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Recap : kunj trying to know about twinkle feelings ……
The episode starts with twinkle smirking n thinking now u see kunj sarna twinkle taneja acting she smiles n went to her class ….
After sometime their classes ends n everyone came to canteen kunj was just seeing twinkle while naman signs him to start acting ….
K: so Maya what u wanna eat ?
M : I will eat anything u order n winks at kunj
K : ok baby I’ll order ….
They r doing their lunch n twinkle was busy with her mobile while kunj was confused …
K : twinkle why r not eating ?

T : no kunj I am full ….she smiles n looks at her phone
K (thinks): what happen to twinkle she is not giving any hints how to know if she too feels for me or not ????
T(thinks): think think Mr kunj sarna u r trying to make me jealous now u will get shocked when u meet him …..
Everyone was busy with their lunch gossiping with eo when twinkle shouts ….
T : omg he came yeah

K : who came twinkle ??
Twinkle gets up n without answering kunj she left from there leaving a confused kunj …
They all get up n ask kunj ……????
N : what happen where she went….
C : yeah n who came
K : how would I know come let’s see …
They all go towards the ground n saw a hot dashing boy hugging twinkle …..
K : how can he hug my siyappa queen…n fumes
Twinkle sees him he turns n its revealed to be Abeer (pearl v puri )
T : ohh Abeer u know I am so happy to see u …
A : mee too sweet heart u know how much I missed u …miss taneja
K : wtf what is this ???
T : haww I missed u too Mr malhotra come I’ll make u meet my friends ……guys this is my friend Abeer n Abeer they r my new friends …
A : sweet heart not friend boy friends right
Twinkle hits him play fully n winks at him

Kunj was burning in jealousy n says who is this twinkle ….
T : oh I am so sorry kunj I didn’t reply to u actually I was so excited to meet him …
A : omg sweet heart u love me soo much …n side hug twinkle …
K : its ok twinkle hi Abeer he says pressing his teeths …
A : hey hi kunj nice to meet u …..they shake hands n kunj holds Abeer hand tightly…
Twinkle see this n smiles n Abeer holds his hand tightly too …
K (thinks) : omg Babaji what’s is this now first that yuvraj n now these Abeer siyappa queen is only mine n what’s this sweet heart ill break his teeth if he again calls her sweet heart …
T : kunj kunj n shakes him …

K : yeah twinkle say ?
T : let’s go inside…
N : ok yar let’s go they all left for canteen once again…..
At canteen ….
Abeer comes n pulls twinkle chair n kunj was making faces ….
T : thank u Abeer ???
A : welcome sweet heart….
Ash: well Abeer I.must say u r very hot yaar
Naman gets shocked n says ashna ….

M : yep yar u r so dashing Abeer any girl will fall for u ….while cherry gets shocked too …
A : I know guys anyone can fall for me but I have only one girl in my life n winks at twinkle
Kunj was seeing this with blood red eyes n says who is that lucky girl ….
A : oh kunj is this the question to ask obvious my sweet heart am I right twinkle n forwards his hand
T : yeah u r right n holds his hand ….
Ashna n maya too talks to him n he flirts with them too making all the boys jealous ….
K : I have some work …..
N : I am coming with u too …ashna come with me ….Maya u too
C : yeah I am coming too …..rohit r u coming with us ….
R : yep bro

They all went outside leaving twibeer in canteen
Twinkle n Abeer sees eo n started laughing very badly ????
A : omg twinkle ur sadu sarna is becoming coal sarna …
T : our plan successful Abeer
A : yeah twinkle our plan successful
T : thanx for helping me Abeer …
A : anything for u twinkle as u r my saali saheba (sis in law )
T : yeah jiju they hi-fi n laughs omg naman n cherry r jealous too if meher sees this then u r gone ….
A : yeah if meher got to know that I flirted with girls then I am completely gone …
T : yeah they laugh again n hi-fi ….
Meh : u r completely gone Abeer ….

Twibeer : who said that they turn n look at meher …..
Outside ….
Kunj was standing along with others n they r discussing about twibeer
N : new villain in kunj story
K : yep bro that Abeer I was feeling like killing him sweetheart how can he call sweetheart…what if twinkle loves him too ??
N : bro ur siyappa queen loves u only
C : yeah kunj don’t worry we will see this Abeer n u two (ashna n maya) u r too flirting with him
Ash : but he is so cute …
M : yeah yaar I feel like ….but someone is burning in jealousy
They tease them n left from there ……
Twibeer turns n looks at meher with shocker faces ….
A : meher u ?

M : then u want someone else to be here …
A : no baby I am just helping ur sister ..
Meh : then y r u flirting with others I am angry with u ….
A : but meher ….
M : give me a side I wanna meet my sister n goes towards twinkle n hugs her …
T : u completely forgot me nah
Meh : how can I forget u …but this Abeer never leaves me alone …
A : then u r my cute wife hai na twinkle ?
T : yeah yeah right n they trio have a cute hug together ….
(Meher n twinkle r maternal cousins n mehbeer got married when they r completely their studies ????)
Screen freezes

So guys how was the epi
Share ur views n do comment also whether u r liking the track or not
If ur not liking the story I’ll wrap up it in 10 episodes …..
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  1. Omg loved it …please contine soon … sorry for not commenting ??

  2. Ayu

    Hehe…kunj sach mein coal sarna bann gaya!! Bechara..par jaisi karni vaisi bharni…par twinki ne zyada jala diya naa?? But i know kuch awesome hoga so i am not giving my mind any freedom of thinking as of now??
    Awesome epi yaar??

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    Sameera episode was superb….awesome blossom??????

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    Wow sameera awesome episode. Plz post next episode soon

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  6. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Sameera di … was so cute N the best part was mehbeer….happy to see my old couples again alive on ffs …thank u for such an amazing ff darlo ?????? post next one soon ?

  7. Amazing epi.. loved kunj’s jealousy ?? and coal sarna??.. do cont soon ?

  8. Chiku

    Awesome ❤️?????????
    Coal sarna. Hahahaa???
    Lovung it

  9. Shreya098

    Poor kunj….???
    His plan backfired
    Awesome epi
    Enjoyed it to the core….

  10. Sujina

    Sam…wow..mehbeer in dis ff too…
    love u n ur ff….
    aww kunj burning in jealousy n finally bcame coal sarna…it was hilarious…u always make my mind fresh yaar…love u…n post nxt asap

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    Wrap up like seriously di
    Y do u wanna snatch this this happiness from me plz di plz
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    i also like 2 thnk all d cast n crew of tei 4 entertaining us n thanks atiba 4 updates…
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    Awesome epi

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