Hey guys here I am back again (ye koi nayi baat nahi hai ???) sooo thank you all soo much yaar for ur cute n lovely comments love u all soo much ….
Today also I am busy ???n don’t have time
to do bak bak ??? so moving on to the next epi …..
Dhemahee and Kiya thank u soo much for commenting and kiya sorry yaar but I am not
the writer of tashan e deewangi……
… guys love u all sooo much
Leta us begin ?????

” Every love story is beautiful but ours is my
Kunj n twinkle stands in a side hugging position n looks at moon n says “This moon is the witness of our love ….they both smiles n left for their rooms after wishing good night to eo….
Next morning???
Everone wakes up n comes to dinning table to have their breakfast twinj also comes there n looks at eo…
T : good morning kunj …
K : good morning twinkle …
C : ahha we r here also kunj …
Everone laughs n twinj wishes them GM also n they all sit to have their breakfast….aftersome time they have their bf n left for college …..
At college ::::::
All comea together when ziva mam calls them n they go to her …..
K : yes mam ….
Z : so kunj twinkle ur performance is first welcome dance so u have to do ur best …
T : yeah mam we will do our best don’t worry ..
Z : best of luck guys do ur best okay
Twinj nods n she left from there twinj goes to get dressed for their dance ….
After sometime kunj comes in a black suit n stands waiting for twinkle ….
K : Babaji where is this siyappa queen our performance is going to Start in 10 mins uff ..
Twinkle comes there in gown n looks gorgeous n kunj just lost in her cute bubbly eyes …
T : kunj kunj don’t stare me like this …
K : haww twinkle huh now I’ll not complement u
T : is there anything to compliment on me …as I know I am looking gorgeous she says with a wink …
K : huh twinkle let’s go now …
T : yeah ….
@t auditorium….
All students sat on their seats when thanmy (anchor ) comes there n says ….so guys here our wait ends n we r here in our annual day cum farewell party so guys r u ready for it …
All shouts n claps when thanmy says so first we need to invite our principal n our beloved lecturers all laughs n shouts …..
Th : so here I invite our principal n all lecturers good evening sirs …
Principal: so boys n girls enjoying ?? Ha don’t think me as ur khadoos principal today I want shouts of hootings n clapping what say students
All r shocked to see their principal second side they started hooting n clapping ….
Principal hands over the mike to thanmy …
Th : so guys let’s begin with our first performance that is the compatible passionate dance choreographed by ziva mam so here I call kunj n twinkle on floor …..
Everone shouts curtain falls ……
Twinj stands on the stage in a dancing position
All shouts seeing them ….?????
Aankhon ki neend ho,
Shabnam ki boond ho, bas tum
Honthon ki pyaas ho,
Jeene ki aas ho, bas tum
(Twinj started dancing begin completely lost in each other kunj spins twinkle making her roll n she falls in his embrace kunj smiles at her )

Aankhon ki neend ho,
Shabnam ki boond ho, bas tum
Honthon ki pyaas ho,
Jeene ki aas ho, bas tum
(Kunj winks at twinkle n she just looks at him n smiles forgetting her nervousness n they both r again making crazy all their colleagues as well as their lecturers by their chemistry….
Mere khyaalon ki dhundli faseelon pe
Subah ki baarish ho tum

Thode se hum, thode se tum
Ishq mein kho rahe
Thode se hum, thode se tum
Muqammal ho rahe
(Kunj pulls twinkle n lifts her making everyone shout aloud they r enjoying looking at the crowd hooting for them )

