that she didn’t die bcoz of me …
U : and u think we will believe u …
L : don’t believe us but veera didn’t die bcoz of us she only made us get married happily …..

M & U (shocked at her statement ) : wow Mrs taneja lying don’t lie taking dead person name how shameless u both r meanwhile kunj says no papa leela aunty is saying right ….
Everone gets shocked n turns to look at kunj when Manohar holds him n says don’t talk when u don’t know anything..
K : no dad I am not lying …. veera bua didn’t committed suicide bcoz of Rt uncle …. while twinkle looks on
U : just shut up kunj u know veera loved Rt but he ditched her …..
T : this is not the whole truth …. usha aunty ….
U : I didn’t talk to twinkle just keep quiet
L : hey usha don’t talk to my daughter like this …
Y : enough is enough now …..
Anita surjeet mahi kunj Twi ushar Rt leela babee looks on while yuvi continues dad u are still quiet dad tell them truth ….
S (stammers) : w…hich which truth.. you r talking ….
Y : that truth only which u confessed last night ….
An : yuvi have u gone mad this is not our fight let’s go ….
Y : no mom today the truth should come out plz dad for god sake tell now …
T : surjeet uncle plz ur one truth will clear all the distances plz uncle
M : which truth u all are taking about
Rt : yeah which truth twinkle …
Y : dad plz tell me or else I’ll go far away from u leaving u alone dad
S : yuvraj n looks at him n turns towards Manohar n Rt n says I am so sorry I hided such big fact from u all since so many years ….
M & Rt : which fact surjeet ????
U & l : yeah what u were talking about
S : actually veera didn’t love ram ever she loved me …
M : what ?????
S : yeah u all heard it right she has only made Rt n leela married n after dat she came to my home at night n tells them what happen how he said that he doesn’t love her n all how he makes her understand to move on ….. he cries n says I didn’t knew that she will take such big step ….
Rt : u hided this from us how could u
M : I don’t know what to say now even surjeet was right how can he left Anita that time but u hided such big fact from us I won’t be able to forgive u now
S : I am so sorry I got scared n didn’t tell anyone about it but today he bends n cries while everone gets teard eye too Manohar n Rt looks at each other with guilt in their eyes …while twinj n yuhi looks on ….
Y : I am proud of u dad …. n hugs him
An : well let’s go now
S : I am so sorry he holds his hands n went from there …
Ushar n rt n leela looks at each other n goes from there without uttering a word while twinj n babee looks on …
B : I am proud of u two be happy always she says n left from there too leaving twinj alone ….
T (cries) : what still they didn’t apologize to each other I don’t think we will be able to become one kunj I am fed up of this enemity…
K (consoles her ) : twinkle don’t cry our mission got completed they know knows the truth twinkle n hugs her ….
T : what if their enemity doesn’t end ever
K : dont worry everything will be fine n pecks on her forehead ….
T : kunj I love u soo much don’t leave me ever promise me u won’t leave me
K : I promise u twinkle I’ll not leave u ever under what circumstances n caress her hairs they hug ….
Screen freezes…

So guys how was the epi ????
Do comment only few r left ….
Yes u all read it right only few epis left
I have decided to end this ff on a happy note guys well if I go with 2 option u all have to wait for long time n I seriously don’t want dat n if I go with 3 option to continue this ff in Jan then u all will forget this so it’s better to end this ff …
As I have saw a drastic decrease in comments also for my daily readers I extended this ff as I wanted to end it on golden jubilee itself hope u all support me in this decision like always ????????????
Well plzz comments …guys plshh plshh
Ba byeee love u all take care
Sameera ????

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  1. Anshikajainn

    Pls don’t end this ff pls u r the best even I m not good writter pls don’t end u can do put summary when u start in jan but pls don’t end

  2. Paavu

    Sam wat was dat yaar epi toh awesome tha bt drcision yaar tere liye wait chalta haiand u knw wat hum teri stry kabhi mahibhoolenge bt I u wanna end I den promise u ll come with anotanother blockbuster

  3. Sohi

    I agree with your decision as I know these four months are very hectic for students like us and plz if you time write any os or ss and about episode as always good

  4. Maggi

    Aww sammu di…vl miss u yaar…but I respect ur decision…but do remember one thing, u always gave us fabulous and fantastic epis regularly… Thanks a lot for dat…and epi was as usual too good…luvd the way u showed their emotions..
    CNT sooon..
    I’m waiting
    Loads of luv ???

