Hello guys how R U ?? Well here I am back once again I am thoda late hu par kya karu yaar itni hectic schedule chal raha mera ki time hi nai mil raha hai shoooo sorry ……
And once again sorry to all ff writers I am not able to read n comment on them plz maaf kar do nah ?????
Soooo thank u soo much for ur lovely comments on my last epi thanks yaar
Love u all …..
Enough of my bak bak let’s us begin ….
Recap : twinkle cute moments at college n some masti ??

“Ishq honto se toh hota nahi bayan isliye…?? …….pyaar me aanjhen bani zuban ????

The episode starts with twinj looking in eo eyes n twinkle was blushing ….
“U look damm hot when u blush says kunj with a wink twinkle gives haww wala expression n hits kunj “shameless!!! Says twinkle Hayee ab kya karu tu hai hi itni cute says with holding her waist ….”kunj this is college anyone can see us says twinkle “let them see after all I am your cute boy friend says kunj giving a peck on Twi cheek while she blushed soo hard “don’t blush so much u r making me go crazy says kunj …
Leave me kunj says twinkle …No I won’t says kunj tightening his grip ..kunj ! Twinkle they both look at eo n have a cute eye lock …
(Sajna ve plays in bg ????)
Woh I am not doing anything it’s just kunj says twinkle kunj turns n looks that no one is there n twinkle pushes him on grass n runs from there .
Kunj smiles n get up n he also left from there …
After sometime their college ends n they come back to their flat …..
At twinj flat …
Twinkle n kunj comes n goes to freshen up …after sometime they come back n sit to talk for sometime when leela calls twinkle …..
T (think) : not again maa I’ll not talk to u at any cost ….
Leela calls again but twinkle continuously cut the call which was noticed by kunj …..
K : twinkle just pick up the call ….
T : no kunj I don’t wanna pick this call ..
K : twinkle just look into my eyes if there is anything u can share it with me …
Twinkle cries n hugs kunj tightly n says how can maa do that how can she send me to live alone kunj she cries …
K : I know twinkle that pain but it happened with me too forgive them twinkle as I know u also wanted to talk to her u also wanted to share many things with her …
T : how do u soo much about me kunj …
K : bcoz I love u twinkle n I can read it in your eyes u will feel better if u talk to leela aunty ..
T : but kunj ….
K : shh don’t say anything just call her for my sake plshh na siyappa queen…
T : okay kunj if u say so ….
Twinkle calls leela n leela excitedly picks the call as her daughter called her after soo many years she was soo happy …
L : hello twinkle puttar…
T : maaa she cries …..
L : twinkle don’t cry beta I am so sorry I had send u away from me twinkle …
T : no maa I am sorry I had not talked to u in these years …
They both cry talking to each other n kunj smiles looking at twinkle n thinks hope u always stay happy twinkle my happiness lies in ur happiness only ….
L : twinkle beta just come early after your exams I wanna hug my daughter …
T : okay maa I love u …
L : I love u too my bacha …bye take care
Leela ends call n kunj looks at twinkle n says I love u three …..
Twinkle hugs kunj tightly n says thank u soo much kunj for making me understand…..
K : anything for u my love kunj hugs twinkle too
T : so what to do now …
K : let’s prepare dinner together what say …
T : okay…..
They both get up m went to prepare dinner …
In the kitchen …
T : so Mr sarna what u wanna eat ???
K : you ….
T : what dint start again kunj or else …
K : or else what twinkle n comes closer …
T : UMm woh or else I’ll make u eat bitter gourd (karela) ….
K : yeakk no I hate karela …
T : I know dat n starts laughing ….
K : okay stop now lets make aloo paratha…
T : what kunj at night ???
K : so what I love aloo paratha
Twinkle gives haww wala expression n says what u love aloo paratha….
K : yes I love aloo paratha but I love u more says kunj n winks at twinkle …
T : okay now no more buttering lets make …
K : okay ….
(Sajde kiye hai lakho lakho duaiye mangi paaye hai Maine fir tujhe ???plays in the bg …)
While twinkle was preparing dinner they have some cute romance n cute cute eye locks ….
Twinkle stands to take flour n the box falls on while kunj smiles looking at twinkle n removes flour from her face n smiles ….

