Hello everyone dekho me fir se aagayi kya karu yaar tu se dur raha hi nahi jaata ???
Thank u soooo sooo much guys for u love n support till now ….???
I am soo happy today wanna know the reason ..UMm batau ya nahi chalo bata hu deti hu …
So the reason is that it’s my 100 epi in tu including twinj Rab miliya pyaar pyaar pyaar n my os also ????????
Seriously I never thought that I’ll complete this much of epi …but ur support n cute comments made me do it ???
As everyone said that they want to see twinj college life more (ur wish my command guys
So thank u sooo much for all of u I can’t write names bcoz if I forgot someone it will be bad ..
Now no more chapad chapad let’s us begin
Recap : kunj taking care of twinkle n mehbeer going back to India …
The episode start with next day twinj coming to college n sees their gang discussing something
K : hey guys ??
N : oh hi kunj ….
T : what happen guys why r u all standing here ..
Ash: don’t know twinkle one announcement is going to make here …
T : about what ashu ??
N : well don’t know …let’s see …
They all r standing their waiting for announcement….???
When they hear “An announcement was made for final year students that their exams which was going to be held after a week had been postponed….we will inform u the next date as soon as we will get information about it ….”
Everyone get happy n jumps saying wow this is great news now well will do more masti says kunj n naman happily ….”yep yaar it’s great we have got more time to be here says twinkle ..
So guys wanna attain class or …says ashna
We will bunk it today n just attain mr wahi class he was getting happy in yesterday class says kunj smiling “hah it’s gonna be fun now buddha ko itna satayengay wo b yaad karega hum kya thay says kunj n naman together ….
Hawww kunj buddha says twinkle ….”siyappa queen it’s just his Nick name as ur name siyappa queen n winks at twinkle….
They both smiles n have a cute eye lock which was broken by their devil’s gang (kunj gang)
“Chalo let’s go to canteen n have some breakfast says twinkle …”come jaan says kunj n entwined twinkle hand ..naman aaj koi zyada romantic nahi ho raha hai says ashna …
“Ha ashu I am thinking same says naman ..
Oye bachu I am romancing with my gf not yours says kunj winking at ashna …
Hayee twinkle tu toh bura phase gayi is kunj ke chakkar me says naman with a puppy face
” Ab mein kya karu pyaar hogaya is sadu se says twinkle n looks at kunj …
“Wow here itself u all applying butter to eo then what’s the need to go canteen says rohit angrily
Hah only member is single in our devil gang n that is …says kunj rohit all says together….
Huh I don’t want to be committed says rohit n
Let it be nah guys I am hungry like hell says twinkle making a puppy face kunj smiles at her n says let’s go guys …
They all come to canteen n ordered sandwiches n snacks while twinj order noodles ….
Oh bhaiya jaldi khana leke aao warna ab bhook se mar jayengay says cherry dramatically while everyone laughs …
Their order comes n they all start eating while kunj was busy in just seeing twinkle n naman saw this n says it seems like kunj doesn’t want to eat noodles …what ??asked kunj arching his eyebrows…” nothing replied naman n others laugh while twinkle blushes ….
Kunj don’t u want to eat really messaged twinkle……kunj sees that ???
Hmm no twinkle replied kunj …but y kunj ??ask twinkle …I want u too feed me by your hand send kunj …haww kunj everyone is here nah ..
So what Mrs to be kunj sarna if u r making me eat by your hands then only ill eat food send kunj Twi sees that n looks at kunj who was smirking ….”okay my sadu sarna I’ll make u eat replied twinkle …while kunj reads that n smiles
That like my jaan replies kunj n smirks at twinkle…..
Kunj eat nah says twinkle n make him eat by her hands while ashna teases twinkle ….
Twinj feeds eo n they have a cute cute eye lock in between (tere sang yaara plays in bg …)
“They both smiles at eo n everyone was done with their breakfast so they decided to go ground ….where they sees boys n girls playing basket ball ….
T : shall wee play guys ???
K : u really wanna play twinkle ….
T : yeah kunj …
Ash : yeah let’s play…
N : but guys it’s boys vs girls …
Ash : hah we r challenging u naman ..
K : hah challenge ashu?? So let’s play …
N : boys n girls ….
T : now we r enemies let’s play guys they show each other tashan …
N kunj pulls twinkke aside n says enemies twinkle ?? It’s just a game kunj let’s play…
Ok my siyappa queen says kunj ….
They all get dressed n comes to play….
Kunj naman cherry rohit Raj kabir nimish (kunj friends ) are in boys team
Twinkle ashna Maya bubbly avni Misha Nikita are in girls team ….
B : let’s go boys we will show them what we r …
G : huh we r not scared of u idiots let’s begin …
They all stared playing n having fun ashna takes ball n passes to twinkle n twinkle was going to do basket when kunj comes there n stops twinkle she make puppy face n makes kunj fall on her trap n does 1 goal ….n smiles …
G : wow twinkle smart yaar …
N : what yaar kunj forget for sometime that she is ur gf we have to win …
K (thinks) : nice trap siyappa queen now my turn ….
Cheery takes ball n passes to rohit n he passes it to kunj ashna Maya Misha surrounds kunj but he escapes n twinkle some there to stop kunj …
Kunj gives peck on her cheek n twinkle stands shocked there n kunj does 1 goal …n winks at twinkle …
Kunj comes towards twinkle n whispers if u r my siyappa queen then I am also ur sadu sarna my jaan twinkle smiles …
They all again started to play while twinj were busy in romancing with tashan too …
Now the score is girls:6 and boys :7 ….