Thode se hum, thode se tum
Ishq mein kho rahe
Thode se hum, thode se tum
Muqammal ho rahe
(Song ends with cute twinj standing with a cute eye lock until it breaks by clapping sound ..teku smile n say thank u n left from there …
Th : woah what an amazing performance by twinkle n kunj enjoyed guys ….no we will move next n she announces other things ..
“They do many dances plays n sings songs comedy masti their annual day was going very well they all r enjoying it n twinj was very happy
N : so guys ready for our play nah …
All nods n joins their hands saying we will do our best n smiles …..
Th : no we’ll move on to last but not least play by final year students it’s a surprise play let’s see …….
Curtain falls aagain ……
Surprise act ????
Kunj comws there in blue jeans with white T shirt folded sleeves n thinks Babaji my first day at college don’t knwo how many people r going to be beaten by me or how many people will become my friends he says making everone laugh ….
Next naman comes there in red shirt n black jeans n says first day at college seriously I didn’t even thought that I’ll go to college ??
He comes n stands beside kunj who looks at him they both look at eo like aliens meeting foe the first time ….
They they became friends…..N stand there waiting for other class members to come when. They see twinkle who was wearing white n Blue top n jeans n ashna red top with black jeans coming n winks at eo …
K : omg I hope they r our classmates only ..
N : mee too kunj …
K : blue one is mine ….
N : and red one is mine ….
They stand their twinkle n ashna comes there n left from there without even looking at them they makes a angry face making all laugh …
Next scene ::::
All sits in the class boys at one side n girls at them when. Their lecturer comes there n reaches them like that way their play was going on …..
Teku show how they become friends at first day n after a week how they used to fight for each other how they used to tease lecturers how they bunk classes together n everything after a month how they help eo how they became like a family after a year how their bond gets strong and at the last day of college …
Last day of college :::::
K : yeah we passed successfully…
T : yeah guys we passed
N : let’s celebrate guys …
K : okay what will happen but we will never leave eo what say guys
(Yaaro dosti badi hi haseen hai plays in the bg )
T : yeah we will always stay in contact ….
N : ha bhai aakhir dost hote kis liye hain….
They all shouts that we will stay like this forever what will happen but our friends ship will never break ….N left from there after hugging eo …
After 1 year :::::
K : omg this life n this office works sucks dong know where my all kamineys went let me call naman ….
N : hey kunj how R U man ….
K : I am fine tu kaisa hai saale …
N : I am fine kunj ….
K : hey bro I am thinking for a get together ..
N : dont even think about it kunj u know na everyone is busy in their life I am having meeting I’ u ..
Naman cuts call n kunj just look at their college pix n say really life sucks …
Like that way they show how after leaving college or school everone get busy in their life’s their promises everything ended with college life thus play ends on a note “what happens in life don’t ever thinks of leaving your friends as without friends life is nothing (am I right guys )
This brings tears in almost everone eyes even in their principal n lecturer eyes also ….
Th : omg this is not a surprise in fact a shock play but guys really awesome …
Let’s a huge round of applause for all the members …all claps for them …
K : our main motive is to recall all of their special moments in their college life’s hope u all enjoyed it ….
T : yeah sir if we had done any mistakes them forgive us plzz …
Principal comes on stage n says a grand salute for all of u guys u made me reacall my days specially so here I don’t want to bore u all do best in ur exams n be in touch with eo if possible all the best guys ….
K : sir wait one thing is left …
P : what kunj ????
K : here the members who is trying to entertain u all since this function started her bday is today
Everone looks at thanmy with shocked faces n all stands wishing her ..
Happy birthday to you…
Happy birthday to you
…. happy birthday to you thanmy ….
Happy birthday to you
(Many many happy returns of the day thanmy ???????)
He left wishing thanmy happy bday n so as others for their farewell party they all go their n enjoy dancing takes selfies with eo n are enjoying with each other to the fullest …
N : guys really we will be in contact with eo pakka wala …
K : ha pakka wala n if anyone tries to ignore us we will kill him or her okay
All nods twinj smiles n they all left for there ….
Next day ::::::
Twinj comes to college n goes towards their class as only 1 week is left for their finals they
all reading n helping eo ….
Screen freezes….
Hah can’t write more now hope this epi I am able to give up to ur expectations…..
So how was the epii guys …..
Share ur views plzz comment nah silent readers plzz plzz plzz ….
So how was the surprise act guys I just wanted to show the friendship ends due to their busy schedule ….
Even my gang was separated we have 4 members gang 2 shifted to other city 1 is busy in her studies n I am here alone ops not alone now as u all r with me ….
So guys my request those who R in schools plzz enjoy ur life to the fullest as schl days never comes back even college days also …
So now no more bak bak I am going now …
Again a very big happy wala bday to thanmy ..
Hope your Every wish get fulfilled n u. May long live ???????
Now pakka wala byeee take care love u all
Do read keep commenting n stay tuned

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  1. Meeta

    That was so good.
    Dance n Play.?

    1. Meeta

      *Happy birthday Thanmy.

  2. Ranabulbul

    Aa haaaaaaaa aa aa aa…..maja aacha di …muaahhh too gud loved it so so much ..
    And han twinj dance was like ????.
    And aapne mera epi miss kr diya hai to ye lo links and cmnt krna

  3. Anam_sidhant

    It was amazing❤

  4. Marvellous….Amazing loved surprised play
    And twinj dance was like muuuahh

  5. Shreya098

    Awesome sameera..
    Loved it❤
    Ur play reminded me of my school days…

  6. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous marvelous epi

  7. dreamer..arundhati

    Sam dil le liya mera tune….really frnds r hertbeats….btw happy b’day thanmy

  8. Kruti

    Sam this was amazing….truely school nd clg times r d bst
    Loved d epi

    Love u????

