Hello everyone how R U all ?? Here I am back thoda late hogaya shorry okay guys I’ll not end this ff (itni jaldi peecha thodi na chodungi)
So sorry guys n thanx to all of u for ur comments n support I know everyone is busy
All the best guys for ur exams ????
So now no.more bak bak I am glad that u r liking the track n mehbeer entry too so now lets us begin ….
Recap : mehbeer entry n kunj jealous of twibeer

The episode starts with twinkle n meher talking n Abeer lovingly staring at twinkle ….
T : meher I think someone wants to spend time with u alone …
M : but I wanna spend time with my sis ??
T : okay but I think u should see ur hubby first

M : huh twinkle leave it ….
T : so tell me how was ur trip…
M : nice but u know twinkle someone is always busy flirting with others …
A : oh hello miss akdu I was just helping my saali huh ??
M : so who told u to flirt with others ha ….
A : meher I was just ….
They continue their flight n twinkle was just laughing holding her stomach …
A : wait meher who is laughing …
M : yeah I am thinking that too
They turn n look at twinkle who was laughing holding her stomach ….
T : omg hahaha babaji meher Abeer u two look so cute while fighting ….
M : oye twinkle ki bachi I’ll show u when ur time comes ….
A : twinkle so bad u r laughing on us
M : yeah I’ll take revenge when kunj will propose you ??
A : but that coal sarna is ….
T : oye Abeer dont call my cute sarna as coal sarna yaar ???
M : ohoo Abeer possessive n they hi-fi
While twinkle says kuch bhi n runs from there blushing n collides with kunj n falls on top of him …..
They have a cute eye lock bas itni si tamanna plays in bg ?????
K : twinkle get up …..
T : I am so sorry kunj ….
K : can’t u see n walk siyappa queen always a new siyappa……
T : oh hello sadu I am apologising n u huh
K : hayee meri kamar kunj says getting up from floor ????
Twinkle help him in getting up n they again have a cute eye lock ??
Naman n others comes there n sees twinnj like that n winks at kunj ……
N : oh I think we will leave them alone …
C : yeah yeah I too think so

Twinj blushes while twinkle says no let’s go to class …..
They all went to their class twinj on 2 bench along with others on back venches …
Lecturer comes there……
All together : goooooooddd morrrrrning sirrrr
Lecturer: u idiots it’s not morning it’s afternoon
All : okay sir goooooooddd afterrrrrrnooon sir
L: huh waste batch ever I came her for an announcement so u all know that this is your last semester so u have to do project

R : uff sir again project …..
L : yeah this is ur last project u need to do ur best am I clear everyone …
All : yessssss sirrrr ????
T : but sir we have to do it alone ????
L : good question miss twinkle u don’t have to do it alone u have to do it in groups …
T : oh okay sir……
L : so as I said kunj twinkle cherry naman ashna rohit in one group n others in another group….
U have just 2 days to submit it ….
All : what sir just 2 days …???
L : yeahh jusssstttt twwwoooo days he says mimicking them n laughs … here class ends I want everyone project in just 2 days ….
T : omg just 2 days ????

K : don’t worry twinkle we will do it …
N : yeah guys kunj we will come to your flat n we will start our project what say ….
K : okay guys
They all discuss about their project n left to their homes ……
At twinj flat ….
Twinkle was walking here n there in tension ..
.kunj sees her n says siyappa queen don’t worry yaar we will do it ….
T : but kunj how u know just 2 days how to do omg I will go mad …
Kunj gives a peck on her cheek while she gets shocked ….
K : siyappa queen don’t worry we will do it he winks n twinkle n left to his room
Twinkle holds her cheek n smiles ???

