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So now no more bak bak ::::::
Recap : 6 months leap n twinj reunion
The episode starts with twinkle n kunj sitting together n holds hands when kunj says let’s go in twinkle anyone can see us ……
T : yeah kunj let’s go wait …
K : what happen twinkle ????
T : kunj that day how maa n usha aunty came there together ???
K : yeah twinkle right even I am too thinking the same ……

Twinj : what is it anyone wants to separate us?????
They both look at each other with confused faces …..
T : I think kunj there is someone who doesn’t want us to stay together …
K : yeah twinkle who can it be …
T : let’s recall from the start yuhi doesn’t know that we love each other mehbeer can’t do this with us ashu n naman was not there at that time then who she gets thinking n says ANAYA…
Kunj gets shocked n says no twinkle anaya can’t do this she is so innocent why will she do this ??
K (thinks) : anaya no she can’t be but wait she only helped me to prove twinkle that I didn’t love her (remember guys when Twi came to talk kunj n anaya signing kunj …) wth kunj u r doubting ur sister no she can’t do this …
T : kunj kunj n Shakes him …

K : yeah twinkle
T : what R U thinking ??
K : nothing twinkle anaya can’t do this
T : hmm ok n thinks no kunj I think she is the one I’ll now keep an eye on her I had lost u one time I won’t be able to believe anyone now ….
K : let’s go twinkle …
T : let’s go kunj …
They get apart from there n left from the party …..
At luthra mansion::::
Anita is seen waiting for yuvi he comes from office n looks at Anita ….
Y : what happen mom …
An : actually yuvi we were going to London for few days n I wanna inform u that only …
Y : wow mom it’s good …
An : but how will u and mahi stay here
Y : mom don’t worry we will manage u n dad just enjoy ….
Anita smiles n yuvi went to his. Room n sees mahi standing n smiles at her
Y : what happen jaan
M : nothing yuvi…..
Y : then y there is tension on your face n hugs her ….
M : yuvi u know na we have to find out about twinkle n kunj bhai. ..
Y : yeah if they love eo them we will unite them n will do best for them as bcoz of twinkle only we r together
M : yeah they smile n yuvi went to change

Anaya is seen standing waiting for someone when a stanches her purse she runs behind him n a handsome hunk comes there on his bike n gave lift to anaya ….
B : what happen y u r running …
A : actually that guy has stole my purse
B : okay
She sits on his bike n both catch the thief n anaya beats him n thief runs.from there …..
A to the boy : thank u so much Mr ??
B : Raj naam to suna hi hoga
Anaya laughs n they both shake hands n she went from there ….
Raj calls twinkle n says work done partner ….
T : thank u soo much Raj
R : ohoo chipkali don’t do this formality ha if this Anaya is at fault we will not leave her …
T : yeah hey don’t …
R : okay I’ll tak to u later as I have to meet meher di
T : okay byee …
(Raj purohit was twinkle cousin n meher sibling n they trio shares a good bond )

At night ::::
Twinkle was in deep thinking about the happenings when she hears her phone ringing n screen flashes sadu
K : hello jaan ….
T : hi kunj.. what happen u called me this time ….
K : can’t I call u siyappa queen he says romantically ….
T : ohoo some one is getting so romantic today ….
K : hayee u know u r looking damm hot in the function ….
T : and u r jealous too …

K : ha then thay cheap boys r looking at you I can’t bear it n bdw even u r getting jealous right …
T : yeah that girls were also looking at you huh I wanna kill them there itself
Both laughs at the same time n says uff today was the hectic day was us …
K : yeah twinkle …
T : we have to the reason of enemity between our parents…
K : but who will tell us twinkle
T : yeah I tried many times but every time maa makes excuses n left …
K : ohhh I can’t even ask mom she will not tell me …
T : then who can help us kunj ???

Both at the same time says babee
T : yeah kunj u can ask her …
K : yeah I will ask her right now twinkle byee love u …
T : love u too kunj
They end call n kunj moves towards babee room …
Screen freezes…
So how was the epi
Do comments plzzzz
Ba byeeeeeee
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Sameera ???

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  1. Ramya

    Awesome sameera amazing
    Loved it
    Plsss asap

  2. Sohi

    So much of suspense but interesting is kanchi Singh playing anayas character

  3. Kruti

    Hey sam Thanku for d wishes….nd i am really very sorry I am not able to comment on d ff…..somehow I am managing to read them

    The story has been proceeding very well….nd tdy’s epi was also amazing

    Loads of Love?

    1. Baby

      hey kruti di sooo sry but happy bday belated was hving unit test sooo didn got tym to c tu really sry….luv u lods di☻♥♥♥

  4. Wow sameera it was amazing awesome n cute epi.. waiting for the next epi to know the reason of their enimity…. post next asap….
    Waise ye achha rasta hai dhamki do aur cmnt lo …hai na??? mujhe bhi follow karna chahiye right???

    Byee n take care
    ♥Love u♥


  5. Maggi

    CNT soon

  6. Meeta

    Come on
    Reason of Sarna – Taneja Rivalry.
    Waiting, man.
    So good to see TwiNj Togetha.
    Loads of love.

  7. Ayu

    Woww!!! Amazing sameera!!! I enjoyed it sooo much!!!! Loving it…when u have someone like anaya in ur family…an enemy is not needed?

  8. Amazing.. cutiee twinj??.. waiting for the next to know the reason abt their enmity.. do cont soon ❤

  9. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute marvelous epi

  10. Adya

    Di di di……sooo much suspense….not gud for health hnn !!!!!!
    Well fabuloussss wala episode….mind it….. fabuloussss….u can add more ” s” in fabulous…ur choice u know !!!!!
    Well post soon …… waiting….

  11. Paavu

    Hey sam di it was jst perfect loved it lovely

  12. Chiku

    Post soon

  13. Baby

    sam di woohhooo d episode
    spprrrrrrrrrrrr se bhi uprrrrrrrr wala episode
    loved it soo twinkle is planning osm loving it..♥
    love u lods di 😀 ♥

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