Hello guys well dekho fir se aagayi kya karu ab itni cute si request Jo ki thi sab ne well this epi is treat for all my readers ????
Chalo ab zyada baatein nahi karte hai let’s move on to the next epi …..
Chale ???????
Let’s begin with ishq forever epi 49
Recap : twinkle gets dressed as bride n suspense ?????
The episode starts with the bride n groom sitting in the mandap n pandit was chanting mantras ……
P : varmala ki vidhi poori ki jaaye bride n groom exchanges garland n again sits in mandap all claps for them …
P : ab ladka ladki phero k liye khade hojaye …..
Bride n groom stands up to take rounds
They started taking rounds and leela n Anita gets happy n smiles at each other as their wish is fulfilling now ….
After sometime they take pheras n this time pandit ask groom to tie mangalsutra in bride neck …..
Groom takes the mangalsutra from his hand in ties it on bride neck usha sighs of relief as twinkle has gone from his sons life and anaya too smiles n thinks wow this is so great but where is kunj I’ll feel relief when I’ll see him crying for his love but where is he now n ask usha about it ….
A : mami where is kunj bhai ??

U : he said that he have some work n he’ll be back in sometime
A : ohh ok n thinks poor kunj don’t wanna see his bride getting married ….
All the rituals gets completed n pandit ask groom to put vermilion now …
Anita gives coin to n he takes n fills bride forehead n pandit g declares that now the boy and girl is married
All hugs happily each other n congratulate???????
( Wait r u all thinking the bride n groom as twinj ??) ….
On the other side ….
Kunj comes outside sadly recalling their moments n twi in bridal wear n thinks everything ended now no sign of me n twinkle getting together once again he sits sadly n looks at the ring it falls from kunj hand n goes to wards a lady who was wearing red anarkali with her hairs left open she was looking very beautiful kunj goes to pick up the ring n moves his head upward to find his lady love standing (yes the girl was twinkle but who did she came here ???…)
Kunj was so happy seeing twinkle he doesn’t believe on his eyes what he is seeing n just looks at twinkle blankly
Inside the palace …
Bride n groom gets up from mandap to take everyone blessing when yuvi (groom) pulls his sehra n Anita hugs him ….
Y : mom u said that U’ll give me everything what I wanted right nah ?
An : yeah beta I’ll promise I’ll give u everything…..
Yuvi pulls bride veil slightly n all gets shocked seeing mahi in bride place ..
U : what’s is this ??? How did this happen
An : mahi u here I mean how ..
L : where is twinkle ??what is mahi doing in her place …
A voice came from behind I’ll tell u all they turn n look at twinkle n get more shocked she comes infront followed by a confused kunj . leela n Anita n says maa yuvi n mahi loves each other alott n they wanted to marry eo
An : no yuvi loves u twinkle
Y : no mom I love mahi n twinke was just my best buddy mom n u have promised me U’ll get me anything i want u to accept mahi with whole hearted ly
T – L : maa I am so sorry yuvi loves mahi alott n if I’ll get married he will no be able to love me nah …
L : but twinkle ….
T : u want ur daughter future to be good but if my hubby doesn’t love me how can I be happy ….
Rt n leela hugs twinkle n says proud of u beta …..
L : but how u got to know about it twinkle ???
Twi looks at yuhi who smiles at her
Flashback shows…
When kunj came to twi room last night n when Twi was going to check behind curtail she gets a knock on the door she sees yuhi standing there n ask them to come inside ….
Y : twinkle I came to tell u about one thing ….
T : that u love mahi hai na ??
Yuhi gets shocked n ask how did she know ….
T : oh monkey I am ur buddy since.childhood I got to know that day itself when u met mahi in my flat remember it’s clearly shows that u too love eo but I didn’t ask u and wanted that u tell me by yourself ..
M : then y did u agree for this wedding
T : bcoz of ma n papa I have to agree I can’t marry this monkey they all laugh
T : but what to do now ???
Y : I have a plan twinkle u get ready tomorrow n come down I’ll try to cut the current so that mahi can take your place
T& m : nice idea …
They all join hands n says let’s do it …
Flash back ends …
Y : plz mom accept mahi nah
An : I’ll accept mahi but what about mahi parents will they accept u
Mahi moves to Manohar n usha n says papa I love yuvi soo much papa I can’t leave without him plz accept our relation n folds her hand Manohar stops her n says no beta u r my child n I accept u and yuvi don’t worry usha looks on shocked (though mahi is their adopted child but Manohar loves her more tha anything else in the world n he didn’t knew about usha blackmailing kunj )

