ISHQ FOREVER TWINJ episode 50 (golden jubilee)

Hello guys how R u all well I am fine ??? I am soooooo happy today hawww finally I reached my golden jubilee woah ????
Thank thank u thank u soooo much to each n everone who motivated me to write more love u
all soooooo much ?????
So last epi me shock mila well many of u commented twinj n some yuhi dekhliya epi ????? chalo guys aaj thodi baatein karte
hai epi kal lelo …chalo ok ok I’ll give u
So ready for it ???
Note or dhamki ????I want all of ur one comment or I’ll end this ff ?? hahah plz guys
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Lights camera n action ::::::::
Recap : suspense revealed yuhi got married ????????
I choose u and I’ll choose u over n over n over without a pause without doubt in hear beat ?
I’ll keep choosing u ?????
6 months later ????

The episode starts with the beautiful scenario of Amritsar gurudwara…..
Trafficking roads parks n all ??
Scene shifts to taneja mansion where leela is seen bzy in prayers she was doing aarti when Rt comes there and sat on sofa reading news paper leela ends her aarti n smiles at Rt…
Rt : what happen leela why r u staring at Me ….
L : nothing g I was just thinking how these months have just passed in a minute
Rt : yeah n where is my princess ??
L : she has gone to gurudwara…
Rt : ohh well she has big day today
L : yep and they smile at eo ….

Sarna mansion ….
Manohar was sitting on the break fast table when usha n babee comes there
M : good morning babee
B : good morning monu …
U : g take this parathas ….
M : where is kunj ??? He is still sleeping??
B : ofoo monu my kunj was so responsible he has gone out ….
M : okay …
They all sit to eat breakfast together …

At gurudwara…..
A beautiful girl is shown blabbering something let’s hear what she is saying
G : uff Babaji u know nah I have big day today I am going to get awarded uff Babaji I am so scared huh what to do plz help me a handsome hunk is shown listening to that girl words n smiles n thinks ye siyappa queen bhi na abhi tak nahi badli he smiles (yeah yeah that girl n boy is revealed to be twinj only ) …
Twinkle turns n looks at kunj who was just smiling at twinkle n goes from there ignoring him ….
K : ye kabhi nahi badal sakti 6 months have passed still that attitude ufff hayeee I am falling for her once again
T : huh ye sadu b nah ghoor to aise raha tha jaise kha jayegay 6 mahine hogaye aur iski aadat ab tak nahi badli huh …
She goes towards Amrit sarovar lake n stands there taking open breathe by opening her arms kunj too comes there suddenly twinkle slips n kunj holds her in Nick of time both have a cute eye lock (bas itni si tamanna plays in bg….??)
She gets a call from there n goes kunj too left from there …….

At taneja mansion …
Twinkle comes back n hugs leela n Rt
Rt : princess get ready we have to go to young successful business man function ….
T : okay papa
Twinkle goes to get ready Manohar too tells kunj to get ready as they have to reach there …..

After sometime twinkle n kunj gets ready n goes with there families ….

India’s youngest successful business man 2016 …..?????
Sarnas comes there in their class usha monu comes in 1 car n kunj n babee in other kunj was dressed in a brown suit looking damm hot n every girl was just staring at kunj he smiles at them n goes inside ……..
Tanejas comes there too twinkle comes out of the car in a cream gown with her hairs on one side she was looking so gorgeous that every boy n girl was just looking at her with how beautiful expression they too comes inside …and one man show them their table ….sarnas was already present on the opposite table kunj was just looking at his phones when his gaze felt on his lady love …
K (thinks) : Babaji why r u doing this with me I can’t control myself haww just look at her I wanna eat her right now control kunj but just look at those idiots how they r staring at my love …..
Twinkle too sees kunj haww how hot he is looking I mean he is looking so prefect I can’t control seeing him but just look at those girl how they r seeing him I wanna kill them huh ….
Tanejas n sarnas both passes death glares to each other even twinj also ..

