ISHQ FOREVER TWINJ episode 37 & 38

Hello guys I am back again I know I am late par kya karu yaar ye time nah uffffff ……
So thanks to all of u who commented on last one but I am feeling u all r not liking it well leave it …..
Thankssssssss to all who commented yaar
Love u soooooo much ?????
Chalo now no more bak bak
Let us begin ?????
Recap : twinj coming back to india n their family moments ??
Next day …..
The episode starts with twinkle waking up n missing kunj as it has became her habit to see kunj every morning she calls kunj …
K : good morning jaan ..?
T : good morning kunj how R U ??
K : I am not fine twinkle …
T : why ?? What happen kunj is everything fine ..
K : omg siyappa queen nothing happen I am just missing u sooo much …
T : even my condition was same kunj …
K : ufff what to do idea ??
T : what kunj ???
K : hmm meet me at xyz coffee shop with in half and hour…
T : okay kunj … love u
K : love u too ??
Both ends the call n smiles looking at their phones n goes to freshen up ….
Aftersome time twinkke comea wearing a white n pink kurti and patyala salwar looking like a cute Indian beauty ….
L : twinkke puttar tu aagayi come have break fast ….
T : no maa I am going out to meet my friends
L : but puttar ….
T : maa plshh ma let me go n makes a puppy face …
L : okay go but come soon okay …
At sarna mansion..
Kunj comes out m wears a blue jeans n white shirt n was coming out of his room when Manohar calls him
K : yes dad …
M : kunj now u have completed ur college so I want u to join our business..
K : what dad ??? Business…
B : kya monu mera kunj abhi to aaya hai usse thoda enjoy to kar lene de n smiles at kunj
M : but babee …
B : not but vut …kunj u go n enjoy business badme join karlena …
K : thank u babee I love u soo much …
B (whispers) : oye khote twinkle bura man jayegi agar mujhe I love u kaha to ….
K : hahah nahi manegi ??
B : okay now go fast…
K : okay bye babee bye dad he also left from there ….
At coffee shop ..
Kunj was standing waiting for his lady love when twinkle comes there n Pat’s on kunj shoulder kunj turns n gets shocked looking at twinkle …..
K : woah twinkle u r looking stunning
T : ha kunj I know well I am Punjabi pathaka u know n shows attitude …
K : thodi tareef kya kardi tu toh sar par chadne lagi huh …
Both laughs at the same time n hugs eo …
K : u know I missed u sooo much
T : even I missed u kunj ….
K : chal lets have coffee ….
Kunj takes twinkle inside n pulls her chair like a gentle man twinkke smiles looking at him n sits they drink their coffee n thinks what to do next
T : now what kunj ????
K : I have a idea …..
T : what ???
K : wait for sometime he pays bill n takes twinkle to some place ….
T : kunj where we r going ….
K : U’ll get to know soon twinkle ….
Kunj n twinkle stands infront of their school …
T : our school kunj …
K : yeah twinkle the place which made us best friends from friends the place where we have spent the most beautiful time of our life …
T : yeah kunj n gets teard eye recalling their childhood memories how they used to come school together n paly in recess eat together n have all the masti together (nah seekha kabhi jeena jeena plays in bg ….)
They both entwined their hands n left inside n looks at their class n smiles n comes out at the playing area n sees the wall where they wrote sidmin n twinkle touches it by hand n says it’s still here kunj …” yeah twinkle it’s still here says kunj with a cute smile ….
After sometime they come out of their school n sees pani puri stall ……
T : kunj let’s have it …
K : really twinkle ???
T : yep kunj ….
K : okay then. …

O o o o o…
Jaise ghadi ki girah se waqt kahin pe gira ho
Jaise roshani subah se ho jaaye juda
Jaise gaane aur najam se sur koyi chura le
Waise aadha adhura main hoon tere bina
Jab mila tu, tu ru tu ru tu ru tu ru… O o o
Na thi kamin na justaju, ru tu ru tu ru tu ru tu ru… O o o
(They did pani puri competition while eating kunj coughs n twinkle caress for him n they have a cute eye lock ..)

Aur aadhe aadhe pal huye phir pure yuun
Jab mila tu, tu ru tu ru tu ru tu ru… O o o
(Then they go towards ice shop baraf ka gola says twinkle n jumps like a child they have that too n shows their coloured tongue to each other)
It seems like they want to spend their childhood time once again they both enjoy each other company they go to the park where they got separated n recalls that too n sees so many children’s playing there n they joined them too n plays both look at each other n smiles (khoya khoya dil plays in bg ….)
After sometime they get too much tired n sat on the bench there when twinkle gets a call from leela n tells her to come soon …
T : okay maa I’ll be coming ….
K : ops twinkle u r going…
T : yeah kunj I have to go now…
K : why we came back India n shows fake anger
Twinkle laughs n pecks on his right n left cheek while kunj gets shocked n twinkle runs from there leaving bye to him ….
Kunj smiles at her n says ufff i love her soo much …n he too left from there …
At taneja mansion::::
Twinkle comes back n saw leela n Anita talking
T : hello Anita aunty …
A : hiii twinkle how R U …
T : I am fine how R U aunty …
A : I am fine ….twinkle
A voice came from behind I am fine too twinkle smiles n says I know that Bandar Twi turns n looks at uv ….
Y : huh twinkle I am angry with u
T : arah why my monkey n pulls yuvi cheeks
Y : don’t u dare call me dat twi chuhi (Twi rat )
T : huh I am not rat u r monkey …
Y : I am not monkey well y I am taking to u I am angry with u …
T : but what I have done …
Y : what u have done u came back n didn’t call me for once …
T : ohh yuvi I am soo sorry nah I forgot …
Y : okay leave it maaf kiya tujhe ..
Anita n leela smiles looking at them …..
L : Anita let’s go to my room I have to talk to u
A : okay leela n they both left leaving twiraj alone ….
T : so yuvi tell me did u find ur love …
Yuvi smiles n recalls mahi n says no twinkle
T : chal jhoota u r blushing so much even a going people can notice then I am toh twinkle taneja n winks at him …
Y : huh whatever n gets mahi call n smiles ..
Twinkle doesn’t see mahi name n yuvi tells her that he’ll be back in a minute …
T : okay come soon ….
Twinkke too gets a call from kunj n pick it up …
K : u r soo bad twinkle …u ran leaving me alone
T : ha to kunj n smiles …
K : hah leave it what u r doing jaan …
T : woh Anita aunty n yuvi came so I was taking to yuvi …