Man : usha accept their relationship
Usha too agrees n thinks now mahi will go from their home ….
Everone get happy kunj too smiles looking at twinkle Anita takes yuhi with them Rt n leela too left from there …
Next day all comes back to Amritsar..
Rt : now we have to look for another alliance ….
T : papa I wanna do something new papa I don’t want to marry so early now plshh let me achieve something in my life
Rt : okay twinkle …
Man : kunj now ur bachelor life is over u have to join office now ..
K : okay papa
Screen freezes on twinj face with their fathers
Shock laga ?????????
Nxt epi me sab thik ho jaye GA don’t worry
Well next epi will be my golden jubilee
Plz comment guys ?????
Tell me do u like the twist ???
Well I am too thinking to get twinj married n end this ff on a happy note but …can’t do it
Bcoz of this dimag????
Well sohi in next few epis mystery will clear
Ba byeeeeeee love u all
Do read keep commenting n stay tuned

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  1. Woohooo the suspence is over.. yuhi got married.. i had a feeling that it would be yuhi who would be getting married instead of twinj.. n it was a total dhamaka n superb epi.. loved it.. n thnx for nt ending this ff as its one of my favorite n i love imagining the cuteee n adorable scenes of twinj??.. do cont soon ❤

  2. Simiyy

    Sameera it was so good…. i am happy Yuhi got married cant wait for twinj to reunite ….. sorry for not commenting previously….. congratulations you nearly reached 50

  3. Rashiverma2199

    Lovely episode. …I thought that twinj would be married

  4. Hey plz unfold the mystery of both the families an reunite them n ya the episode was cool and twist full

  5. Hey sameera I so loved today’s episode…it was twistful…I thought TwiNj would marry but it’s OK I’m happy that twiraj dint get married…sameera one more episode for golden jubilee Congo dear…try to reunite TwiNj soon as I’m longing for cute and sweet scenes…

  6. Sameraaaaaaa omg yrrrr kya tha ye haaan??? matlab itna cute shock…. aaj to aap bata hi do ki aapke charan kamal kaha hain apki ye shishya unhein sach mein chookar ashirwad lena chati hai……yrrrrrr ab samjhi na main tumhein suspenc queen kyu kehti hoon….. it was really amazing fantastic mindbloing epi….. I loved it……. waise mujhe dought ho raha tha ki ye yuhi honge but sure nahi thi…. aur waise bhi maine promise kiya tha ki tumhara ye secret kisi ko nahi bataungi to tod kaise deti haaan?????
    Come soon with next…….
    ♥Love uuuuuuuuuuu♥


  7. Maggi

    Awsm yaaar…
    Luvd it…??
    Very NYC twist…
    Waiting for next epi
    CNT soon
    Luv u

  8. Ramya

    Sameeraaaaaa thankkkkkkyyyyyyooooooouuuuuu sooooii much fr posting it today I’m so soooo happy aur mera sahi nikla really loved it yr frm where I get dis awesome ideas loved it n love u
    Plsss asap N really loved it

  9. Ayu

    Hey Di!!! I know aapke liye i know u may not know me…par exams ke chakkar mein i was not commenting but i swear to god i read each n every epi of urs! Where r ur hands??? I want to kiss them! I am very serious because i simply adore ur writing sooo much!!! N this twist!!! It relieved me sooooo much! Continue writing amazingly di❤️

  10. Chiku

    ???? u know mujhe pehle hie laga thain yuhi will get married and i was ryt???????????
    Amazing. Lovely. Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww this wat u can say
    Post soon??

  11. SidMin

    Loved it intresting twist YUHI got married for a moment I thought Twinj got married
    Loved it
    I am excited fir your 50 th episode Post soon cant wait
    Love you ?

  12. Adya

    Shittt !!!!!!!! I’m late….Koi Baat ni…..vaise Kya yahan pr sirf Mai hee ek bhuddhu hu …jisne guess kiya ki twinj will get married hnn ?????????
    Well whatever….hnnn…hnnnn….laga …Kya !!!! Chot ni…!!! Shock..urf..jhatka…urf..pata Ni…chodo….
    Plzzzzzzz ab n jldi…shatabdi express se bhi fast apni…..50th episode post krdo…..plssssss…kroge n……pakka…plomish….acha enough bak bak…
    Post Kro yrr ap…..plssssss
    Byeeee….love u…

  13. Aamu


    Shammmu I love u…love u…love…u solo.much……
    I got a shock wen pandit said DAT ….
    Aaj meri khushi kaa koi thikaana nahi hai…yay…
    Thank u soooo much for it…thank u….???????
    Love u soooo.much..????
    N soory for late…just now read it…..
    Thank u soon much again..
    N advance me Congo for ur golden jubilie….??????..
    Kya pataa for late ho gayi to..????
    Do cont

  14. Purnima.agrawal30

    amazing awesome fabulous epi…shocking tha….yuhi ki shaadi….

  15. Baby

    ohhhooooooooooooo sam di kya kahun mein
    sch mein wat a fab episode kaha tha naa ki nhi hogi shaadi inki yipeeeeeeeeeee
    m soooooooooo soooooooo happy n now toh kunj can tell twinkle d truth yr..
    di osm ♥
    love u lods……

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