ISHQ FOREVER TWINJ episode 52 & 53


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Recap : twinj cute moments n Raj entry …
The episode starts with kunj going to babee room n knocks door ….
B : kunj come in ….
K : babee woh …UMm …
B : what happen kunj u wanna know something….
K : actually babee I came to know the reason behind tanejas n sarnas enemity babee smiles at him n says okay kunj I’ll tell u sit ….
Kunj sits and babee says a time before Rt Manohar n surjeet were best friends
K : what they were best friends…
B : yeah kunj everone use praise them for their friendship….
Flash back shows …
Young Rt Manohar n surjeet were flying kite n r fighting with each other …
Rt : u two will lose today
M : no ram (Rt they used to call him ram) u and surjeet will loose …
S : oh really no monu u and ram r gonna loose they r bzy in their competition when a beautiful girl comes there …
M : veera u here ????
V : kya monu bhai u three always fights and sees surjeet lovingly
Rt : huh see who is saying miss veera sarna n pulls her hair …
V : now I’ll not leave u ram she runs behind Rt n gets tired ….
Rt : kya hua itni jaldi thak gayi huh
Babee : bass karo tum dono hamesha ladte ho ye lo lassi peelo…..
Everone comes n drinks lassi when babee says to Manohar tha usha is calling him n everyone teases him on dat
Babee (present) we all were happy with each other Manohar was newly married even surjeet siddhant was born dat time we were all happy but …
K : but what babee ….
B : happiness doesn’t stay for long kunj
Fb shows ….
Days passes by Rt and veera used to fight with eo n everyone thought that they love eo n fix their alliance though Rt was neither happy nor sad but veera was not happy ….
Then rt and veera got engaged …..
Though one day Rt called veera she went there n after she came back she was so sad don’t know the reason behind it next day we got to know that rt married leela last night n manohar got full angry we all went to veera room n saw that she hanged her self n everyone got a big shock after dat monu n ram never talk with eo thought ram always tries to clear the blame that veera didn’t died bcoz of him since monu loves veera alot in both his sister’s so he breaks all the relation with tanejas …..
Fb ends ….
Babee gets teard eye while kunj says so Rt uncle is responsible for bua(veera) death ….
B : no kunj we can’t blame anyone now go n sleep u have to go office in morning
K : okay babee ….
He goes to his room n gets into a deep thinking ….
Next day ….
After doing all office works at evening twinj meets near n kunj tells twinkle everything…
T : what ?? Papa can’t do this I know
K : yeah twinkle now how we will know the exact truth
T : I’ll try to ask maa today but babee said veera aunty has a crush on surjeet uncle …
K : yeah even I am too thinking this
Twinkle hugs kunj n says everything will be fine kunj don’t worry ….
K : love u soo much jaan …
T : love u too my sadu sarna
She pecks him on his cheeks n runs from there kunj smiles at her …
At night ….
Leela comes to twinkle room n finds her deep in thoughts…
T : maa can I ask u something
L : yeah twinkle ask …
T : what is the reason of enemity btw tanejas n sarnas
Leela gets shocked n ask twinkke y she is asking ….
T : wo maa see that sarnas I want to give them an answer on their faces that’s y
L : okay I’ll tell u …idk twinkle before I met ur papa he says that he has good relations with sarnas and even he got engaged with Manohar sister veera sarna …..
Flash back shows …
After Rt got engaged to veera he was going he bumps into a girl n got lost in her blissful eyes and she is none other than leela Rt has fallen for her for the first time he confess feelings to leela n she too stared to feel for him so she accept his proposal …
One day ….
Rt and leela was sitting near Mandir when leela says what u will tell sarnas about us …
Rt : I’ll talk to veera first I know she’ll understand he calls veera n ask her to come to Mandir …
Leela (present ) : we were waiting for her when she came n saw us ….
Past …
V : ram what is this ???
Rt : wo veera I came to talk u about that only …wo I don’t wanna marry bcoz I live leela ….
Veera (gets happy as she loves surjeet guys no one knows this truth )
V : woah that’s nice ram n whispers in his ear wow your bandariya is so beautiful….
Rt : so u were not angry with me ??
V : nope yaar but u have to give me something
Rt : what …??
V : u have to marry her here itself
Leela n Rt got a big shock n veera forces them n they got married in front of her
Veera (thinks) : now I can marry surjeet he has to give divorce to his so called wife Anita n smirks …..
Leela (present) : she only got us married but next day we got to know that she committed suicide n manohar sarna blamed ur papa for it we tried to tell his many times but could as veera has left a letter in which she wrote ” I am so sorry monu bhai now I can’t live as my love has threwed me out of his life now there is no reason for me to live ….-veera
Twinkle n leela to gets teard eye n leela went to her room ….
At luthra mansion….
Surjeet comes from office n Anita ask him about their tickets….
S : yeah I booked it we will leave tomorrow for London …
An : okay get fresh n come for dinner
S : no I am going to study as I have some work ……
He goes towards study n takes out a black n white pic which has young Rt Manohar surjeet n veera standing beside him …..
S : veera I am so sorry I didn’t knew that u would commit suicide ….
Flash back shows ….
After Rt n leela married veera congratulates them n goes to surjeet house it was 11 at night ….
She knocks on the door n surjeet opens n gets shocked seeing veera …
S : veera u she hugs him n says I am so happy today guys I am so happy he ask her what happen to which she replies about leela n rt ..
V : now we can get married as I loved u son much ….
S : (pushes her slightly) n says have u gone mad I am married n I am going to become father in some days …
V : u also loved me right then divorce Anita …..
S : enough yeah at my marriage time k didn’t love Anita but I love her now more than my life I can stay without her …
V : u r lying u r joking with me right
S : no veera just understand I don’t love u and u deserve more better than me
V : but ???
S : no but just go to your home see the time he takes her to the door n closes the door while she cries for him …
After dat she comes to her room n wrotes the letter n Everyone thinks that rt ditched her n she committed suicide while surjeet also kept quiet n doesn’t tell anyone what happen dat day …
S (self talk) : veera after 2 days ur death anniversary is there n I don’t want to be here I am going to London for 2 days this truth will never come infront of world I wish I can make relations fine but I have to become selfish he cries ….N turns n gets shocked ….
Screen freezes……..

