Hello guys how R U all hope.u all r fine .see I am back once again Actually I have fever from 2 days so I didn’t went to college today n was feeling bored so thought to write next epi ….????
A very big congratulations to thanmy and shatakshi for completing their silver jubliee
I am so sorry to those in whose ff I didn’t comment ??
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Now no more bak bak let’s us begin …
Lights camera action ???

Recap : twinj cute moments in their date ??

The episode starts with next day kunj is seen sleeping peacefully in his room when sun ray falls on him disturbing his sleep
K : why can’t this sun doesn’t sleep ??huh
He gets up n goes to freshen up after 15 min
He came back n thinks to make breakfast for twinkle he wears his white T shirt with black jeans n comes out of his room
He went towards dinning table n sees it’s decorated with rose petals with break fast in middle n has a note on it
He pick up the chit n started reading it “I know I know I must be shocked that I made breakfast today I thought that u should take a break today my sadu …I am going to get freshen up till then enjoy your bf …twinkle
He smiles reading it n thinks so siyappa queen who doesn’t wake up early daily waked up today just to make bf for me nice my siyappa queen if u have done so much hard work for me then I should wait for u ???
His thoughts was broken by twinkle who comes in a blue top with black jeans n high pony tail
Kunj gets mesmerized seeing his siyappa queen……..
T : ahha ahha someone is not taking eyes from me obviously I know that I so beautiful
K : hahah I can’t say anything now lets do break fast
T : hmm yeah even I am feeling hungry
They both laugh n sat in the dinning table
K : someone has done so much hard work for me why ??
T : oye idiot kunj bcoz ur my besti yaar
K : only besti or something else …
Twinkle blushes n says shut up n eat we r getting late for college ….
Kunj smiles at hee behaviour n thinks I know twinkle u too love me but just have to make sure ….
T(thinks): this can’t be just friends kunj I am waiting for the day when U’ll confess ur feelings
They both done with their bf n left for college
At college
Twinj comes there n kunj goes to meet his friends …..n twinkle left to meet ashna
After some time they went to their class n kunj comes n sits beside twinkle making her more blush while naman n others r looking at them
with shocked faces…..
Lecturer comes there n tells them that schedule has come for their finals n its just 1 month left for their finals
Rohit : just 1 month sir …
Lecture : if u have studied whole year then u didn’t ask them question?and laughs
While everyone looks on with whatever look …
Lecturer : so guys do ur best n if u have any
doubts u can ask me
Twinkle gets up n kunj holds her hand making Twi hell shocked she sits again n whispers to kunj to leave her
T : kunj leave me I have to ask doubts
K : no ill not ??
T : plz kunj leave my hand
K : I’ll leave ur hand but u have to give me something
T : ok I’ll give u but first leave my hand ..
K : ok n left her hand

Twinkle goes to lecture for clearing her doubts while kunj was just smiling looking at her …
Naman : she is so cute na kunj
K : yes yaar he realises what he said n then looks at naman who was smirking
N : this ia so bad kunj I am ur cousin n u didn’t tell me that u like twinkle ….
Kunj cups his mouth n says bro I’ll tell u everything….he tells about their childhood friends how he got to know about Twi last night
N : omg so u found ur jaan finally
K : yes bro ….n that hug while lectures sees them like that n says
L : urggg what ages has come it so disgusting to see u too like this
They both compose themselves while Twi n ashna laughs n so other classmates …
K : we r not like that …
N : yes sir n I got recently engaged …
L : then also u r doing this
K : no sir …
L : leave it today’s generation is just impossible ge left from there ….

Twinj along with other comes outside n sat on the ground…
While twinkle n ashna was just laughing holding their stomachs ….
T : omg I can’t believe haha ??
A : naman u should have told me about this before engagement now I am stuck with u
K &N : ohhh they holds their respective ladies n left with them …
Kunj takes twinkle to a corner n says so u r laughing on me right siyappa queen
T : kunj I am so sorry she makes puppy face
K : so u remember that u have to give me something ..and winks at twinkle …
T : what I don’t remember…..??
K : achaa he comes closer to Twi while she was feeling butterflies in stomach….u have to kiss me
T : what ???????
K : yeah u have too
T : ok first comes ur eyes …
K : okay but no cheating
Kunj closed his eyes twinkle gives peck on his cheeks n runs from there pushing kunj on ground
T : I have done it sadu sarna ??and runs from there
Kunj smiles n says omg Babaji she is making me more crazy I have to confess asap ??
Screen freezes….
So guys did u like the epi
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  1. SidMin

    Sameera first of all I hope you are fine now and Get well soon Dear sis 🙂
    Loved the episode and the kiss Part was too good and the Naman and Kunj Part was too funny Loved it Post the next part soon 🙂 Love you 🙂 Take care 🙂

  2. Yogs

    Ep was nice keep it up

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    Sameera di …it was so cute …loved twinj to the core ……lovely epi diiii
    Keep writing …love u ???

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    Sam!!!???i am going crazy now!!! Amazing!!!

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    awesome amazing fabulous cute funny epi

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    ohhh god sameera di amazing episode luvd it 2 d core
    mein toh haste haste hhehehhahahah naman or kunj hhehehe
    oh god it was epic luvd d episode n d small cute kiss luvd it di

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    Loved the epi awesome sam

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    Loved it

    Love u?

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    Wow….sameera episode was lovely….awesome….

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  15. Awwwww soo cute episode ………

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