Hey guys back again …..???????
So thank u soooo much to all of u for ur comments on last epi n to silent readers too ..
Anayali glad that u commented yaar thank u ..
So sorry twinj sidmin for making u cry …..
I myself cried alott while writing that part …
Soooooooooooooooooooo sorry guys for making u all cry ??????
Agar kisi aur ko Rona hai to here is the link of the epi ….
Episode 34
Chalo now no more bak bak let’s us begin….
As it is my last epi ?????
Recap : twinj at college farewell party n annual day some emotional moments n bday wishes to thanmy ….
The episode starts with everyone at college busy studing n they r in full tension only fee days left for their exams they r roaming here n there in tension issuing books from library buttering lectures to give some imp question n all ……(ratta mar plays in bg …)
In class room ….
Here our cute love birds is seen studing with their gang they r also in tension but the most tension is seen on kunj face …..
K : ?? omg Babaji what’s is this poore saal book nahi kholi ab ye sab kya hai (looking at long essay questions)
T : hahaha that’s y lectures told us to study daily
K : huh siyappa queen u r too making fun of mine ….
T : ha my tension sarna n laughs …
K : huh I’ll not spare u now ….
Twinkke gets up n runs from there n kunj runs behind her n they collide with a boy who was taking bunch of books ….suddenly dham twinj fall on eo n books on other side …
B (shouts) : huh what’s is this yaar …
T : I am so sorry …

K (laughs ) : aisa hi hona chahiye is siyappa queen ke saath ….
Twinkke passes him death glare n kunj picks up the books n gave to that boy n he left from there irritated. ….
Twinj looks at eo n laughs holding their stomachs saying everone is in tension now …
They come back to their class when ashna ask romance over …
K : ha over u just concentrate on ur books n naman too …
Ash : what naman ???
K : ha just turn behind n see what he is doing

She turns n looks at naman who was busy n one girl explaining him or should I say flirting with him ….she gets angry …
T : kunj kya yaar phasa diya bechara ko …
K : hahahah omg now naman is gone ..

Ashna goes towards naman n says come back I’ll explain u by pulling Him n here twinkle n kunj laughs seeing his condition ..
T : chalo kunj let’s study ….
K : ufff again who invented this exams yaar I’ll definitely kill him ..
T : I think kunj he died already …
K : hahaha bacha gaya mujh se n winks at twinkle ….omg again this questions …
T : oh my tension sarna don’t worry when twinkle taneja is here no need to fear (with full attitude??)
K : ahha n arch his left eye brow (missing sid so much ?)
T : now lets go to library I have to issue some books …
K : okay they left from there …
In library ….
Twinj comes to library n sees many students studing being serious when kunj says let’s go twinkle we will come after lunch ..
T : no kunj first we will take books …
K : but twinkle …
T : no but n ifs kunj let’s search I’ll search ABC book n u go left side n search xyz books ….

K : UMm okay ….
They both go to opposite sides n searches for the respective books twinkle gets her book while kunj was busy in searching when naman comes n scares kunj n bunch of books fall from there ….
Librarian comes there n scolds both of them n they come out n laughs …
K : saale y u scared me ??
N : saale ye mera revenge tha kuch yaad aaya

K : hahha what ashna did after wards ??
N : she has given me punishment of taking her to shopping
Kunj n naman both makes what the hell face n laughs again when twinkle comes out with books n kunj helps her …
K : so let’s study ….
T : omg kunj sarna is talking about studing mere se rehne k faida dekha ….?
K : huh whatever ….
They both goes tiwarda garden n started studing after sometime they went to their flat ..
Days passes twinj is seen preparing for their exams with full energy n twinkle is seen helping kunj with his notes n studing many times naman n others also do group studies with them n they all have soo much fun while preparing for exams ….
One night before the exams…..
Kunj is seen studing with much hard work n twinkle smiles seeing him studing n goes to make coffee ….
After some time she comes back n offers kunj .
T : kunj take this coffee u won’t get sleep .
K : thank u soo much twinkle …can u explain me this …???
T : yeah sure she starts explain him n in between they too have a cute eye locks (tere sang yaara plays in bg)
T : yeah done kunj …
K : hmm okay twinkle ….

They both stared studing again n having fun bcoz kunj makes faces seeing other answer making twinkle laugh
K (think ) : hope this smile never fades away twinkle I can do everything just to see ur one smile …
T : kunj kunj where r u lost ??

