Hello guys how R U all hope u all r fine ???
So thanks to all of the members for the cute comments on silver jubliee blast really u all.made me blush …..???
I am glad that u all liked the confession
Here I am with a message from Aamu ……
I wanna say sorry to all d writers including
u…..for now too n after dis…as right my exams r going on but after DAT too m not going to
Join tu again…..coz of some family issue….
So wanna ask if I continue my ff or not….
As I will post it on Sunday only….
I will not continue if dey all don’t want…so pls ask dem…
So as u read her message so she asked me to ask u all she will post her ff only in Sunday is it ok with u all ????
I asked her to post on Sunday but don’t leave tu
Will.miss u aamu ??????
So now no more bak bak ……

Recap : twinj confession n some romantic moments between them ……
The episode starts with twinj seeing eo n smiling …..??
K : I want this moment to stop here itself …
T : mee too kunj ??
K : let’s capture this moment twinkle ….
T : yes kunj
Kunj takes out his phone n they take selfies n smiles …..??
K : party is still on twinkle let’s go inside
T : yep let’s go
They entwined their hands n smiles at eo n left from there they saw mehbeer n their whole gang n goes there …
Meh : ohoo new new love birds here
A : I thought meher we will not br able to see them tonight
N : yeah I thought that too ….
K : oh shut up guys don’t tease us huh
Ash : ohoo possessive kunj ….
Kunj makes faces while twinkke smiles looking at him …..
N : well twinkle I know u love kunj but how yaar
T : don’t know I have fallen for him
N : hmm my bad luck ….
T : don’t worry when I’ll be bored of kunj I’ll come to u …
While ashna n kunj burns in jealousy…..
K : huh twinkle naman we r here only …
Ash : yeah naman we r here itself
N : omg u forgot our engagement kunj when I told u that when u r partner will come I’ll show u that time remember….
K : huh whatever…..???
While all others burst out in laughter n kunj n ashna passes death glare to naman n twinkle …
A : hey let’s dance what say guys ….
Meh : yeah ….??
Everyone goes on dance floor except twinj ….
T : hah it seems like someone is angry with me
K : huh twinkle I hate u ?
T : I hate u too my jaan she gives a peck in his cheek n kunj gets surprised n says I am still angry with u ….
Twinkle gives peck on his other cheek n says let it be na kunj let’s dance now
Kunj holds her by waist n says no first kiss then we will think of everything later
T : hawww kunj we r in public
She hits kunj playfully on his chest n says yeah ashna I am coming
Kunj turns n look that ashna is not there n turns at twinkle but she runs to dance floor showing him tongue “kunj smiles at her childness n says “this girl will go crazy one day he too left for the dance floor……??

At dance floor ….
Mehbeer naman ashna n everyone were dancing twinkle also joins them on song blame the night they all r having fun kunj also dances with them
They all jump n dances weirdly n have fun with eo to the fullest ……
Aftersome time they all get tired and left for home …..
A : I’ll take meher go hotel kunj take care of twinkle
K : okay bro
Abeer takes meher while kunj takes twinkle with him n come to his flat ….
At twinj flat ….
K : twinkle we reached home
He turns n looks at twinkle who was asleep n smiles he opens her car door n picks up twinkle in bridal style n takes her to her room ….
He makes twinkke lie on her bed n smiles n was going from her room when twinkle holds his hand n kunj gets shocked ….
K : twinkle u were not asleep …
T : hmm nah kunj I was just doing drama
He wrap his arms around his shoulder n kunj smiles seeing her n says so u want something from me ….
T : hmm nah ???

Kunj comes closer to twinkle she gets nervous n says I have to change runs runs to her washroom while kunj too left to change is clothes …..

After some time kunj comes out after changing n gets a call from babee he sees twinkle coming from her room
K : hey darling how r u ??
T : who is this kunj ….
K : huh no darling u know I missed u so much
B : kunj puttar what happen I wanna see u do video call ok
K : ok darling ….
He ends call n looks at twinkle n says now u r looking Mrs coal sarna he laughs
T : who was that on call kunj ….
Kunj does video call n says to twinkle that he wants her to meet someone ….
B : hello kunj puttar how r u ….
K : I am fine babee how R U
Twinkle geta suprised to see babee ….
K : babee I want to make u meet someone
B : who kunj ???
Kunj shows twinkle n says pehchane isse …
B : who is this kunj …..
K : the one I was waiting from years ….
B : jasmine ???
K : yeah babee my jasmin her real name is twinkle
T : hello babee how r u ??
B : hayee twinkle puttar u r so beautiful….
K : yeah what’s say babee my choice is good nah …
B : ha puttar ….
They trio have a chat n then ends calls twinkle went to sleep n kunj too went to his room
B : ohh I forgot to tell kunj that Manohar n usha Is coming to meet him …what will happen now
Screen freezes on babee tensed face …