Host comes there n they all sat on their respective places ….
H : attention everyone I am so happy today as we have so many talented young buisness man sitting here I invite special guest Mr rahil Mr Shan ….
Mr rahil : we r very happy today as we are going to honoured some business who has achieved a high place in just some months ….
Mr Shan : yeah we have first in our list is a lady and we want to honoured her first
H : she is just 24 years old she stared her modelling career In Paris and has got so much success but still she didn’t stopped here she joined her father company who was also a reputated buisness man she has taken their company to high level so let me call the most beautiful miss twinkle taneja…
Everyone claps n looks at twinkle she smiles kunj too smiles n twi goes on stage where she was awarded everone again claps ???????
H : so miss twinkle taneja u wanna tell anything…..
T : yeah I am so happy today not becoz I got this award but becoz I can see the happiness n proud in my parents eyes which i wanted to see I am so happy love u mom n dad she passes a flying kiss to them all claps again ….
Twinkle goes from there ….
H : so here is another person who has also made us proud in just few months no one can say looking at him that he is so naughty but he is he too joined his father buisness n gave a solid answer to all the companies yeah u all guessed right we r talking about Mr kunj sarna
Everone claps at him kunj smiles n goes on stage he too gets award n they ask him to say few words ….
K : well I don’t have large speech to tell I have everything just by love my papa is my biggest inspiration n I love u dad n smiles at Manohar thank u soo much
Kunj too comes from there n media people surrounds him and they ask twinj many questions like if they r dating someone when they r getting married blah blah blah …..

At night ….
There was party twinj was also invited there n comes on the dance floor they dance with other partners n was just looking at each other twinkle goes from there to attend a call ….
She was coming back to the pub when someone pulls her from behind…
T : ahh …
K : twinkle it’s me ….
T : ohh kunj tum …
K : no I am yuvi he smiles n twinkle angrily stares at him …
T : huh I don’t wanna talk to u I hate u
Kunj holds her by waist n says really twinkle ….
T : yeah really …and hits him on his chest ….
K : ouch twinkle …. okay I am going
Twinkle hugs him from behind n says u really want to go kunj ???
Kunj smiles n turns to twinkle n says I can’t stay without u twinkle …
T : even I can’t stay without u kunj they both smiles n each other n hugs tightly even air has no space to come in-between them (I love u plays in bg …)

Twinj walks hand in hand n looks at each other smiling when kunj says u really scared me twinkle that time ….
T : I had to do it kunj otherwise U’ll not say truth to me …..
Flash back shows …
After some days of yuhi marriage kunj n twinkle was bzy with their works when kunj gets a call ….
K : what I am coming …
He comes to gurudwara n goes near lake n sees twinkle standing there …
T : u came kunj she smirks n turns towards kunj ….
K : twinkle y u called me here ???
T : wait kunj so u don’t love me right ..
K : UMm …w..wo twinkle yeah I don’t love you …..
T : okay kunj I called u to end this relationship fully ….
K : what ???? Means twinkle ….
T : Jo kahani yaha shuru hui thi kunj wo kahani yahi pe khatam hogi meri maut se …….
Kunj was shocked to hear twinkle words n turns to other side to hide his fear n says stop doing this childness twinkle before he could complete he gets sound of water he turns n looks at twinkle who was just jumped in water ….
K : twiii…twinkle twinkle use to swimming nahi aati ye pagal ladki ne kya karliye he removes his coat n throws it on floor n jumps in water n saves twinkle ……
Twinkle was unconscious kunj Pat’s her n hugs her tightly n says I love u twinkle plz don’t do this with me plzz twinkle i love u soo much twinkle I lied that time yes I lied ….
T : I know kunj there was a reason behind it kunj gets shocked knowing twinkle gain consciousness n breaks the hug …..plz kunj tell me the reason y u lied that time plzzzz …
K : Twi..nkle what was no reason behind that n tries to go twinkle pulls his n says tumhe meri kasam kunj …..
He gets more shocked n tell the reason about mahi n everything n bows down his head as he was crying
Twinkle hugs him tightly n says I know kunj that u loves me alott I can’t leave without u kunj they both cry sharing their pain n decides to be enemies in front of their parents ….
Flashback ends ….
K : tuh nah sachi me pagal hai agar tujhe kuch hojata to ….
T : hah waise b mujhe pata tha ki tum mujhe kuch hone nahi doge n winks at kunj ….
K : acha g n smiles at her ….
T : so Mr sarna how u r feeling after getting award …
K : like u r feeling Mrs to be sarna ….
T : now kunj I can’t stay away from u
K : even I can’t twinkle how I was showing myself normal that time only I knows but not now ….
T : now no one will able to separate us kunj we will end their enemity kunj
K : yeah twinkle we will do it
They both joins their head saying I love u to each other n smiles
Screen freezes …