So guys how was the epii …
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Now u all know the reason ….
Twinj will able to reunite them ??? Or they have to get separated again
Stay tuned guys …
Ba byee do read keep commenting n stay tuned
Sameera ??

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  1. Adya

    Wait what !!!!! This is cheating…..U posted 2 episodes nd too short…..very bad……u r a cheater….Jao n…katti…
    Bt sooo dhamaka episode…..loved it…love u….post soon

  2. Maggi

    This was fabulous…
    Awsm…spectacular.. I luvd the twists n turns…too good
    CNT soon
    Luv u

  3. Rashiverma2199

    Lovely episode sameera …..awesome…. Keep it up

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  5. Sohi

    Abbah fir se suspense well sameera are you from hyderabad

  6. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous emotional shocking suspense full epi

  7. Paavu

    wow dis was very mysterical awesome loved it

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  9. Ramya

    Awesome amazing fabulous loveed it n love u

  10. Amazing episode and nice revelation

  11. Hayeeee meri suspence queen what an epi….. really yarrr I just loved it N ofcourse they will able to reunite their family after all they r our twinj right???….. well aaj jyada kuch nahi kahungi bus one thing that it was superrrrrrr se uparrrrrrr wala episode…. really sameera u nailed it……
    Come soon with next epi
    Love u n tc


  12. Lama

    Offff sameera…kahan se lai h itna awesome dimaag…kya episode tha yaaar…tu to hr episode m ek naya twist daal deti h…i m so in love wd ur ff that i can’t even tell u…u just nailed it yaaaar…love u soooo much yr ????????

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    Oye…yrh to amazing that……???????☺☺
    Sorry yaar I can’t cmnt on ur golden jubilie….
    Who me bahaar thi or read kiya or yeah bhul gayi ni me ghar me nahi hu sooo saraa balance khatm ho gya…or net Nina kaise vmnt krti…
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    Muah keep going girl(actually I should call u u r 2 yes elder Dan me…n instead m calling u shammushammu????????

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    You wrote so Well
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