Hello guys how R U all ?? Hope u r fine I am early this time bcoz here heavy rains r coming in Hyd so internet connection can be lost anytime n I don’t want u all to wait so thought to post this epi ?????
So aamu said that she will continue her ff on Sundays from 10th of October …..happy guys ??
So now thanx to all the members for commenting n supporting

Recap : twinj romantic moments at pub n twinj talking with babee ….

Next day ::::::
The episode starts with twinkle waking up in the morning n sees a rose n a chit on her side table
“Good morning my siyappa queen get freshen up fast n come to have breakfast love u ….kunj ???
She smiles n says I love u too kunj …..
She gets freshen up n comes in the hall n searches for kunj he came from behind n hugs her ……??
T : UMm someone is getting romantic today …
K : yeahh I am with my lady love so I need to be romantic ….
T : yeah that’s y I love u soo much kunj …
K : I love u too my jaan ….lets have break fast then we have to go college …
T : yep my sweet heart ….
Kunj pulls her chair n ask her sit while twinkle smiles at him ….
T : wow so yummy kunj I will be so lucky wife whose husband will cook for her ….
K : ahha jaan u r would hubby is so multi talented u know he winks at twinkke
They two have a cute talk while eating breakfast

At college ::::::
Twinj comes to college n goes directly towards their gang …..
N : so our cute love birds r here ….
Ash : yeah naman see how twinkle is blushing she pulls twinkke leg …
K : uff yaar what’s is this u r teasing us huh
C : kunj friends only teases u nah ….
T : hawww guys u all r so bad huh …I don’t wanna talk to u all ….
Ash : yeah bow is kunj is there so what’s need to talk to us haina twinkke …
T : ashu I’ll not leave u now
She runs behind ashna who runs to save herself in that attempt twinkle slips n falls n kunj holds her
The Two have a cute eye lock (bas itni si tamanna plays in bg….??)
Rohit: ahem ahem ….kunj twinkle r u ok
Twinj : yeah we r fine ….
T : let’s go to class now
All nods n they left to attain their classes ….

In class room :::??
Twinj comes in class room along with others n thay sat on 2 bench …..
Lecturer comes there n they again say ….
All : goooooooddd morrrrrning sirrrr….
L : huh seriously u r worst batch I have ever seen
All : thankkkkkkkkkk u sirrrr ……
L : it’s irritating to take ur classes …..
C : why sirr see we r so quite n innocent ??
L : u all r quite n innocent huh my foot am I looking donkey ….
K (in a lower tone ) : yes sirr …
L : who said that who ?? Hah leave this it is waste to talk to u all ….
Kunj n others laugh while twinkle sees kunj n smiles ….???
On the other side :::::
Ushar flights land n they goes for security checking :::::
U : I am so happy g to meet kunj after many years …..
M : yeah I am happy too that I am going to meet my children’s today
U : when will this security check end ….
M : wait usha …well we will give a surprise to kunj n mahi ….
U : yes g ….she smiles at him …

At class room
L : so class as only 1 month is left for ur finals so I would like to dictate some imp notes so that I can help u in ur finals ….
T : thank u soo much sir …
L : ok so shall we start ???
All : noooooooo yesssss noooooooo …
But lecturer knows they r all like that only si he continues dictating twinkke dates to write notes but kunj holds her hand n teases her …..
T : kunj please leave my hand it’s very important notes ….
K : no jaan I will not ….
T : kunj please nah kunj …
K : hah no ill not jaan ???
T : sirr kunj gets afraid n left her hand while twinkle smirks ….
K : huh u r so bad…..
T : I know my coal sarna ….
She smiles n starts writing her notes while kunj smiles at her cuteness ….

Kunj pov ::::
See how cute she looks when she smiles I’ll never let this smile fades away ….i love u soo much twinkle I’ll never let u go away from me …
He smiles n twinkle signs him what happen n he nodded nothing n starts to write his notes ….
After sometime they compete their notes n comes out of the class n looks at the wall with many names ….
Twinj smiles at eo remembering their childhood incident …..??
T : so shall we write our name too …
K : yeah jaan ….

They go towards the wall n write twinj along with sidmin their n smiles ….
K : now it’s perfect what say twinkle …
T : yeah its completely perfect now ?
K : now lets go home as it’s quite late today …
T : yep I the weather is also bad today …
K : yeah let’s go. ..
They entwined their hands n left for their flat …

At twinj flat ::::
T : kunj I’ll go n get freshen up
K : yeah I’ll go too saying this they both went to their rooms ….
Usha n Manohar comes to the apartment n ask for kunj flat ….
Man : flat no 203 ….
M : ok thank u soo much…
U : I hope kunj will not be angry with us …
M : yeah he will be happy to see u here
U : let’s go inside …..idk why is kunj leaving in this flat …
M : hmm he us lil bit angry with us …
U : but we will convince him
They both nod n comes to twinj flat n rings the bell ……
T : who came now ?? I should check ….
Here ushar r waiting for kunj to open the door n twinkle was going to open the door …
She comes towards the door n here ushar r standing waiting for kunj

Screen freezes on one side twinkle n others side ushar ….