They all take a break n girls decide to do goal next….
Ash : twinkle we will pass ball to u n u have to put it in basket …
They all shakes hands n says yeah we will do it
Game again starts ball is in boys hands somehow Misha managed to take ball n passes to twinkle …now all the boys surround twinkle along with kunj she manages to escape from there clutches n does basket but she slips n falls ……
Kunj comes there running n says I told u nah siyappa queen see what it happen …he scolds twinkle while she eyes him lovingly …
T : ouch ouch kunj I am fine see …
K : see what twinkle u r not able to stand also ..
N : I have spray I’ll bring it …
K : just go fast twinkle ….
T: ouch kunj don’t spin my foot …
K : twinkle twinkle I wanna say u one thing twinkle k doesn’t love u twinkle get shocked while he continues n says yeah u heard it right I don’t love u while twinkle was busy in listening his words kunj spins hwr foot …
T : ouch kunj my foot got completely fine n what u were telling kunj hah u don’t love me …
K : hah twinke it’s was just to make u forget your pain I love u yaar …
Twinkle hits him n says u r soo bad kunj don’t ever dare to tell that u don’t love me …
Kunj hugs twinkle n says never my jaan while everyone was busy admiring the cute couple ..
Ash : ahem ahem well u two look both cute together …
N : yep yaar ashu is right…
Twinj smiles at eo n says wait yar who won …
Ash : it’s a tie…
R : yeah it’s a tie …
K : well their is no comparison between boys n girls becoz they both R the best …
T : right kunj …n side hugs him …
K : ok let’s go to Mr wahi class after all we have to share this good news (exams postponed news) with him …
T : let’s go …
They all went. To their class n sat on their respective places ….
Lecture comes there with a what ever wala face
All : goooooooddd morrrrrning sirrrr…
L : huh not again idiots …
K : sir I know u r very happy today we will have more time to spend witb our fav lecturer sir ..
L : huh kunj … yes I am very happy n makes faces …
K : sirrrr I have one doubt ??
L : omg see kunj sarna has doubt strange …
K : sir y our exams have been postponed ..
L : huh idk it’s just that u will get more time to study …
N : okayyyy sirrrr …
L : so how was preparations going guys …
All bow down their heads …..????
K : we haven’t open our books yet n he is asking about preparation huh …
T : omg if he asks questions then ..
K : shub shub bol siyappa queen…
T : omg Babaji no questions today ….
L : I asked u something haven’t u started ur preparations yet ??omg what a worst class when I was doing my MBA I stareted reading from 1 day of college …
K : omg lying n lying huh before coming to explain us he studied the topic 5 times ??
T : kunj don’t say anything he will see us …
K : wow sir that’s nice r u from Einstein family …
L : huh no kunj …
K : sir I have a doubt what is capitalist n socialist main difference sirrrrrrr …
L : woah so now class ends kunj come to office I’ll explain u he left from there making excuses
While all the class laughs n says wow nice kunj

Next class …
Miss shipra (accounts lecture) comes there n they all stand n say …
Boys: good morning mam …..
K : twinkle ???(whispers )
T : what kunj …
K : I want something from u n comes closer ..
T : no kunj don’t think if it …
K : huh u r so unromantic huh shipra mam is better than u
Twinkle looks at him ….n kunj says I am angry with u …..
Shipra : well guys I now u all r happy that ur exams have been postponed right guys …
K : yes mam we r happy but we r more happy to see u here …
S : hah kunj ….
Kunj flirts with her n she too flirts back with him while twinkle was getting angry …
Their class ends n kunj looks at twinkle n smiles n thinks plan worked kunj …
They come to the ground n twinkle was walking angriky n kunj was running behind her ..
K : hey twinkle what happen …
T : kunj what’s was that …
K : ops twinkle nothing before he could complete twinkle smashes her lips on his n he too reciprocates they both looks into eo eyes (khuda jaane plays in bg )
After sometime their broke the kiss n looks at eo …n kunj says my plan worked ….
T : plan ???
K : yeah that was my olan siyappa queen n holds her by waist
They both smiles at eo screen freezes
So guys how was the epi???
Well now it’s 12:40 I am going now
Ba byee
Share ur views do comment plshh
Silent readers plzz it’s a request
Love u all
Do read keep commenting n stay tuned

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