Hello guys here I am back again ???? well I know u all must me waiting to read it so with out any bak bak
I am starting it guysss??????
Well thank u soo much for all who were commenting guys love u all???
Lets us begin ….
Recap : whole truth revelation….about past
The episode starts with surjeet turning n get shocked n says mahi yuvi u both
Y : wo dad actually we came here to call u for dinner …
M : yeah papa g let’s go u haven’t eaten anything till morning ….
S : yeahh beta u go I am coming …
Yuhi : okay they come out if the room n look at each other ….
Surjeet sighs of relief n keeps photo inside the rack n goes for dinner…
At taneja mansion
Leela goes to her room wishing twinkle good night while twinkle thinks there is some link which they r loosing she thinks n calls kunj who was patiently waiting for her answer …
K : twinkle have u talked to leela aunty what she said ???
T : kunj wait wait I’ll tell u everything just meet me in morning kunj
K : okay twinkle good night …
T : good night …
They both sleep after so much thinking
Next day ::::
Twinkle comes to gurudwara n prays Babaji plzz help me to find whole truth plz Babaji …. plz help me
Kunj too comes there n prays that their family unites soon
They come out n sees each other
K : what happen twinkle what leela aunty said ???
Twinkle tells him Everything n they get even more confused as y veera got them married n y she wrote in letter that her love has ditched her they were so confused at this statement when they hear a voice saying we will continue the left part of truth they turn n look at yuhi
Kunj hugs mahi while twinkle meets yuvi n thy both started teasing her …
M : bhai u love twinkle right …
Kunj looks at twinkle who nods to him n he says yeah we both love each other …but how do u got to know …
M : we just guessed bhai n smiles at him
Y : Twinki u didn’t tell me ha …
T : just shut up Bandar shadi hogayi fir b dimag se paidal …???
They both teases eo again when kunj says which truth u two were talking about …
Yuhi looks at each other n recalls how they heard everything last night n tells twinj the same ….
T : omg so this is the whole truth ..
K : yeah can’t believe able
Y : even I was not believing that papa hided such big facts from us …
M : yeah …
T : if we have to end the enemity we have to make surjeet uncle confess this truth
K : yeah n they look at yuvi …
Y : guys don’t worry I’ll make papa tell this truth to everyone…
K : today is veera bua death anniversary we have to sort out everything today
They all join hand n makes a plan for it
At cafe
Anaya comes to cafe n Raj too comes there following her Anaya sees him but Raj pretends that he has not seen her ..
A : Raj u here …
R : omg anaya u how come …
A : wo actually I came with my friends n u ….
R : wo I came to meet my friend she is on the way …
A : she ????
R : yeah she ….
A : okay enjoy
She goes from there n Raj thinks I have to become her close friend n pretends that he is waiting for someone when anaya calls him in her table …
A : I think ur friends have got bzy she didn’t came till now ….
R : yeah we’re going to my friends party
A : okay …
R : u can join us …
A : but how can I …
R : don’t worry lets go …
Thy comes to pub n Raj meets his friends n they all stand for taking shots when Raj mixes truth telling solution in her drink they all take shots n Raj takes anaya to garden …
A : wow I feel on top of the world ….
R : so anaya tell me do u love anyone
A : nope I just love myself n no one
R : so u hate anyone ??
Anaya gets angry n says yeah I hate kunj kunj sarna my so called sansakri cousin he has stanched my mother love from there I’ll not let him stay happy ever she falls unconscious n Raj wakes her up n drops her to sarna mansion…
At gurudwara…
Whole sarna family comes there for hawan in memory of veera they all sit their kunj calls twinkle n ask her to come soon with leela n rt and also calls mahi telling her the same …
K : hope today everything gets fine …
T : I hope evening gets normal today
Y : dad ur flight is late today …
M : mom shall we go to gurudwara to pray for ur safe reach ….
An : okay mahi let’s go …
S : no we can’t go ….
Y : but y dad plzzzz come nah
After so much request he agrees to come to gurudwara
Twinkle too gets a call from Raj n gets shocked seeing the video in which anaya has confessed her crime …
She calls Raj n thanks him ….
Everone wishes that everything gets fine today ….??????
Screen freezes on yuhi n twinj worried faces …
So guys how was the epi ???
Do comments plzzzz guys
N I need suggestions too well as all the mysteries r unfolded now n soon differences will be cleared after dat should I end it ???
Coz I am lack of ideas as well as I’ll not get time to post my ff now till Dec so plzzzz do tell me
I have three options
1) ending it in a happy note …
2) will post when get time ..
3) continue this after January…
So do comments plz
Ba byee love u all
Do read keep commenting n stay tuned
Sameera ???