“After sometime they prepare the dish n went towards the dinner table n decorated the plate with I ? u written on it n smiles at eo ….
T : chalo let’s eat ??
K : okay twinkle ….
They both feed each other n enjoys the moments n smiles …
Screen freezes
So guys how was the epi
Do share ur views ….
So I wanna ask one thing guys as I am not getting time to post daily ….should I end this ff aftrr some episodes or u all will wait as I don’t want u all to wait for it …
Don’t know when ill get free time or not ??
So guys share ur views as I am literally very bzy these days …..and my exams r also approaching itni saari musibatein ek saat hayee
So ba byeee ????
Do comment plshh silent readers plzz nah
Do read keep commenting n stay tuned

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  1. Anam_sidhant

    Twinj romance was damn cuteeeeee??? and please don’t end the is fine if u ll upload aft getting time❀

  2. Thanmy

    Hey diiiiiiiiiiii plssss dont end it plsss its okkk post it whenever ur free dii itz okkk sorry couldnt comment on last one its soooooooooooo cute dii i just love twinj romace dii
    Love u n dont end it

  3. Rashiverma2199

    Sameera episode was awesome….

  4. Chiku

    Hey dont end it sam.
    Its ok if u upload it after some gaps.
    Episode was amazing as usual
    Loved it
    Mazaa agyaaa

  5. Ayeshakhanum11

    it was amazing

  6. Maggi

    Hey sammu di don’t end it ….we r ready to wait….plzzzzz
    Cuming to epi it was awsm…..the way kunj says I luv u three was so sweet…..
    Luvd it ❀❀❀

  7. Hey sameera I’m a silent reader of your ff…I love your ff to moon and back…it’s one of my favorite ffs…please don’t end it soon…I don’t have any problem if you post it with long gaps…now coming to episode I loved twinj scenes to square infinity…muahhhh wala episode…??????

  8. Loved twinj scenes….
    Plzzzzzzzzz dont end this ff plzzzz…..
    Post ur ff when u get time ……

  9. R.S.H.H.P

    Awesome episode twinj romance was cute ????????????????

  10. Fan

    Super epi sam!!..plz dont end ur ff..u can post it when u have time..i am ok with it..

  11. Sameera di i no i m nt cmnting since mannnnyyyy days bt di don’t thnk to end it bcz i ll wait n abhi aap muje bhuleoh nhi ho naa plss batana zaroor ki aaapko iss baby ki yaad ayi ki nhi dekho abhi bhi login kre bina i m cmmnting luvd d episodes all of dem till now to d core moon n bck luv u di..i m missing u all vry mch luv u lods..i hope u reply to dis msg of myn n i recieve d msg smhow…

  12. Paavu

    wow saam meri jaan what an adorable epi loved it u nailed it love u pls jaldi ana aur wait nahi hota love u

  13. Pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls sameera dont end your ff im in love with your ff…..Pls
    mein bar bar updates check karti hun ki kahi sameera ne episode toh post nahi kiya
    we all will wait but pls don’t end it….
    back to episode it was fab love twinjs cute moments….
    luv u

  14. Ritzi

    We will happily wait for yr ff…not need to end it okay! Hehe

  15. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute lovely epi

  16. Ranabulbul

    Awesome di ..amammazing…
    And can’t cmnt long ask hai

  17. Ranabulbul

    And ha meri pyari di shona. To plz end nhi karna …warns katti

  18. SidMin

    Sameera Loved it πŸ™‚ Post soon πŸ™‚

  19. Kruti

    I will surely wait for as long as u want but pls dont end it

    Amazing epi…..loved d twinj scenes

  20. Omg wow twinj r soooo cute.. I love them???.. loving their cute moments.. and plz don’t end ur ff.. I don’t mind waiting for ur ff πŸ™‚ I love ur ff very much ???

  21. Romaisha

    Oh hello.. We’re going to wait! Don’t you dare think of ending!/
    Your twinj scenes are legit to read!

    Just blissful to read yaar,!
    Please don’t end di .. We’ll wait forever for your epi if we have to just please don’t end ?
    Love you πŸ™‚

  22. Ramya

    Hey sameera
    Awesome episode dear even I hate bitter guard ????
    N plsss don’t end we can wait fr u


  23. Sanjanaagrawal

    Awesome … make us wait but don’t end it ..

  24. heyyyy vrry cute… plzzzzz dnt end it ill wait till ur next bt plzzzzz don’t end

  25. It was just like we expected……….yeah beautiiiiiiifuuuuullll

  26. Baby

    Sameera di d episode was wow I mean
    Luvd it 2 core it was emotional n romantic u beautifully described everything…luv u di…

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