K : ummm n yawns I am feeling sleepy ..
T : mee too …but first we have to revise …

K : UMm twinkle n makes a childish face …
They both start revising n falls asleep on the floor itself in a strong position twinkle head on kunj shoulder they both r having a cute sleep when kunj alarm breaks their sleep ….
K : omg subah hogayi what the hell …he see twinkle sleeping peacefully on his shoulder n this omg how cute she is looking …but I have to wake her … twinkle twinkle
T : kunj let me sleep nah …
K : twinkle see the time it’s 8:30
T : omg our exam…
K : let’s freshen up then we’ll go …

T : okay
They nod n left to their rooms n get freshen up n comes back n studies once again n take their hall ticket n everything n left for college …
They come to the exam hall n sat on their respective places while kunj was in so much tension twinkle sees him n sings him not to worry ….
After 3 hours they come back n twinkle sees kunj tensed face n doesn’t ask him any questions… that all the exams passes n finally the day arises when their results r going to be out…..
Result day :::::
Here the day arises when everyone is really worried as Atom bomb is going to be blast any time ???…
Twinj comes to college n meets their gang they all went to check their results ….
K : I am going home twinkle in can’t check …
T : kunj let’s go don’t worry

K : no twinkle I can’t ….
T : ohh kunj n drags him while he cries like a small baby ????
K : twinkle if u love me then plz let me go .
T : ohh kunj stop doing dramas let’s go
K : okay but u can check my result for me plzz
T : okay kunj I’ll ….
She goes to check results n kunj stands beside her. …kunj kunj twinkle says …
K : kya mein fail hogaya ???

T : oh no idiot u passed
K : what twinkle plz don’t joke with me
T : no kunj u see it by yourself ..
Kunj looks at his result n gets super happy n hugs twinkle ….
K : I passed twinkle. ..
T : yeah kunj ..

They hug again n everone looks at him ….
They both sees them n get separate n left from there smiling ……
At twinj flat ::::
Here kunj n twinkle both r busy with their phone calls wishing them congratulations for their results……..
Leela : twinkle Mubarak puttar ab jaldi se mere paas aaja ….
T : ha maa

Meher : oye we all r waiting for take next flight n come here …
T : okay meri maa
Babee : kunj mubarak ho puttar ab jaldi se yaha aaja ….
K : oh darling ur wish my command. ..
Usha n everone wishes kunj n left form there babee talks to kunj n says come soon aur meri nu ko bhi leke aana (come soon n take my dil with u )
Kunj n twinkle ends their calls n looks at eo …when they both say together …chale India ..
Twinj nods n smiles …….
Screen freezes…….
So how was the epi guys ???
So where was I ha this was my last epi of Twinj collge life (don’t worry abhi story baaki hai mere dost )
So guys I wanna say tha I’ll not be able to upload next epi fir few day coz of my exams so my next epi will come after 22 Oct ….
So sorry for dat do miss me ????
Sorry for grammatical errors too

Share ur views n do comments guys
Ba byeee love u all
Do read keep commenting n stay tuned…
Sameera ???

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  1. Adya

    Cuuute sameera………… really excited for The India trip and that library part was mast………..luved it

  2. Omg it was superb episode loved it

  3. Chiku

    Awesome episode ❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Really liked it
    All the best for ur exams. Rock them ??????????????????????

  4. Ayeshakhanum11

    fabulous sameera awesome

  5. Ritzi

    Ohoooo we will have to wait fir 22nd October now!!! Arggh! Hehe …NP girl…we r ready to wait for it u just go nd rock the exams

  6. Thanmy

    Diiiiii kunj ko dekhe bilkul mujhe meri yaad aa rahi thi??aur aapka episode ke pehele jab aap ne kaha ki ur last episode I was like did I read wrong so clg life ka last episode will miss this track dii u wrote it very beautifully it was super cool??n me too when my exam paper comes I won’t see my marks I’ll keep it in the desk n sit idle I won’t even allow my frnds to touch my paper??after sometime I’ll take it out after doing meditation?? I’ll see the marks n give it to my frnd to check ?? itna darti hoon marks se mera chehara toh dekhne layak hoga??
    Anyways u rocked it again dii
    I just loved it it was sooooooo cute ……
    BTL for ur exams dii hope u write well
    Once again BTL dii
    Par aap jab avoge I won’t be there my exams will be going on ??
    Hope we meet soon?
    Love u diii??

  7. Amazing episode sameera…all the best for your exams…

  8. dreamer...arundhati

    Sam…. Superb epi.. Chumz… Luv u

  9. Amazing epi.. n soo cute.. twinkle helping kunj with studies??.. n what kunj did with naman??.. will miss their college life.. but excited abt their india trip.. best of luck for your exams 🙂

  10. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute epi

  11. Superb…..

  12. Kruti

    No worries sam… it when u r free
    Amazing epi ….loved it

  13. R. S. H. H. P

    Cute ☺??

  14. Rashiverma2199

    Wow…..sameera awesome episode…..lovely …..waiting yo see them in India….

  15. Sorry late comment epi luvd it aewsome excited for nxt waiting for their india trip and plzzz when i dont comment add my 1 comment from my side bcz i luv u and ur ff

  16. SidMin

    Wow Loved it the episode was fab Twinj romance between studies 🙂 Loved it 🙂 Twinj going to India Excited 🙂 All the best for your exams 🙂

  17. Superb epi… Meri bhi kunj ke jesa same hal hota hey exam k time pe…

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