Hello guys how R U all well back with next epi ..
Thanks to all who commented on previous one loved u all so much guys ….
Well as I asked for ur suggestions many of them told to with the love hate relationship…
So going on with that keep supporting me …
Let’s us begin ….
Recap : twinj cherishing their childhood memories n twiraj convo …
The episode starts with leela n Anita talking in leela room …
A : no leela they r perfect for each other …
L : but Anita I think we should ask them once
A : leela u didn’t saw how twinkle n yuvi talking outside it clearly shows that they both like eo
L : but Anita there is a big difference in liking and loving …
A : hah well leave it yaar we will ask them ok
Leela nods n they both continued their convo
At sarna mansion ::::
Kunj comes to usha n ask what happen ….
U : can’t I call my son without any reason .
K : no maa I was just asking ..
U : well kunj I called u here to tell that we have to go tomorrow in a inauguration of luthras hotel …u have to accompany us okay
K : hmm okay maa n smiles ..
At taneja mansion …
Y : so twinkle u haven’t made any boy friend yet?
T : woh yuvi mein woh UMm
Y : what happen twinkle ??
T : nothing uv ….what u were talking about new hotel it’s nice …
Y : yeah twinkle dad wants this hotel inauguration to be done in a grand way
T : ohh surjeet uncle is like that only …
Y : yep ….
Meanwhile Anita and leela comes there n Anita ask for a leave …
A : well I think yuvi we should leave
Y : okay mom I am waiting for u outside come soon …
Yuvi bids bye to leela n hugs twinkle waving bye to her leela n Anita looks on n smiles …..
A : leela u have to come from morning itself okay
T : but aunty inauguration is in night nah ..
A : yep but I wanted u all to present from morning itself …
L : yeah Anita we’ll come don’t worry …
Anita also left from there n twinkle went to her room n calls kunj ..
T : what happen to kunj y he is not picking up my call …
At night …..
L : twinkle puttar come have dinner …
T : yep maa coming …
She goes n they all have their dinner n twinkle comes back to her room …and messages kunj asking where is he …
T (thinks ) : uff ye kunj b nah he is not attending my call or even not replying what happened to him ….hope he is fine ….she hears a noise coming from her balcony …N goes to check where she finds kunj standing on the pipe struggling in climbing ….
T : hahahah hawww kunj what R U doing here hah n why r u not picking my calls n even not replying to me ????
K : hah twinkle thodi saans lele kitne sawal poochegi ha aur Babaji meri hi girl friend ko dimag dena bhool gaye I am struggling here n she is not even helping me huh ..
T : sorry sorry kunj comes she forwards her hand n kunj holds her n climbs (janam janam plays in bg ….)

Twinkle takes kunj inside her room n makes him sat comfortable on the bed ….kunj saw whole room pink pink n says ….
K : what is this twinkle this is your room or pink land hahaha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
T : kunj y r laughing ha yeah this is my room n pink is my favorite colour ..
K : huh pink ye girls ko pink hi kyun pasand aata hai huh …
T : huh kunj don’t say anything about pink or else …
K : or else what my pinky taneja he moves forward n twinkle moves backwards until she gets stopped by a wall …
T : kunj what u r doing ?? Plz go back wards
K : what twinkle r u getting nervous I can hear ur breathe…
T : kunj just move backwards n she closes her eyes ….
Kunj smiles at her n whispers okay Mrs twinkle kunj sarna as u say n he moves back wards ..

Twinkle opens her eyes n sees kunj standing far away from her giving a million dollar smile n smiles at him too ….
T : well kunj why u came here ….
K : I came here to meet ….
T : to meet who kunj n smirks …
K : I came here to meet leela aunty twinkle n smirks back …
T : ohhh so go n meet nah …
K : yeah I am going…
He gets up from the bed n opens the door n saw leela coming …..
K : mar gaya (we r gone )
T : what happen kunj ….
K : leela aunty is coming …
T : where u will hide kunj …
They run from here n there n leela knocks on the door …twinkle opens it begin scared ..
L : what happen kunj u r sweating??
T : woh maa actually my ac was not working that’s y …
L : why what happen twinkle she tries to come inside and kunj was standing on the other side of door …
T : maaa (shouts ) nothing now it is working fine
L : okay twinkle I came here to give u milk
T : okay maa I’ll drink it good night papa just me waiting for u …
Kunj smiles at her n thinks wow Babaji meri siyappa queen to intelligent b hai …
L : okay I am going good night …
T : good night maa

Leela left from there twinkle closes the door n sighs of relief n sees kunj laughing holding his stomach ….
T : hey kunj u r laughing so bad now I’ll not talk to u now huh …
K : I am so sorry twinkle but u handled the situation very well siyappa queen
T : huh enough of buttering now ..
They both sat on the balcony seeing the moon smiling when kunj ask twinkle
K : are u coming tomorrow in luthras hotel inauguration
T : yeah kunj Anita aunty has invited us
K : even they had invited us too
T : hmm we will get a chance to meet tomorrow
K : yeah twinkle ….n smiles ..
T : hmm 😊😊
K : okay them I am going too …
T : u r going kunj …
K : yeah twinkle ….
T : okay bye n hugs him ..
Kunj hugs her back n says love u n he left fomr there n climbs down …n waves her bye while twinkle smiles …
Screen freezes

So guys how was the epi
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Sameera 😘😘


  1. Adya


    |Registered Member

    Sameeraaaaaaaaaa diiiii………yrrr u write soooooo well…….mtlb dil Khush kr Dete ho………..I am superb fan of u yrr di…….love u ……pls post soon…….

  2. SidMin


    |Registered Member

    Loved it too good and that Pink room My room is also pink (LOL) but coz of my sister
    anyways Kunj in Twinkle’s room was so cute πŸ™‚
    Anita and Leela are using there minds a bit to much πŸ™‚
    Post soon πŸ™‚
    Love you πŸ™‚

  3. SidVee

    Amazing n cute epi.. loved all twinj’s scenes😍😍 they look so cute together 😍😍.. do cont soon ❀❀

  4. Baby


    |Registered Member

    sameera di spr cute episode twinj scnes were wow d bestest loved it sooo mch m speechless… n also wrid ki now wt ll hpn… πŸ˜€

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