Hello guys how R U well I am back as I am free today so thought to post epi …..????
Well thanks to all the ppl who R commenting just thank u Thanks u sooo much …
So moving back to next epi
Won’t do much bak bak now …
R U ready ??????
Let’s us begin
Recap : twinj cute moments in Twi room ..

The episode starts with leela coming to twi room ……and ask her to wake up as they have to go to gurudwara …
T : plz ma let me sleep nah ..
L : twinkle wake up we have to go n also to luthras inauguration
T : ohh I completely forgot ….
L : go n get ready ….
Meanwhile twinkle goes to room to get freshen up n comes back wearing a anarkali dress an looking gorgeous …
T : maa I am ready …
L : let’s go ….
At gurudwara….
Tanejas n sarna both come to gurudwara but doesn’t notice each other n just went inside ….
U : kunj come here ….
K : yes maa ….
U : it is said that whatever u wishes here get completed ..
K : really maa ?? ??
U : ha puttar ….
B (whispers) : mang le Apni siyappa queen ko n winks at kunj …
Kunj smiles at babee n usha ask what happen babee u said something babee nods in no n thy smile …
Usha goes to the other side n twinkle is coming from the same side when a lady hits usha and she is gonna slip but twinkle holds her in Nick of time …
T : aunty u fine ???
U : thank u soo much beta for helping me ….
T : it’s my pleasure aunty she smiles n left from there ??
U (thinks) : wow kitni soni kudi hai mujhe apne kunj k liye aisi hi ladki chahiye n smiles ?

Kunj looks at his phone n thinks that he didn’t talk to twinkle since yesterday night n thinks to call her but due to low network he wasn’t able to call her so he messaged her ….
K : heyy my queen where r u ??
T : I am at gurudwara kunj n u ??
K : even I am here twinkle
T : where kunj ???
They both come infront of each other n r constantly looking at their phones so they didn’t notice eo when twinkle sees kunj standing infront of her looking at his phone n smiles ….
(They r still chatting)
K : tell me where r u twinkle ?
T : infront of u my idiot n smiles

K : what ???
T : omg n Pat’s on his head n kunj looks at her n was lost in her twinkling eyes (ishq sufiana plays in bg …..)
They both r just looking at eo n just smiling when kunj breaks silence n says omg siyappa queen u r looking so gorgeous haa I must say …
T : ha ha I know they both hi-fi n laughs when twinkle tells him how she met usha sometime before ….
K : wow first impression nice haa …
Meanwhile anaya sees them together ..
A (thinks) : ye bhai ke sath kon hai I need to find out ….
She come towards twinj but twinkle tells kunj that she need to go in prayer n kunj nods n twinkle left from there …he turns n looks at anaya …
A : wow bhai girl friend not bad
K : wo anaya wo …I mean …
A : offo bhai U’ll not tell this to ur cute small sister n does drama …
K : okay my cute drama sister yeah she is my girlfriend nope not girlfriend she is my life …
A : woah I didn’t knew my bro was so romantic n hits kunj with his shoulder
Kunj smiles n babee calls them both to come for prayer ……
They all get inside the gurudwara leela twinkle meher stands there n usha babee kunj anaya comes there too …when usha thinks what relation twinkle has with tanejas ….
The prayer starts n twinj was just looking at eo n r having cute eye locks in middle ????
Prayer ends …..
Twinkle was going towards Amrit sarovar lake with meher when leela shouts twinkle name n tells them to come soon as they have to go luthra mansion ….usha heard twinkle name n thinks so she is leela daughter twinkle n leela too get to know about kunj n they passes death glare to eo n left from there ……
At lake …
Twinkle n meher comes there kunj too comes there n meets meher anaya also comes behind kunj n he makes her meet twinkle ….
A : so she is my bhabhi n winks at kunj
While twinkle smiles n looks at kunj
Meh : so kunj how R u ??
K : I am fine yar where is Abeer ..
Meh : actually he has meetings today so he didn’t came with me
K : okay …
A : so what’s ur name bhabhi ????
T : twinkle ….
A (thinks) : what twinkle I have heard this name before is she twinkle taneja ..
Meh : come twinkle we have to leave

T : okay meher bye anaya bye kunj ..
K : bye twinkle …
A : byeee ???
Twinkke left with meher n kunj too left from there ….
Screen freezes….
So how was the epi guys hope u enjoyed it
Well ba byeee love u all
Do read keep commenting n stay tuned
Sameera ??

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  1. SidMin23

    Beautiful as always do post next episode asap

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    Very cute….
    Luvd the gurudwara scene…
    Toooo good?????

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    awesome amazing fabulous cute epi

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    Wow….cute episode….loved it….

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    Cute episode sameera

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    Awesome…n lovely..lovely epi…
    Loved it shammu meri jaan..♥♡♥♡

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    Loved the episode it was so cute ??
    Twinj ????
    Love you ?

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    Awesome ❤️❤️

  9. Awesome ?? loved the gurudwara scenes.. they were amazing.. n that phone chat also.. ❤

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    ohhhh god sam di siyappa ab kya hoga bt
    vry cute episode loved it sooo vry mch…
    love u di.. 😀 😉

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