Listening yuvi name kunj gets jealous n says yuvi pressing his teeth twinkle understands n thinks to tease kunj …
T : ha ha yuvi my best buddy …
K : huh twinke I have work I’ll call u later
T : ha my cute sarna have become coal sarna again n laughs ..
K : huh whatever…
T : I wanna see u face kunj …u know so kunj being jealous …
K : oh hello I am not jealous…..
T : huh I can sense that in your voice baby ..
K : okay yeah I am jealous …
Anaya comes to hims room n tells him that usha is calling him down kunj thinks to tease twinkle now …
K : okay anaya I am coming …
T : kunj who is this anaya (they r still on call )
K : huh no one twinkle my baby bas …
T : kunj I’ll kill u tell me who is she ..
K : now I think someone has become coal taneja from siyappa queen..
T : kunj….
K : twinkle ….
T : r u telling me or I should end call ..
K : wait wait my angry bird anaya is my cousin babee daughter ..
T : ohh hmm well I was not jealous ..
K : ha ha I know dat
They both laugh n ends their call n kunj left to meet usha while twinkle goes to uv …
Screen freezes
So guys how was the epi ???
Well today’s have more twinj scenes ….
So comment plzz just one comment guys ..
Well I want ur suggestions also …
In upcoming episode I wanna show twinj love hate relationship should I go with the track ???
Well do tell me twinj love hate relationship track with make this story go forward. Or I have to reslove mysteries n end it ??
Looking forwards for comments ..
Ba byeee love u all
Do read keep commenting n stay tuned
Sameera ????

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  1. so funny. ….amazing……fab

  2. Maggi

    Awsm….fantastic…. It was lovely…twinj?
    Luvd it?
    I’m ok with ur track…

  3. Amazinggg….nice episode ????? luvd the twinj scenes ??

  4. And fabulous…. Twinj love hate relationship

  5. Sayeeda

    Wwwwwwwwwwwwooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwww …….Ye Dekho Sam itna bada wala wow likha hai …. coz u deserve it yrr ….. seriously episode was sooooo cute….

    Twinj scenes?????….. MasahaAllah…. they were exceptionally beautiful…… song part nd Twinj recalling their past moments was so adorable…..

    Sacchi muchhi yrrr bahut pyara episode tha yrr ……I really loved it…..???…..

    Nd yah go with Twinj Love hate relationship track…..

    Love you????

  6. words sammu…
    N ya family drama jaldi khatam kardena…want more twinj scenes…its aamu only ..haa! M not login

  7. Ramya

    Loved it dear plassss asap

  8. Awesome nd very cute epi sam…

  9. Chiku

    Awesome….. fantastic
    Waiting for next one
    Post soon???

  10. Awesome epi.. twinj’s scenes were so beautiful to imagine???.. loved it.. and I’m okay with ur track.. U can show their love hate relationship.. waiting for the next ❤

  11. Payal...

    Fabulous episode
    And ya u can go with track It will nice concept

  12. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute epi

  13. Adya

    Wooowwwwoo yrrr sa.eera di soooo cute episode……I mean u rocked……..
    …it was too gud
    …….loved each nd every part of it……….love u yrrr

  14. Kruti

    Urghhhg…….Twinj scenes were soooooo damn cute….. I just cant get over them??
    Amazing epi….continue with ur love hate track…i am eagerly waiting to read it

    Loads of Love

  15. Fantastic …….. Amazing plzzzzzz post nxt asap

  16. SidMin

    Loved it superb Twinj talks were so cute 🙂 Loved it 🙂

  17. Hayeeeeeeeee Sameera kya epi tha yrrr I really loved it …..n twinj scenes wooooowwww it was like romantic romance…..really it was amazing fantastic mindblowing cute as always.

    Well I’m okey with ur track so u show twinjs love hate relationship…infact now I’m exited to see their love hate wala love… pls post next asap…

    Ok byyyeeee….n tc


  18. Baby

    sameera di it was fabulous loved dem soo mch twinj scenes were wow d memories love care
    amazing fabulous loved it sooo much love u di u r a beautufl rtr it was sooooo cute n halka sa romance ka tdka tha loved it……

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