At night ::::::

Everyone comes to twinj flat with the accessories needed for project ……
K : so shall we start ????
T : wait kunj Abeer is coming ….
K : what that chipku is coming he murmurs
T : u said something kunj ???
K : no twinkle he is coming here why ??
T : wo actually he did his mba last year so he can help us in our project
K : huh okay ….
Abeer comes there n hugs twinkle while kunj was making faces
They all say to do project while twinj were having cute eye locks in middle ???
They all get tired just twinj Abeer naman ashna left while rohit n cherry sleeps there only …
They all work while night n kunj was getting jealous seeing twinkle n Abeer ???
2 days passes they submit their project ….
L : wow excellent work u all did impressive

T & others : thank u so much sir
After sometime they all sit in canteen n having fun ….
T : I am so happy that project got successful
Ash : yeah thank u Abeer for helping us
N : yep yaar answer thanks bro …

Abeer : no need to thanx yaar anything for sweet heart n winks at twinkle
K : huh sweetheart my foot murmurs
N : okay guys let’s do party tonight what say ..
Eveline agrees with naman n Abeer left from there to meet meher n kunj follows him
A : meher baby let’s go …
M : yeah Abeer they holds hands n kunj sees them n thinks this Abeer I’ll show his true face infront of twinkle n will propose her tonight
He smiles n screen freezes
So how was the epi ??
So next epi was my silver jubliee
Thanx again guys for ur comments …
Ba byeee
Love u all
Sorry for grammatical errors???
Do read keep commenting n stay tuned

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  1. Thanmy

    Awesome diii like seriously party tho banti haii after all itz silver jubliee n u know what even we our class wish gud mrng instead of afternoon in afternoon same like them our teachers also correct us lol anyways i want party as usaual the episode was rocking diii it was fab!!!!!

  2. Shatakshi

    Hey Sam
    I really liked mehbeers entry
    I missed ur previous episode but thi one was Awesome
    I m loving this coal Sarna??
    Love u loads❤❤

  3. Anam_sidhant

    Hey ! Sameera it was awesome? eagerly waiting for the next one❤

  4. Superb post asap I m eagerly waiting infact post next one tomorrow plzzzzzz and a bit looooonnnnnngggggggeeeeeeerrrrrrrr as its or silver jubliee plzzzz

  5. Rashiverma2199

    Wow….sameera lovely episode…

  6. Ayu

    ???bechara kunj…aaj pakka uska popat ho jaayega??
    Amazing epi??

  7. SidMin

    Loved it and Kunj was so jealous of Abeer and he thinks Abeer is cheating on Twinkle bechara 🙂 Their eye locks between the projects and the kiss Kunj gave on her cheeks when Twinkle was in tension (Loved it )
    Post soon 🙂
    Loved it
    25th episode coming soon …………………
    don’t make me wait much 🙂

  8. Ranabulbul

    Koi itna cute kaise likha Sakta hai yr like seriously
    Its was so cute and nice di
    Aao to mujhe fail karwa doge kal exam hai or wahn kya likhoongi main
    But jaldi post karna

    Kunki lalach in kala hai

  9. Shreya098

    Nice one sameera..
    Enjoyed it..

  10. Angita


  11. Sam by reading ur ff 440 volt vala smile cme on my face….
    Amazing yrr…..

  12. Fan

    Super epi sam!

  13. Ayeshakhanum11

    it is amazing awsome fabulous

  14. Ayeshakhanum11

    it is amazing awsome fabulous pls give ur gmail id to be in contact with u if u okay pls

  15. Awesome enjoyed it

  16. Romaisha

    Lol last part was funny! Kunj saying I’ll show his nreal face to Twinkle ?
    Amazing as usual though! Just too good!
    Can’t wait on next epi! ??
    Love you !!

  17. Fabulous epi sam like always… Loved it…

  18. Awsm yaaaar….well that last part was a surprise…..luking forward next one….post soooon❤❤❤

  19. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Amazing Sam di ………n mere mehbeer kitne cute the ……mera dill aa gaya unpar n as usual twinj ka toh koi jawaab hi nahi ……eagerly waiting for the next one ??

  20. Superb n cute epi.. loved it.. mehbeer fight was so cute.. and twinj’s eyelock btn the project was cute too.. do cont soon ?

  21. Kruti

    Amazing epi sam……d jealous kunj was fab…..nxt epi mein bechare ko shock lagne wala hai……nd that kiss on d cheek??
    Superb epi….loved it

    Love u??

  22. Sujina

    samu.really enjoyed kunj being jealous….
    n i m damn eager 4 kunj rxn really uska toh hawa ti8 hoga…i feel lyk laughing now only…n love u

  23. dreamer..arundhati


  24. Baby

    ohh god sameera di amazing true face sweetheart my foot hrhhehehe
    post nxt soon di cant w8 amaizng fabulous speechless…………..
    luv u di…………… luvd it 2 core………

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