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Recap : reason behind twinkle coming to Germany n investors decision
The episode starts with a community meeting of investors ….whereas Rt n Manohar r waiting for the decision…
Investors : sir both tanejas n sarnas presentation r very well whom to choose now
I 2 : we need to talk to sir right now he is in Germany
I 3 : yeah we need to ask Mr jaiswal ……
They call their boss n talks to him ……
I : sir here both the presentations r very well we r not able to decide whom to give this contract
Mr j : give the contract to tanejas but on one conditions he tells them something which is muted
I : ok sir as u say
He cuts the call n went towards Rt cabin …
On the other side …..
Kunj was going somewhere when he gets call from Manohar PA(raghav)
PA: hello kunj sir ….
K : yeah raghav what happen y u called me

R : actually sir Manohar sir asked me to call u n he also tells u to convince Mr jaiswal who was is Germany only
K : what the hell …..I am not doing anything tell ur boss
R : but sirr ….
Kunj cuts the call n raghav tells Manohar about kunj decision..while Manohar gets angry …
In Rt cabin
Investors comes inside Rt cabin n he ask them to sit ….
Rt : so what u guys decide ???
I : actually sir ur n sarnas presentations is fab we r not able to decide between u too but
Rt : but what ???
I : but sir we can give u this contract if u convince ur daughter for attending fashion meet which is tonight in Germany
Rt : but how can this be possible??
I : oh come on sir u can ur daughter she is famous fashion designer and model if she attend this party then we and u will get profit
Rt : UMm ok I’ll tell my decision after talking to my daughter
I : okay sir n they left from there ….

Rt (thinks ): how to convince twinkle now but I can lose from that sarnas never anyhow I have to convince twinkle …..
Rt calls twinkle n she again being irritated picks up his call ….
T : hello papa
Rt : twinkle beta how R U
T : papa I told u na not to call me plz
Rt : but princess u r our single child we r missing u
T : huh ???
Rt : beta ok don’t get irritated I have to talk to u about something ?
T : what papa ??
Rt tells her the whole matter in cut shot manner
n emotionally blackmails her by his talks
T : so u want me to go for the fashion meet …

Rt : yes beta
T : okay papa I will go …
Rt : that’s like my daughter bye beta
Twinkle ends call n thinks uff ye fashion meet chal beta twinkle ready ho ja …
At college ….
Twinkle comes to college n goes towards info section
Accountant: what u want miss twinkle
T : sir actually I want one student info
A : but it’s against our rules we can’t give anyone info
T : but sir …
A : I am so sorry but i can’t help u
T : ok n makes sad face but a girl call her
G : u want info right
T : right
G : come with me she takes twinkle to one office n ask her to check
Twinkle types siddhant sarna but it’s shows error …..
G : I think there is no one like siddhant sarna here
T : but here is here only I know
She again types siddhant sarna n its shows kunj sarna but before she could see watch man comes there n they both switches the computer off left from the window
T : thanks to u for helping me
G : it’s okay she says n left from there

T : I’ll find u anyhow it’s my promise
On the other side
Manohar calls kunj n ask him to meet Mr jaiswal once he denies but after sometime he agrees n went to the hotel ….
Kunj : let’s go to xyz hotel ….
He gets inside the hotel n ask jaiswal room no he weng to his room. N knocks on the door ….
K : may I come in
Mr j : who R U ??? Wait u r Manohar sarna son right
K : yeah sir I came to talk u about ….
Before he could complete Mr jaiswal gets a call n he picks up the phone
Mr j : wow that’s nice ms taneja agreed for doing our fashion meet its superbb
K : miss taneja ??? He thinks
Mr jaiswal ends call n comes back to kunj who was sitting tgere

Mr j : so Mr sarna what u will take
K : nothing sir u were talking about miss taneja who sir ??
Mr j : oh miss taneja the only heir of taneja empire daughter of reminder taneja actually she is the famous fashion designer of Paris n owns a fashion house too wait what’s the name
K : sidmin creation …
(He reminses how twinkle n kunj joined sidmin n smiles )
Mr j : Mr kunj ???
K : yeah yeah sir sorry so what u were telling
Mr j : yeah Mr sarna so we asked miss taneja to
do our fashion meet but u came here ??
K : actually dad asked me to talk to u about the project but u gave them it’s ok
Mr j : u know na Mr sarna we need profit so that’s y
K : it’s completely fine with us nice to meet u
Mr j : okay Mr sarna

Kunj comes out of the hotel n sees the banner on sidmin creation n smiles
Kunj pov ????
jasmin is the only child of tanejas ….I am searching her from so many days but today my
wait will end sid will meet his jasmin yeah we
will meet today I am so excited sidmin creation
it’s shows that she didn’t forgot me she too
remembers me …..I can’t wait for tonight how
will my jasmin I know she is most beautiful than any other girls ufff Babaji thank u for sending me here I will meet u today jasmin …
Kunj pov ends….
Screen freezes……

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    Amazing epi…luved it to the core…abb wait nii ho raha he yaar…milwado hamare bichre howe Sidmin ko…

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