Hello guys I am back again due to holiday ??
No college n no tension so thought go share my happiness with u all by giving u next epi
So thanx to all of u guys who all commented on last epi love u all sooo much ….
So confession will be later now enjoy twinj masti ????
N yeah I forgot to thanx all of members who commented on my os also ??
Recap : twinj n yuhi celebrating shruti aka sidmin bday and twinj moments ….
The episode starts with twinj moving back to their class for lectures while rohit cherry r shocked as kunj is attending every classes they didn’t knew about twinkle ….
C : bhai dal me kuch to kala hai ….(something is black in pulse bro )
R: yeah I too think so kunj Jo mushkil se month me 1 class attain karta tha wo aaj kal roz classes aatain kar raha hai (kunj who attain class once in a month is attending every classes )
C : we have to find out the reason bro …
He calls kunj who was sitting behind twinkle n ask him to Sat beside them on last bench
K : no I am comfortable here

C : plz come na kunj we need to talk something imp …..
K : but ….ok twinkle I’ll be back
T : ok kunj u go ….
Kunj goes backside n ashna sat with twinkle …
K : what happen ..
C : what is this kunj ….y r u behaving like good boy ?????
R: yeah we need to know the readon bro
N : kunj tell me yaar or else they will eat u by their questions
K : ok naman so listen guys he tells them the whole story …..

C : it means u love her (shouts disturbing whole class )
Twinkle looks at kunj who bow down his head due to blushing n smiles ??
Lecturer : hey u idiot this is class not ur home font shout …
C : ok sir ???
R : oye idiot if u love her then y u r not confessing ….
C : yeah ??
K : I am scared yaar if she says that she thinks me of friend then …??
N : omg kunj sarna is scared ….
R : we have a plan u say that u have gf if twinkle gets angry that means she too feel for u ….
N : yeah right ???
C : but who will become his gf ???
R : maya
K : Maya ?
C : Maya is my gf no no this is not the right plan ????
N : oye cherry Maya will become his fake gf…

K : yeah yaar perfect idea ….but where is she now ….
R : cherry where is Maya
C : I don’t know ?ok guys I’ll call her ….
He calls Maya n ask her to come in canteen ….
Class gets over n twinj comes out with their gang …..
They all went towards canteen n saw Maya der kunj goes infront n hugs maya while twinkle was shocked ….
M: hey kunj how R U u know I missed u soo much ….n winks at kunj
Kunj sees twinkle by side who was in angry mode n replies I missed u too my jaan….
Naman cherry n rohit was smiling while ashna n twinkle was shocked …
K : hey Maya come I’ll make u meet my besti twinkle n twinkle this is Maya my girl friend…
M : hey twinkle nice too meet u
T : girl friend ??? Kunj

K : yeah twinkle Maya was my gf …..
A: but Maya is cherry before she could complete naman takes her aside ….
M : I heard so much about u n kunj twinkle …sometimes I feel.jealous of u too n winks at kunj
T : ohh UMm I have some work I am going to library u all continue
Twinkle went from there having tears in her eyes while kunj gets sad too n wants to go behind twinkle but naman n everyone pulls him back …..
K : let me go guys I think twinkle was hurt …
N : kunj if u want to know about ur siyappa queen love u have to do this much …
M : yeah kunj n jealousy is the first sign of love remember
They all hi-fi n sat to eat lunch while kunj goes to library in search of twinkle …

At library ….
Kunj comes in library n sees books n books everywhere …..
K : ye books koi padhta b hoga kya …but where
is my siyappa queen …
Here twinkle is seen reading books n remembering kunj words that she is my gf …
Twinke pov ::::
No twinkle why r u crying it’s his life or ur his best friend u should be happy twinkle but I love him ??? ok stop now exams r coming u need to concentrate
Pov ends ???

Kunj sees twinkle from far n thinks I am sorry siyappa queen but to make sure I have to do this bcoz I don’t wanna leave u again ….
He comes n sits infront twinkle n ask her what happen ….
T : nothing kunj u here u need something??
K : no yaar i just came to take u ..why u went from there twinkle
T : nothing wo exams r near so I thought to study ….
K : ok so read I am going …
T : u r going kunj ….
K : yes I am going but with u he holds twinkle hand n takes her from there ….
While librarian sees them holding hands n kunj gives him wth wala looks n left from there with twinkle ???
K : so its late now lets go home

T : okay kunj ….
They come to their flat being tired n kunj says I’ll prepare dinner as ur hand is cut …
Twinkle nods n left to her room without uttering a word ….
Kunj prepares dinner n they sat to have it
K : twinkle I wanna ask u something…
T : yep kunj ask
K : don’t u have boy friend…
Twinkle coughs n kunj passes her water while she says no I don’t have any bf …
K : so u didn’t love someone till now ….
Twinkke gets quiet n says I’ll come in a minute n left to her room ….while kunj smiles ???

Next day ::::::
Twinj comes to college n twinkle left from there to issue some books n kunj left for canteen …
In middle she saw Maya talking with someone she was standing behind pillar so cherry face was not visible to her ….
M : baby I’ll love u always but just pretending to be kunj gf ….as we have to know if twinkle loves kunj or not ??
C : hmm yeah I love u Maya …
M : I love u too cherry …
Twinkle gets shocked n thinks so it’s was sadu plan to feelings now Mr kunj sarna U’ll see twinkle taneja acting …she smirks
Screen freezes

So guys how was the epi …
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  1. U know what I love your. FF so much
    Plshhhh post soon

  2. sameera.. ..amazing ….loved in core

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  4. Baby

    smaeera di wowwwowowoww
    dis episode was spr cool hahhaaha
    luvd it 2 d …………….eternity
    i mean twinj hahahaa ab bechare kunj ka kya hoga hhehehehee…………
    amazing fabulous spr se bhi upr
    i luv ISHQ FOREVER……………………………..luv u di amazing………..
    post nxt asap so very excited i am to read nxt 1…………………..

  5. Aamu

    wow amazing shammuuuu….loved it…
    last scene wen tw cms to know about d plan…i laughed holding my tummmy…
    oh my god!!…ab aayega aslimazaa!! yeah….
    kunj will come to know about girls power…hehe
    do cont

  6. Shreya098

    Curious to know what she’ll do next…..

  7. SidMin

    Wow Sameera Loved it
    Kunj was making Twinkle jealous but now he is going to get shocks Loved the episode Post soon 🙂

  8. Thanmy

    Wow diiiiiii
    I want next episode now only par yeh nahi hosakta wanna see siyappa queen acting I’m sooooo excited its toooooo cuteeee dii just loved it awesome

  9. Ayu

    Bechara Kunj…he’s dead meat now??
    I loved the jealous twinkle!!!

  10. Rashiverma2199

    Wow…sameera superb episode….

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    awesome amazing fabulous cute funny epi….

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    Oh mmy god ye epi tha ya kuch or
    Itna cute or aacha han
    Yr mujhe to bas Aapke ff ki lat lag gayi hai
    Bas jaldi post kardo

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    Loved it sam

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    Amazing episode Sam ..awesome…
    loved it to the core….
    love you???

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    Sam…..just cant wait for d nxt one
    Amazing epi…..loved it

    Love u??

  17. Lol kunj toh Gaya hehehhehehe

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