ISHQ FOREVER TWINJ episode 42 & 43

Hello guys how R u all hope u all r fine here I am lil bit depressed guys 😐😐😐😐😐😐
Thanks to all the members who were commenting on my ff daily guys thank u soo much guys ….
Well not in a mood to do bak bak well clearing the suspense starting the epi …..
Let’s us begin 😘😘

Recap : twinj at luthras hotel n usha n leela sees them together
The episode starts with twinj getting shocked seeing leela n usha standing there with angry faces n was just staring at them …..usha n leela look at each other n passes death glare n moves towards twinj 😡😡😡😡
U : what is this kunj ???
L : twinkle …u both here what u two were doing hah …
U : n how do u two knows each other’s haa ….
While twinj was just standing blank as they didn’t know what to answer now
T : maa wo …ma
L : just shut up twinkle n come with me

U : yeah kunj u too come with me ..
Twinj looks at each other n left with their respective mothers ….😨😨
Leela takes twinkle to a room n Rt & meher comes there following them while twinkle was crying continuously….
Rt : what was that twinkle ha u have soiled my reputation…
T : dad it’s nothing like that maa plz listen to me once nah plz …
L : what ?? Twinkke is anything left now just tell me how u know kunj sarna …
T : maa…maa she gulped in n says I met him in Germany …

Rt : u didn’t even realise twinkle what will happen …he is our enemy…
T : papa dont say like this I LOVE HIM …leela n Rt was shocked n turns to twinkle n says what u said just now twinkle ….
T : yes papa maa I love kunj alott we met in Germany n have fallen in love ….
Meh : haa leela aunty kunj n twinkle loves each other alott …
T : maa u can understand u and papa also have a love marriage knw u can understand my feelings plz maa try n understand….
At kunj side ….
Manohar n usha were standing n kunj was silent he doesn’t know what to do now n was just standing bowing down his head ….
M : what the hell is this kunj how can u do this kunj u have ashamed us …
U : I don’t this it’s kunj mistake I know that tanejas they have done it my kunj is not like that …
K (shouts) : maa enough maa plzz listen to me once yeah I had hidden the fact that I LOVE TWINKLE but I really love her

M : enough is enough kunj we don’t wanna listen anything to you ..
U : that twinkle has filled poison in ur mind u r shouting on your parents kunj
K : no it’s nothing like that n he walks out of the room ….
At twinkle side …
T : plzz maa just understand my feelings I love kunj alott n he too loves me maa
L : if kunj loves u too twinkle ???
Twinkle nods in yes n leela says okay twinkle we will give u one chance if kunj says that he loves u we will accept this relation …

Rt : but if he not then u have to marry the person we choose for u is it okay with u
Twinkle nods n leela n Rt left from there meanwhile a pair of eyes is seen watching them …
Twinkle cries while meher consoles her saying everything will be fine ….
At yuhi side …
Yuvi n mahi were busy talking with each other …
M : when u r talking about our marriage yuvraj …
Y : I’ll talk today jaan don’t worry tomorrow is my birthday …
M : yeah I know that yuhi n they smile at each other …..
After sometime Anita n yuvi r busy in preparations n tanejas n sarnas were standing in one room so that no one knows about twinj relation ship …
M : what happen Mr raminder taneja why u have called us here …
Rt : I think we should forget about our enemity for sometime bcoz it’s about our children’s now n he looks at twinj …
L : yeah I too think so ….

U : we don’t wanna listen anything ..
Rt & L : we just wanna talk kunj that’s it n they walks towards kunj n says U LoVe twinkle ???? ….
Manohar n usha were shocked n kunj was looking at twinkle who was waiting for his answer patiently ….

K : what love no I don’t love her who said that I love twinkle …
Twinkke gets shocked at looks at kunj who was not eye contacting with her .. and usha sighs of relief
She holds his collar n says kunj what R U saying we love each other right …
Kunj jerks her away n says what the hell u r talking about twinkle we were just friends right n don’t tell me that u have fallen for me hahah
T (angrily) : kunj what happen to u is there anything u r hiding from me just tell them truth kunj …

K : which truth I think u have lost ur memory twinkle n turns to Rt n says we were just friends n nothing more … Abeer who was also there holds kunj collar n says wth kunj ….

Meh : abeer leave him just leave
U : enough is enough kunj let’s go now u don’t need to answer them …
Manohar usha n kunj left from there …
Rt &L : we can understand ur feelings twinkle but that sarna was like that only they too left from there ….
Ab: twinkle don’t cry twinkle I’ll not leave kunj ….
T : no kunj ull not do anything I know there must be some reason behind she gets up n left from there leaving mehbeer tensed …
Kunj comes towards the lawn n cries bitterly saying I hate myself twinkle I hate myself plz forgive me for what I did I love u soo much but I am helpless right now twinkle ….
Flashback shows…
Kunj was standing in balcony when usha comes there ….
U : kunj …
K : maa I don’t wanna listen anything
U : kunj u have to do one thing
K : what ????

U : if anyone ask u that u love twinkle u have to say no …
K : I am not saying no …N he turns to leave …
U : okay then I’ll tell truth to mahi …
Kunj turns n looks at her shocked n says maa …
U : ha if u didn’t agree with me I’ll tell mahi that she is not my daughter she is an orphan …
K : but maa she is ur child how can u say that …
U : no she is not my child she is just an orphan we have adopted her just bcoz u got attached to her …
Fb shows ….