So guys how was the epi ???
How was the new track guys ????
Will twinj be able to reunite their parents …
Hope u all liked it guys …..
Note yaad hai na plz 1 comment plz silent readers plshh plshh
And do tell me ur fav scene of this ff
So bye bye waiting for ur comments
Love u all ????
Do read keep commenting n stay tuned
Sameera ????

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  1. Ayu

    Happy birthday to you!!! Happy birthday to you!!! Happy birthday happy birthday happy birthday to u!!! Are! Dont get shocked di! I know its not ur birthday but ur ff just got 50 epis old…aapke ff ka to aaj birthday hua! That is why…birthday wishes! This epi was mind blowing!!! I am floored like i wanna literally jump bcuz i really loved it….n the Twinj moments were soooo cute! Love u❤️

    1. Sameera

      Thank u soo much ayu ???

  2. Wowwwwww sameera I’m on cloud nine after reading this episode Mindblowing

    1. Sameera

      Thanks sushmita ???

  3. Maggi

    Congo ????
    Awsm epi….luvd it to core???
    Very NYC twist❤
    It was fab?
    CNT soon

    1. Sameera

      Thank u Maggi ???

  4. hmm . ab to cmnt dena hi paara . congratulations . epi was shocking . loved it

    1. Sameera

      Thanks Chandra ?

  5. Paavu

    Hey sam frst of akl badi waki congos bcos u reached ur silver jibilee sach mein yeh ff ke aur tumhare saath safar boht hi acha gaya sach mein itni wait karai iss khaas aue mere dil ke kareeb ff ne unka bachpan ka pyaar sidmin bade hona in paris their love amd their lovely momenys kya nahi pasand aya yeh batao……..
    And u r asking which is my fav scene in today’s ff jab pura epi poora ff hi fav hai toh kaise bataun unka fake tashan pyaar yaar sab kuch acha tha bt sabse zyada unka wahan milna pillar ke piche party mein and twi back hug him and ya most fav was flashback jab kunj ne kaha ki main tujhe boht pyar karta hun and dat also in gurudwara in beginning both smiling on each oder and povs loved it awesome pls do cont asap

    1. Sameera

      Thank u soo much paavu yeah I’ll cont soon ???

  6. Chiku

    Comgoooooooo for golden jublie??????????????????????
    I really love ur ff from starting. It’s amazing
    Yeaahh waiting for next episode lovely

    1. Sameera

      Thank u chiku ???

  7. Anam_sidhant

    Loved the episode to the core?

    1. Sameera

      Thanks anam ???

  8. Nice

    1. Sameera

      Thanks anshika

  9. Congratulations sameera epi was fabulous

    1. Sameera

      Thanks sohi ??

  10. Rashiverma2199

    Sameera congratulations for golden jubliee and many more episodes to come…..
    Lovely episode… Twinj reunited????

    1. Sameera

      Thank u yaar rashiverma ???

