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Recap : sidmin first day at school n lots of fun

The episode stats with leela scolding twinkle for eating baraf ka gola while twinkle was just standing numb
Leela : how many times I have to told u twinkle not to eat gola
Twi : mumma I am soo sorry n makes a puppy face
Leela : no sorry worry I’ll give u punishment now
Rt : leela leave it na …..
Leela : she is getting spoilt by your love
Rt : so waht I have only one daughter and hugs twinkle
Leela : uff I can’t tell anything to this father daughter
At sarna mansion
Kunj comes home smiling when usha sees his coloured tongue n ask him
Usha : kunj u eat gola again
Kunj : mumma voh…..
Babee : so waht don’t scold him usha now come Sid let’s go
Usha : ha ha babee Everytime u save him
Kunj : that’s y I love u soo much babee
Days passes sidmin/twinj becomes best friends of each other
They do fun everyhwere …….plays together eat together everything

Next day
At school
Kunj comes to school n started searching for twinkle he finds her everywhere then finds her near play ground
Kunj : jasmin what happen what u r seeing ??
Twi : sid see they R so many names of friends
Kunj : yeah we will write our name also
Twi : but how sid??
Kunj picks up one stone from the ground n write
SIDMIN on the wall
Kunj : now our name is also there
Twi : wow sid so nice. …
Kunj : now lets ho to our class
Twi : okay ????
They went towards their class n sit beside each other
Teacher : so students today is activity class u have to make some crafts
All nods teacher give them papers n ask to make sometime
Kunj makes rose of the paper while Twi makes an aeroplane n teacher praises thm both
Class ends twinj comes out of their class with their crafts
Twi : sid u take this aeroplane
Kunj : u take this rose twinkle
He gives rose to twinkle while she smiles then Twi remembers something
Twi : sid one minute ….
Kunj : what happen jasmin
Twinkle takes out friendship band from her band n ties on kunj wrist
Kunj : what is this ??
Twi : today is friendship day na Sid so happy friendship day
Kunj : thanks u he also ties her friendship band n they both left happily for their homes

At taneja mansion
Leela was waiting for Twi she comes home n hugs leela
Leela : chalo let’s eat something ….then we have to go for maha aarti
Twi : ok mumma she eats food n changes her clothes
At sarna mansion also
Everyone get ready to go in same maha aarti
Manohar : come on we will get late
Usha : one minute
Babee : ha ready let’s go …
They also left from there home
At Mandir
Sarna n tanejas both arrive at the same time for maha aarti n passes death glare to each other
They get inside n twinkle sees kunj n shouts
Sid sid
Kunj turns n looks at twinkle
Twi : u also came in this maha aarti
Kunj : yeah jasmin
Twi : come I’ll show u my mumma
Kunj : ok
Twinkle holds kunj hand n takes her inside where tanejas n sarnas r present
Screen freezes
So guys how was the epi ??
Well my next epi will be the last epi …
Of sidmin childhood yaar itna q dar gaye ??
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    Loved It Sameera especially the name writing part and the rose and aeroplane exchange vala part loved it waiting for the next part

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  3. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing cute epi….loved it

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    Sam tu na meri jaan nikal di thi.. Last epi.. Aise shock mat diya kar.. Osum cute epi.. Jaldi update karna.. Luv u dear

  5. Rashiverma2199

    Sameera episode was lovely….awesome bonding….

  6. Kruti

    Sam that rose and aeroplane part was sooooooo cute???……loved d epi

  7. Baby

    hey sameera di
    luv u so mch
    sochna bhi mat end krne ka yaa hme chodke jane ka
    di sch mein shckd thi mein or dar gyi thi
    osm episode di luv u n post nxt asap
    vry cute episode
    c u soon wid d episode di

  8. Fan

    Super epi sam! Loved it..

  9. Ranabulbul

    Sameera di it was a blast and
    I liked the flower and wall part the most

    Aapka ff is super se bhi bahut upper hai

  10. So cute

  11. So cute n sweet
    Nice episode

  12. Angita

    Awesome yaar Sam
    Loved it
    Soo cutee

  13. Sayeeda

    It was such a cute episode….. Loved it to the core….
    Twinj childhood scene’s were too amazing… Fab…..
    Love u ??

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    Really Amazing Sam
    Will be waiting for next update
    Loved it
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  18. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Hey sameera di u just shocked me while saying ENDING ,LAST EPISODE

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