Hello guys here I am back to tu after 3-4 days…soooooo sorry to all ff writers again I didn’t read them m comment guys plz give me ur links …I am not able to visit tu due to assignments exams n all ?????
Soo sorry guys n thanks for ur comments n patience okay I’ll continue this ff ….
Sooo thank u sooo much guys ?????
Now no more bak bak let’s us begin ….
Recap : twinkle n leela milap m twinj kitchen romance ??
Next morning :::::
The episode starts with twinkle waking up n getting ready for college she comes out of her room n sees kunj waiting for her both look at eo n smiles n have they breakfast n went to college .
At college ….
Twinj comes to college n as their daily routine they went to their gang …….
T : hey hi guys ….
All : hi twinkle …
K : don’t u wanna attend class ???
Ash : no kunj we r just waiting for u n twi …
N : let’s go now …
They all r going towards their class when they hear a announcement…
“An announcement was made for all final year students to come to auditorium right now …
They all go towards the auditorium n sat on the seats when their college principal comes there
P : so I think all final year students r here am I right guys ???
All : yes sir …
P : it’s good so as u all knoww dat u exams have
been postponed so we staff members decided for ur farewell party as well as annual day also
Everyone claps ????n shouts …..
K : wow farewell ….
T : I am soo excited kunj ….
P : so ur exams r going to commence after 2 weeks that is on xx-xx-xxyy date so ur farewell n
Annual day will held after one week so do preparations n best of luck for ur exams thank you ….
Everyone claps for the principal n he left from there twinj along with others comes outside too n have a talk about it …
T : soo guys let’s decide about it …
K : I think we should go to drama room first
N : yeah I too think so …
They all comes to drama room n sees everyone preparing for dances dramas n singing competition….
Miss ziva (drama teacher ) comes there n says that she wants to take auditions for their main dance n she wants a couple who has good compatibility n chemistry between them …
All started giving Auditons n here twinj n their gang r busy discusiing something….
T : let’s do something unique what say guys ..
K : yeah twinkle but what to do ..
T : hmm let’s think to it …
K : okay n smiles ….

Everyone were thinking when twinj shouts idea n looks at eo …
N : what idea guys …
Ash : yeah guys tell us also ..
T : r u too thinking the same what I am thinking kunj …
K : exactly same twinkle they both smiles at eo .
N : oh hello love birds tell us idea too
K : okay guys listen
Kunj tells him the idea which is muted they all shouts n says let’s prepare for it guys …
On the other side miss ziva has taken so much Auditons but didn’t find the compatible couple she sees twinj with their gang n ask them to give auditions …
K : come twinkle let’s show twinkle power ..
T : okay sweetheart n winks at twinkle
They both come in the dance floor n kunj forwards his hand saying may I twinkle nods n gives her hand they both stared dancing in the song raabta ….
“They both r so much lost in eo n are dancing with full passion love and r having cute eye locks thay their didn’t even realise that song ended until.miss ziva shouts “PERFECT” …
Twinj composes themselves n miss ziva comes to them n says ” so I need u two as my compatible couple ….
T : but mam we r already participating in play..
K : yes mam we just gave audition bcoz u said
Z : oh common guys u two look so cute n u can participate in play as well as this dance also ..
T : but mam …
Z : no ifs n buts twinkle ….
Twinkle looks at kunj who nods n they agree gor the dance also n smiles ….
Z : prefect after lunch come here for practice okay …
T : okay mam …
Aftersome time they all come to canteen to have their lunch when ..
Ash : ohoo compatible couple not bad twinj n hits kunj shoulder slightly
T : oh ashu u don’t even leave a chance to tease us huh …
Ash : yeah twinkke how can I leave this golden opportunity…
T : huh I’ll pay back to u ..
K : oh common girls let it be n ashu yeah we r compatible couple haina twinkle …
Twinkle nods n they entwined their hands making everyone jealous there …
They have their break fast n naman says ….
N : so u both go for practice until then we will make script of our drama …
K : okay guys bye …

Twinj left from there in the corridor kunj pulls twinkle aside n says compatible couple n gives a Peck on cheek …
T : kunj u r getting shameless day by day …
K : achawww twinkle really he says giving peck on her other cheek too
T : kunj leave me anyone will see us ..
K : ha toh let them see he says tightening his grip ….
T : kunj leave me ..
K : no I won’t ….
T : kunj ??
K : twinkle???
T : yeah rahul we r coming …
K : uff siyappa queen I’ll not come in ur trap now
T : kunj rahul is really there ..
K : huh I know u r joking ..
R : okay kunj I’ll say mam that u r busy n giggles
Kunj gets shocked n turns n looks at rahul who was laughing holding his stomach …
R : okay come fast mam is waiting for u
T : okay we r coming
She looks at twinkle who was full red n sayd oh my red tomato come let’s go she says giving pecks on his cheek ..kunj smiles n they both left for their practice..
Screen freezes..

So guys how was the epi …
I wrote this epi 2 times ufff n it got deleted …
So guys plz do comments share ur views
N all ff writers plz give ur links guys ….
Ba bee now no more bak bak
I’ll try to post next epi soon
Love you all
Do read keep commenting n stay tuned

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  1. Kruti

    Shoooooooooo sweet it was?????
    Superb epi….loved d twinj moments

    Love u???

  2. Sameera love u and you episode awesome dhasu episode tha …..
    ab wait nahi hota jaldi post krna….

  3. Aamu

    oooooooooo my shammu darling…..misssed u yaar
    amazing..fabulous…outstanding epi….or kya kahu..
    i m speechless…
    just loved twinj moments yaar…uff after soo many days
    u know wat..lovely make me understand n meri buddhi aa gai so i read ff for half hour a day…
    do cont soooon
    n yaa jldi haa..

  4. Awesome amazing fabulous…
    Loved twinj scenes…..
    Post soon…:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*

  5. Rashiverma2199

    Wow…..sameera….amazing episode……loved it to the core……awesome

  6. Thanmy

    Dii i was waiting for u dii as usual the episode was sooooo sooooooo cute kunj like really dii how do you manage to create this magic n i understand dii hos it feels to write again n again when the episode gets deleted it happened to me also many times it really sucks ufff okkk dii i missed u sooooo much n r ur exams finished ???? Yaa dii coming back that rahul wala part even i was laughing along with rahul i mean remember the shepard boy story lol okk sorry for thos bak bak totally it was fantastic dii
    Love u!!!

  7. Anam_sidhant

    It was amazing sameera?

  8. Amazing n cute epi.. n sweet too??.. loved twinj scenes n that rahul part was epic??.. ??

  9. SidMin

    Loved it Awesome and Twinj compatible couple 🙂 Loved it and the Rahul part was awesome Loved it 🙂 Post soon 🙂
    Love you 🙂

  10. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute epi

  11. dreamer..arundhati

    Sam superb epi
    Luved it

  12. sam….its swt n cute like u…
    twinkle blushing was too cute…?
    love u…???

  13. Romaisha

    Oohh loved it toooooo much!!!! ❤❤❤

  14. Ramya

    Hi sameera awesome loved it n love u
    TWINJ romance is awesome

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