  11. Ritzi

    Congrats dear! Finally GOLDEN JUBILEE thts great…nd the epi uff…hayyee…kya batau…maar hi daaal

    1. Sameera

      Thank u ritzi ???

  12. Purnima.agrawal30

    congratulations for completing 50 episodes……awesome amazing fabulous cute marvelous epi

    1. Sameera

      Thanks purnima ????

  13. Purnima.agrawal30

    congratulations for completing 50 episodes….awesome amazing fabulous marvelous lovely epi

  14. First of all congratulations for completing 50 episodes ??? and many more to come 🙂 the episode was superb.. loved twinjs scenes.. and the twist was amazing where twinj’s misunderstanding was cleared.. well, everything abt this ff is my fav but i loved twinjs cute and adorable scenes since their childhood???.. eagerly waiting for the next ❤

    1. Sameera

      Thanks sidvee ?

  15. Simiyy

    Congratulations on completing 50 episodes…It was really good…post soon

    1. Sameera

      Thanks simiyy

  16. Ramya

    Sameera twist was super thankgod finally twinj have United I’m so happy fr it n due both share such a great bond it was really goood can’t wait plsss asap

    1. Sameera

      Thank u ramya

  17. Sameeraaaaaa I’ll kill u sachhi mein main tujhe mar dungi…. ab tune bhi dhamki dena shuru kar diya…. dobara aisa bola to main kabhi bhi cmnt nahi karungi phir mat kehna ki cmnt kyu nahi kiya….

    Ab main kya batau ki kaun sa scene mera favourite hai bcz I love each n every scene….. it was amazing minndblowing cute n superb epi my dear suspence queen…. really yarrr I loved it…. today only twinj scene wow….

    Now come veryyyy soon with next epi ok??
    Byeeee tc
    ♥♡Loveeeee u♡♥


    1. Sameera

      Hayee don’t kill me plzz n thank u soo much

  18. soon. ..nice….fab….amazing ..
    …how i tell which scene was superb….but..I think I just crazy of ur ff????

    1. Sameera

      Thanks tahu ??

  19. Adya

    Samu di………….. wooooooow…..
    Congo……bada wala Congo…..Arre 50 episodes……finally…..ur ff ……my….one of the fav one….it was superrrrrrrrrrrrb…….Arre yrrr di….mujhe chahiye…..Arre treat….plss nd the best part that today it was full of twinj scenes ..bahut khushi hui.
    Plsss post soon……

    Love u

  20. awesme sameera and congo for completing ur 50 epi

  21. Hey sameera congo for golden jubilee ?? the episode is awesome…love it to the core…waiting for next…

  22. Sameera firstly congrats for completing 50 epi n sorry as well as I didn’t comment on ur ff…ho sakye toh maaf karna…ur ff was surwat se he mast…amazing plus awesome epi…muaahh…luv it…I luved each n every scene, especially twinj moments.

    Lots of luv,

  23. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Sam di ,…. pehle toh dhero badhaayiaa golden jubilee liye ……. aur aaj ka epi …. it was just amazing ….Matlab ab main kya kahon …. ??? uffffff dil chori kar chukii hain aap mera …… vaapas karne ka kab irada hai darling….. bolo bolo ….
    Lub uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ??????????

  24. Baby

    ohhhhhhhhhh shit mein toh aapko bday wish krne mein bhi late ho gyi ugghhhhh…..
    soooo sry di exams chal rhe the aaj eco katha
    well happy bday belated di m soooo sry i culd nt wish u…on tym.♥
    luv u lods….. 😀 n golden jubliee ke liye congrax di
    apko pta hai i was jst smiling n smiling wyl reading d whole episode
    i culd not jst stop n even now also my 32 are visible
    hehee srsly osm im sooooooo happy aftr reading dis episode i cant explain luv u di…..♥♥
    sry agn for being late n nt able to wish u….

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