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  1. Loved the part everything is getting sorted and I want you to post when you get time Coz I don’t want you to end your ff so maybe the 3rd option will also do but not the first one 🙂

  2. Adya

    Instead of the first one …..U can choose any option…… well
    Aweeessssooooommmmmeeeee episode…..that’s it for today….ab Baki ….next episode me…
    Love u…post soon

  3. Maggi

    Amazyn…mind blowing…too good…
    U post it wenevr u can dear…
    Awsm updt

  4. Paavu

    Hey it was awesome sam lovex it thank god everything is going to be fine and ya fi pls dont end it I love it always jst post it wenever u get time pls

  5. Purnima.agrawal30

    amazing awesome fabulous epi….& option 1st is best

  6. Sohi

    Yaar suspense Queen episode was awesome I want to give you a suggestion that u end this ff on happy note and in January u write another ff with new ideas if you want to write in December you can write os or ss

  7. Wow amazing epi.. loved it.. n u can post whenever you get time but not end it. ❤❤

  8. Hey sameera,
    I m the new writer twinj. Sorry I was not able to comment.Too gud.Love it a lot.Superb n pls don’t end the ff, take ur time to think.2 n 3 option But do post soon

  9. Ramya

    Amazingsammeera loved it pldsss asap n my options us 2
    Plssss asap

  10. Chiku

    Awesome ?????amazing
    Plz dont end ur ff. wenevr u get tym post it. Plznpost soon. Love u?

  11. Aamu

    Hey…except first u can chose any….
    N d epi was blast ?
    ?u shammu…
    Post soon
    Or haaa ho sake to end mat karna…☺???

    1. Aamu

      Wait shammuu…..☝?
      Mere dimag bol raha hai ki…
      U SHOULD END IT???
      Mera MATLAB…..
      If u will post whenever u get time or after January… Till den evry1 will forget ur story…or u….
      Dey will not get more interest wid a long..long break….
      Abhi Sab hawa bolts hai..for nahi karenge?
      So I will suggest u to end it wid a happy note……??
      N den after Jan come wid a new story….
      It will b good…
      Kyuki tumhaari new story she sqb ko interest b badhega or read b karenge or cmnt bhi…..
      Its acc to me…coz I m also gonna do d same…but mera vacation TU par thoda lamba hai….I will cm after marcgmh or maybe end of march….☺
      Sorry agqr tumhe vura lagaa mera idea….but frankly…
      Dey r saying now DAT dey will wait or cmnt….at end dey will not☝☝
      So bttr u should end it n den cm up wid new…but tu.he promise karna hoga ni tum first aaogi…??
      Will wait for ur reply to dis thinking….
      Hope u don’t fell bad..
      If yes Dan solo soooos sorry????
      Love u???

      1. Sameera

        Oye idiot mein q bura manugi ha I agree with ur suggestions yaar yep everone will forget my story I too wanna end it but let’s see what I can do I don’t know about new story ??????but will try ??

      2. Aamu

        Pkka na..!bura ni lagaa na..!
        Or dekhna January take there dimag me koi story pak hi jaaegi….???

  12. Amazing u nailed it excited for nxt plzzzzz try to post nxt asap bcoz i cant wait for nxt plzzzzzZzzzzzzzzz

  13. Rashiverma2199

    Wow….lovely episode sameera…..awesome

  14. Hayeeeee Sameera tumne to mera dil khush kar diya… kya epi diya hai…. it was awesome superb epi… loved it….. waiting for next…

    Waise to main chahti to nahin hu par I think u should end it…. I mean ise end karke new ff start kar do bcz I wanna a new story written by u…. ab ye mat sochna ki mujhe ye wala ff boring lag raha hai… samjhi?? sochne ki galti bhi mat karna….. main to isliye keh rahi hu bcz I know that ek saath two ff post karna thoda difficult hoga n main naya ff on twinj written by u padna chahti hu … but if u want then u can post both I mean ye wala bhi aur naya wala bhi… mujhe koi problem nahi hai… infact mujhe to aur achha lagega… hehehe…
    Par han mere ff ko padhna n uss par cmnt karna mat chodna warna main tumhein nahi chodungi… samjhi??
    Well come soon with next….
    byeee tc
    Love u


  15. Heyyy sam… Kya hal hey yaar??? All is well na… Yaar the epi was just awesome… Nd i think u should end it… I don’t want it bcoz i love this ff but if u continue it after jan then it will lost it’s charm… So dill pe patthar rakhke muje mujhe yeh type karna par rahahey ki u should end it… Nd aft jan u will come back wid a new blast… Sorry buddy if u mind… But it’s charming ff nd don’t want that it lost it’s charm… Hope u’ll understand… Again sorry haaaa if u mind wid my talks…

  16. Baby

    sam di pls 1st opt ko chodke kuch bhi krlo
    yaa fir new stry ke sath aana pdega promise krke jaana pdega
    di abhi apne kaha tha apke khurafati dimaag men 😛 sry sry i mean apke mind me bhot saareee ideas hain iss ff ko cntinue krne ke sooy end it…we ll w8
    n agr end krna hai soo give us a new stry kunki cant live widout a stry rtn by u u no u r d 1 who is d most rgular 1 to give d posts of ur ff to us…♥
    even i think u shuld b awarded for it… 😀
    di love u vry mch n will miss u if u leave us lyk dis nly apke sath abhi bhot lmbi journey tai ki hai mene lyf ki didu..n so u cant leave me aise hi……
    osm epsidoe loved it…♥
    love u lods di…♥♥♥♥♥

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