So guys how was the epi ….
Ba byeee love u all
Do comment plshh guys as it is very necessary for me to continue this ff
Do read keep commenting n stay tuned

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  1. SidMin

    Loved the episode the classroom scene was so cute when Kunj was holding Twinkle’s hand to tease her and when Twinkle fooled him Loved it 🙂
    Sameera suspense …….
    how will Ushar react seeing Twinkle open the door OMG
    Post soon …
    Love you 🙂

  2. Hey sameera
    Superb mind blowing epic love twinj scene
    and I am sure next part will be dhamaka.
    bye bye?

  3. Rashiverma2199

    Wow….Sam….lovely episode…

    Waiting for next part eagerly…..

  4. Baby

    ohhhhhhh god sameera di pls post asap
    ab kya hoga itna suspense hai
    oh god di pls batao naa ab kya hoga hehe
    post soon bechare twinj ………………luvd it 2 d core
    very cute n fabulous episdoe twinj scnes were wow………vry cute n romantic……twinj luv dem………………luv u lods di post soon…………

  5. Anam_sidhant

    Hy sameera the epi was fabulous❤❤ eagerly waiting for the next one!

  6. Kya yaar itna suspense!!! Ab aur wait nehi hota… Next epi jaldi post karna…

  7. Kruti

    Sam suspence mein chod diya???
    Now just cant wait for d nxt epi…..praying ki hydrabad mein barish kaam ho aur tumhare net mein koi prblm na ho

    And aaj ka epi….was Amazing….nd that twinj nd sidmin wala part toh muahhhhh
    Loved it
    Post d nxt one asap

    Love u??

  8. Maggi

    Awsm one sammu??…..cute twinj moments…
    Actually I strtd reading ur ff from 11th epi so I m not actually getting what problem usha might have with twinkle…no worries I vl read those previous epis soon….
    Luvd the way u ended the epi ?
    Cnt soon

  9. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute epi…..

  10. Ayu

    Yaar sameera! Itna suspense? Meri jaan jaa rahi hai…log kya sochenge?????
    Loved the epi dear! It was awesome n the class scene was my fav!!!!

  11. Lovely

  12. Chiku

    ?????? ab toh next episode mien dhamaka haina?
    Lovely episode
    Itna cute.
    I loved ki twinj aka sidmin wrote der name on wall.
    I have confusion that twinkle is already a world famous designer then also she is studying in college. Confusion ????

  13. Shreya098

    Amazing epi sameeera….
    College scenes were soo cute…??
    It reminded me of my teachers… We always get that compliment….
    “WORST BATCH EVER”….?????? …

    soo much suspense sameera…. now I can’t wait to know what will happen next…

    Continue soon..

    Looooved it❤❤❤❤

  14. Ranabulbul

    Awesome awesome awesome
    Can’t cmnt long exam time

  15. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Amazing Sam di ……… was so cute N especially college scenes ……….twinj were Awsome……n if u get time or net ho toh Plzz next part jaldi post karna coz tomorrow onwards main free hun …….papers khatam hi jaayenge so I need ur next part soon ………???

  16. Amazing epi.. twinj r so cute ??.. U left us in suspense ??.. eagerly waiting to know how ushar n twinj confrontation.. do cont soon ?

  17. Hey sameera
    Episode was amazing yaar super hit
    N ha r u frm hyd.???
    Den we have a relation
    I’m also frm hyd
    Great na

  18. Sayeeda

    Areeeeeee Yrrrr Usha maa finally a tapki pata nai ab kya toofan laengi WO ….ab Jo aapne decide kra hoga wahi toofan aaega …bas yrrr zayada bada wala toofan nai ho?????….

    Amazing episode …..Classroom scenes were superb…. mind blowing…. whole of the episode was really a very cute one…..

    Post next one soon….

    love you???

  19. Thanmy

    Yes diiiii the conditions r worst in hyd o God but holidays toh mil rahe haiii yeaaaaa n coming to the episodes such a cuteeeee one diiii CLG scenes were tooooo guddddd awesome diiiii loved it
    Love u dii???

  20. Ayeshakhanum11

    it was really fantastic

  21. Angita

    Wowwwwwjust awesome

  22. Romaisha

    Ohh !! How mean di … You left Us in suspense ????
    Very bad nah .. Anyway episode was too cutee loved twinj scenes ?

  23. Sanjanaagrawal

    Oh u ended at the nick of time … very bad …

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