Lil Kunj goes to orphange with babee n sees 2 year old mahi playing …and he too plays with her …
Lil k : babee I also wanted a sister ..
B : kunj but …
Lil k : plz na babee okay I’ll take to usha n monu …
She tells them n manohar decided to adopt mahi but usha wasn’t ready … and kunj falls I’ll that time Manohar adopted mahi ….
Only kunj n family knows this mahi doesn’t know about it …
Fb ends ….

U : she is not my blood I don’t love her ..
K : maa I felt ull get changed after seeing mahi goodness but u not …okay I’ll agree on your conditions but not bcoz of ur warning but bcoz I love my sister more than anything else in the world …
N he left from there ….
Flashback ends….
K : I am so sorry twinkle I couldn’t fulfill my promise towards u …
Screen freezes….

So guys how was the epi ….
Now the mystery was cleared y usha doesn’t like mahi …
Hope u all liked the epi ….
Guys I am so depressed I feel like u all r not liking my ff I am not even getting 10 comments guys ….but don’t worry soon this shit is gonna end …..
Ba byeee …..
Sameera 😐😐😐😐😐


  1. SidMin


    |Registered Member

    Oh god Bechre Twinj I thought seeing their love Their parents would say yes for their marriage Hate this Usha and Mahi is not their real daughter Oh that is why Usha’s smile added after hearing Mahi’s name when they went to meet Kunj (Dekha I remember )
    Loved the episode and feeling really bad for Twinj especially Twinkle 🙁
    Love you 🙂
    Post soon 🙂 (even after you posted 4 episodes today maan nahe bhara )

  2. |Registered Member

    Sameera firstly I’m really sorry for not commenting on your previous episodes…yes sameera I’m not liking your ff because I’m loving it…dont you dare call your ff shit okay…loved today’s episode…felt very bad for TwiNj…hate this usha…sameera after reading this episode I’m very desperate to read next episode…plz try to post next episode as soon as possible…plzzzzzzzzzz it’s my humble request…and haan don’t you dare to end this ff…

  3. Paavu


    |Registered Member

    hey sam i m sooooooooooooo srry fr nt commnting coz i was bzee in diwalii and all bt nw i will commnt srry yaar commnt nahi kar paati bt read saare kiya hain aaj ke kyun rula rahi ho pls make dem meet plssssss are pehle bhi toh apne prnts se naraaz the na den if dey were angry kuch aisa trackla do pls baaki i knw tumne awesome hi socha hoga love u

  4. Ramya


    |Registered Member

    Sameera Awesome amazing bt Kya twist tha
    I’m eagerly waiting don’t know when twinj Wii unite plsss cont soon

  5. Maggi


    |Registered Member

    Hey this piece of writing is superb OK..
    Don’t dare col it anything else….
    Luvd the suspense and the track..
    Lovely 💙💙💙

  6. Adya


    |Registered Member

    U r n…soo bad…separated my twinj mm…nd how dare u call ur ff bad hnn??? U budhhu ..Koi ni….pls post the next part soon..
    Love u

  7. Ranabulbul


    |Registered Member

    Aap bade ho na mujhse…
    To aapko mar nhi skti ..but can’t to skti hun…
    Isko shit bolte ho …
    Hehheee mera shitty shit hai phir…
    Mera dil toot gya is epi se but use jodne ke liye Aap ho na..
    Jaldi post mat krna..
    Han han mat krna…
    Kunki let all of them cmnt na..phir jab cmnt mil Jaen tab post karna..hume saza to Milne chahiye..
    Twinj ke scenes were too gud…
    Bas kunj ke liye bura LGA…
    Usha I hate..her..
    But I love u and ur ff don’t u dare to say it a shit…
    Those din busy thi and net lack khtama ho gya didn’t cmnted…
    Yr meri kamzori hai Aapka ff so plz..don’t u dare to…
    Wrna I will not talk to u ever

  8. Aamu


    |Registered Member

    Sad kyu hoti….
    Just chill yaar..n dont u dare to call ur ff a boring…its amazng….awesome…
    Its too good….
    M also disapointed coz of less cmnt…u know i got 4 cmnt…..likeseriously 5 b nahi…
    But dekh muje i m just chilling…..
    Now i dont care about cmnts…jut i will write it n upload n den end it soon….
    But pls tu end mat karna pls…
    Or tune yeh kya kardiya pagli….
    I feeel very bad about twinj….
    Want to kill dat rascal manohar n usha…..
    How dare dey…..
    Koi ni….. jldi se tuhi monu or usha ko accident me maar de….or fir twinj ko milaade…
    Nahi haa i m just joking…
    U go wi ur story only…bas ek request hai yeh usha or manohar ko zinda mat rakhna ….maar daaal
    😉 😉 😉
    Do cont sooooooooon….ery sooon

  9. Chiku


    |Registered Member

    Oyeeee sammu dont dare to end ur ff or else i will never comment.
    It’s amazing. I am always eager to read ur ff but i dont disturb u knowing that u r busy.
    Enough ok. Domt think of rnding it.
    I really loved ur ff and i am waiting for next episode
    Post soon

  10. Sia

    What shit ha
    How could u say this to this ff we all just love it to the core
    N the episode was fabulous
    Post soon
    Best regards from sia

  11. SidVee

    Awesome epi.. feeling so bad for twinj.. hate usha alot.. so this was the reason why usha doesn’t like mahi.. the mystery was too good.. loved it.. and plz don’t end it plz plz plz.. I love this ff 💗💗

  12. Baby


    |Registered Member

    ohh god sameera di spr emotional episode
    ye kya hogya hey bhagwaan
    di nyc dilauges b m very sad
    luv u di……. 😀

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