So how was the epi guys
What will happen if usha gets to know about twinj
Stay tuned share ur views
Ba bayeee
I am busy right now so no more bak bak
Do read Keep commenting n stay tuned

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  1. Sayeeda

    Sam tu na mujhe daant le pehle ….haan kyuki maine itni badi mistake Jo kri hai ….
    Batao yrr last episode was ur ff silver jubilee one nd I didn’t commented nd congrats u ….galti toh hui hai mujhse …..
    Ears padake sorry bolti hoon ….maaf krde yaara??????…..

    Accha Jo pehle nai kara wo ab kr deti hoo ……
    A HEARTIEST CONGRATULATIONS TO MY BUDDY SAM FOR HER FF SILVER JUBILEE ………???????…..talliyan toh banti hai na boss????????……

    Episode was tooooo good nd romantic…. especially Twinkle acting to be slept…. loved it ..??????….

    But I’m tensed Manohar nd Usha ….oyyiiiii maa pata nai ab kaun sa siyappa hone wala hai …..
    Waiting for next one..

    Love u …..??????

    1. Sameera

      Awww yaar sayu u r back I am soo happy to see ur comment thank u soo much di
      Missed u alott

  2. Ayu

    Amazing!!! I loved the epi! N Mrs Coal Sarna?????
    N ammu! Pls cont it…on sundays! Hope u get through ur exams successfully?

  3. Yes aamu we r ok if u post ur ff on sundays.. Bt just keep posting… ol d bst for ur xams… 🙂

  4. Hi sameera
    Epic is awesome
    Pls post next asap.
    and ammu pls continue your ff pls don’t end it.
    lots of love ….bye

  5. SidMin

    Loved it Sameera and Usha and Manohar are coming to see Kunj OMG what will happen Post soon 🙂 Cant wait 🙂

  6. Kruti

    Superb epi sam…….the epi was damn cute
    Kunj nd ashna getting jealous was toh????

    Dar ho raha hai….kya hoga jab usha nd manohar aayenge
    Post d nxt one sooon

    Nd tell aamu no problm if she posts d ff on sunday’s….but dont leave tu

    Love u ???

  7. Awesome epi sam… Next epi jadi post karna..

  8. Shatakshi

    Hey Sam
    It was Awesome
    N now usha n manohars blast…I m waiting
    And about Ammu
    I m ok with Sunday…and dear u will be really missed
    Love u both.❤❤

  9. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute funny epi….loved it…& aamu plzzz continue your ff….plzzz

  10. Rashiverma2199

    Wow….sameera lovely episode….enjoyed. .

  11. Aamu dont leave tu..
    Its alright u post ur ff on weekends but dont leave tu….
    Hey sam… Amazing yrrr…
    Post nxt part soon…..

  12. Maggi

    It was sweet…loved it to core ? continue soon….

  13. Baby

    sameera di hahahahhaaaaaaaaaaa mamazing
    mein toh hassi rok hi nhi paa rhi ab kya hoga wen ushar ll cm to kunj n den hahhaa
    icant w8 soooooooo mch excitd di luvd it 2 d infinity…………amazing damn now wts gonna hpn
    hahahaaaaaaaaaa di post soon d epsidoe was vry cute n beautiful bebe luv her
    love you di…………

  14. Amazing epi.. loved it.. kunj n ashna’s jealousy was??.. don’t know now what will happen when manohar n usha comes to kunj’s place.. do cont soon ?.. and Aamu u can continue ur ff on sunday.. U will b missed ?

  15. Chiku

    It’s awesome as usual.
    U write so amazing
    Loved it.
    Acha plz tell aamu not to quit. No problem if she uploads her ff only on sunday we can for her but plz dont let her quit. Plzzzz????????????

  16. Angita

    Seriously awesome awesome

  17. Sujina

    Sam….loved it
    now twinj kind toh band bajne waale hai
    n plz tell aamu 2 post on Sunday
    missed her…
    love u

  18. Romaisha

    Sameera dii! Waow episode was just fantastic!!! Well as usual!?
    Manohar and bebe.. Oh GOd… Hope nothing goes wrong yaar.. Anyway I’ll keep reading don’t worry ??
    Love you! ?

  19. Sanjanaagrawal

    Awesome ..

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