    Happy B’day Thanmy…..have a gr8 blast???

  9. Awesome…… Great job i really like ur ff it is amazind
    Plzzzzzzz post nxt asap

  10. Awesome…… Great job i really like ur ff it is amazing
    Plzzzzzzz post nxt asap

  11. Rashiverma2199

    Wow…..sameera awesome episode…..loved it to the core…..

  12. Sameera I’m crying right now…this episode reminded me of my school and college farewell day…Ugh I shouldn’t have read this episode…can’t control my tears ??????????????????????????????????????????? wish I go back to past n relive my school n college days again…first time I have cried hard reading ff…

  13. Maggi


  14. Awesome epi sam… And thanmy dear happy b’day once again…

  15. Happy birthday thanmy.. enjoy ur day to the max:)
    Amazing epi.. loved it.. the surprise act was really awesome.. i already miss my school days??.. do cont soon ?

  16. Adya

    Thanmy I already wished u bt again a very happy birthday……….
    Sameeraaaaaaaaaa………u nailed it Yrr……… was too nyyycccc

  17. Sam enjoyed it to the fullest…. Loved it….

  18. R. S. H. H. P

    Superb ? ? ?

  19. Dheemahee

    awesome note for all well done yar this is one of mine favorite ff keep it up post next one soon….. if anyone know jisha di personally then please request di to post ff missing badly (sorry I wrote it in your ff but i don’t know how to contact di so…. sorry for this because abhi yad aya muje so wrote it if u know then please request and sorry again) keep it u dear and rock the TU floor hehehe…. chalo bye.

  20. Thanmy

    Awwwww Sam diiiii shooooooooo sorry so very sorry dii for hiding from u maaf kiya naa n even sorry for the late comment actually I ate a lot of cake n I got fever n cold soooooo sorry dii n my gift wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww I just loved it dii till the infinity my god shall I tell u one secret I’m having a lotttttttttt of stage fear n aapne mujhe anchor bana diya?????????????
    Haan if sid is there then I’ll do anything what say???
    Really dii wishing me happy b’day I mean sid woahhhhhhh I was like flying in the air dii
    Thanq thanq thanq thanq sooooooooooooooooooo much dii for such a sweet gift I just loved it n sorry for hiding my b’day as well as late comment hope u accept my apology
    Maana toh padega Sissy hoo naa plsssssz n thanq dii
    Love u till infinity????

    1. Aamu

      hey dear…happpy birthday……
      happy bday to u….
      may god complete ur dreams….n u reach ur goal…..
      aise hi ff likha karo…
      i read urs…becos of exams i m not reading sorry……
      happy bday again
      i know m too late

      n shammu maaaf karde tere post pereply de diya…

  21. SidMin

    Loved it I am sorry for being late and Loved this part the play was awesome me nd my school friends have been separated just a few months back in April We decided to meet on everyone’s birthday in our group almost once in month but we hardly meet My friends should read this yar damm sweet 🙂 Loved It

  22. Sayeeda

    Hey Sam sorry for being late nd not commenting on ur previous episodes….

    Wooooowwwwwwwwww yrrrr this episode made me recall my skools days….sacchi yrrrr each nd every scene made me felt so nostalgic…. amazing… awesome yrr….

    Love you???

  23. Aamu

    o my .maaf karde…i m tooo late…actually jab bhi kholti mera bhai aajaata hai…game khelne…ab usko no b nahii keh sakti……
    sorry for late…
    just just juts wonderful..lovely epi..yaar muje b rulaa diya..
    muah love u loved it…
    n yaa u r right school life is golden period of our life….
    i hav only 2 yrs left for it….enjoying tooooooo tooo much…or thoda tchr ko b pareshaan karleti hu…..
    m a good girl but i m talative tooo much….heheeheh

    chalo bahbye…
    love u…
    i love d way u describe d play….
    mera dil tujhpar aagya meri jaan…..
    ur college ended..?.

    1. Sameera

      Nope yaar …I am in pharmacy 1 year
      now ?????

  24. […] cry ?????? . Agar kisi aur ko Rona hai to here is the link of the epi …. Episode 34 . Chalo now no more bak bak let’s us begin…. As it is my last epi ????? […]

  25. Romaisha

    Yaar Di! Everything was just stupendous!! ????✌
    Loved it so much and yes i agree with every word u said… And damnn Thode se hum just brought back Sidhant memories! ?
    Anyway loved it to the core!
    Love you..

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