  5. Rashiverma2199

    The episode was awesome….. Lovely

  6. Whatttt ??? you are ending this ff??? plz dont end it.. i really love this ff and i don’t mind waiting for it.. or if possible plz come up with a new story in jan.. and coming to the epi, it was damn amazing n awesome.. loved how the truth was brought in front of sarnas n tanejas.. ans yuvi’s role in making surjeet speak up was too good.. loved it.. do cont soon ❤❤

  7. Ramya

    Sameera Awesome episode finally truth came in front by plsssssssssssas dnt end it dear it’s huge request
    Loved it N love u

  8. Twinjfan.tamanna

    wowwww sameera speechless… the way u write is amazing… I m okay if ur not continuing if and only if u start a new ff or season 2 of this ff…byeee and can I call u sammu… plz

    jaldi post karna asap


  9. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous emotional epi

  10. Zuha Fatima

    Hey Sam Di…It was night that everything is cleared 🙂 Anyways if you think the decision you have taken is correct so I will say go ahead and will not force you as I can understand it will be for your betterment 🙂

    Keep smiling 🙂 always 🙂

    Loads of love and support ♡♡♡♡♡

    1. Zuha Fatima

      *It is right that everything is cleared* sorry typo error 😛

  11. Chiku

    It’s amazing. Lovely
    Loved it
    U r going to be very busy and i cant force u. Its ok. Plzz come up with another ff.
    Lots of love ?

  12. Hey Sameera! it was amazing awesome fantastic mindblowing n superb epi….. I’m so happy that all the misunderstandings r clear now….. post next soon..

    Well I’m with ur dicision but u have to promise me that you’ll come back with new ff in january n when ever you’ll get time you’ll post an OS…. pls pls pls pls pls pls pls plsssssssssss……

    Love you n keep smiling


  13. Hey sameera sorry for not commenting on ur previous epis actually I was too lazy to comment but honestly I read them…sameera plz don’t end na…this ff is one of my fav ffs…plzzz dear don’t end it…if ur ending because of less comments then let me tell you one thing not only on ur ff but also in other ffs too comments are less don’t know what the reason…dear u said if u post in Jan will forget the story it’s not true we will never forget story at least il not…there are many writers who write once in a month or more than a month n we readers don’t forget their ff story we do read it…so no problem if u post after long gaps we could wait for it…but still if you think ending is the best option then go for it but promise ur readers that ul come up with another ff and then end it…aur haan from now on ul find my comment in ur every epi coz I don’t want to loose a writer like u by not commenting…hope you will give ur readers good news in next episode by reading my comment…

    Now coming to episode I’m happy ki all the misunderstanding are cleared now…waiting for next episode…

    Love you loads

  14. Adya

    YOU’LL END IT ???? …..hmmmm…I don’t want it. Di well..I told u n that except the 1 st one, choose any option but u..bhak ….why r u doing this to us..sry me… especially….will miss u…crazily…
    Nd plzzz do come up with more…plssssss….plssssss…if u don’t…I’ll kill u..
    Plss di….
    Love u..nd vl miss u

  15. SidMin

    Loved it all the misunderstandings got cleared and dare you end your ff I will kill you
    Love you 🙂

  16. Baby

    sam di abhi episode pdke i was happy bt ur msg pdke i m agn sad kya khun mein
    firse repeat kun jo pichle ff par cmnt kia di
    yeh mein dhamki de rhi hun apko hope it works fingers crossed
    yah toh app isko end kro or agle ke sath wapas aao jan mein ya fir dont end it ur wish r command di pls u hv to listen me u cant leave us di u dont know how mchattached i m to u even we didnt met or talked wid ep bt still……
    di love u lods… :D♥♥
    hope u get dese cmnts of m9….

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