Hello guys dekho fir se I am back ??
Pata nahi ab aage kab time milega so thought to post this epi also ????
So thank u all of u guys for ur support
Love u all ????
No more bak bak now
Lets us begin ??
Recap : twinj moments n some emotional moments also ??
The episode starts with twinkle waking up n find her self in bed she thinks how she slept n remember last night crying n falling asleep on floor
T : how did u came here when I was on floor …
She sees kunj ring on her bed n picks it
T : so sadu has helped me last night I have to apologize I behaved very badly with him
She gets freshen up n came outside her room
N doesn’t find kunj anywhere …..
Kunj comes there n sees twinkle standing n members how she was crying n sobbing last night
T : come let’s have break fast
Kunj come n they both say on dinning table
There was silence after sometime twinkle broke it
T : kunj I wanna say something
K : yeah twinkle say
T : kunj I am I am sorry for behaving rudely with u last night wo actually I have some family problems that’s y
K : it’s ok twinkle I didn’t feel bad so need to apologize
T : u r so nice kunj …..(murmurs) n smiles
K : did u say something ????
T : no nothing they have their breakfast when twinkle gets a call from Rt she gets angry
T : I’ll be back in sometime
Kunj nods n she left to her room
T :hello what’s the hell is this papa I told u two many times that I don’t wanna talk to u
Rt : twinkle I know u r miffed with us but u are our princess n will walkways remain our princess ..
T : stop buttering me papa I know u too don’t love me …
Rt : this is not true twinkle princess u r our only heir twinkle taneja and I called u to tell about that I have buyed a house for u so no need to stay in flat u r twinkle taneja princess
T : I am just twinkle here ….n I am happy with my flat I don’t wanna any house she cuts call and cries
Kunj knocks on the door n twinkle wipes her tears n comes out …
K : everything fine ???
T : yeah yeah kunj
K : ok I am going for some work if u want
anything then call me ok
T : ok kunj bye …..
Kunj left from there leaving twinkle alone …
Twinkle goes to her room n thinks I am not twinkle taneja the famous fashion designer of Paris owner of sidmin creations I am just twinkle here no one should know about my identity I came here to find my sid …
Yeah my sid …???
Flashback shows ….
SIDMIN CREATIONS fashion house ….
Twinkle was the famous fashion designer…..
One day her friends chinki called her
T : hello chinki how R U ???
C : I am finee twinkle how R U ???
T : I am fine too babes did u got any info about
sid ???
C : yeah I called u to say that only I went to temple today …..n saw Mrs sarna there she was saying that his son is in Germany
T : what Germany????
C : yeah Germany n Sid was their only son I think that yaar sid is also in Germany I heard she was taking about some xyz university…
T : thank u soo much chinki I love u hope I’ll get sid there
C : yeah I hope so too bye twinkle
T : bye chinki ???
T : my sid yes my sid is in Germany I’ll find him any how Germany twinkle is coming …
Flashback ends
Twinkle smiles n says the only reason for me coming here is u sid just u ??
In India ……
There was a business meeting going on with some investors and Manohar sarna Rt and surjeet present there
Tanejas gives their presentation followed by sarnas n luthras …..
Investor : all the companies presentation was amzing it’s very difficult to take decision we will tell our decision after lunch …..
Manohar n Rt nods n left from there …..
Rt : we have to win this project any how
Rt PA: yeah sir we will only get this presentation don’t worry …
On the other side
Manohar: these projects will not go to that tanejas
PA: sir I think they like our presentation we will surely win this project
M : yeah …call kunj n tell him to convince investor owner who is in Germany now
PA: okay sir I’ll call kunj sir
Screen freezes on rt n Manohar face ….
So guys how was the epi
Share ur views do comment
Love u all
Ba byeee
I don’t know when I’ll get time to post next so this is the compensation
Do read keep commenting n stay tuned

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  1. Rashiverma2199

    Wow….sameera another episode….great….?????

  2. Ranabulbul

    Abhi maine cmnt kiya tha pichle epi me
    Jaldi me hoon aacha
    Ek to itna aacha likhte ho or do do bar post karte ho bas Ab or nhi main or nhi likh sakti and epi was a blast love u loads

  3. Wow! TU ki rajdhani express! Maan gayi….hit pe hit…amazing! Loved it!!

  4. Woooww it’s awesome

  5. Aamu

    wow !!!? Wat a surprise sammu ???
    Loved it?????
    Love u also??❣
    I read previous now n saw another …….

  6. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Super di
    It was amazing
    Hope twinj meet soon n get to know that they r only sidmin
    Love u ??
    N anyways just guessing ………….,,.it can also happen that Sarna n taneja both will get the project n will ask to do the project together ….maybe ……not sure ..
    Anyways it was Awsome

  7. Fan

    Awesome epi sam..n thank u for ur awesome treat..u know i was so happy after seeing two epi of ur ff in tu main page..waiting

    1. Fan

      *eagerly waiting for the next part..

  8. Superb epi..

  9. SidMin

    Loved it Sameera Sorry for not commenting on your previous episodes Loved them and this one too
    Loved the way Kunj took care of Twinkle by putting her on the bed and their blush when their friend complimented them Made me smile
    Loved it
    waiting for the next episode post soon (I know you have already posted 2 episodes today but Khya Karu Oh Sameera Meh hu addat se majboor) 🙂

  10. Chiku

    Awesome blossom??❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Loved it
    It was sooooo cute episode ??❤️❤️❤️?????????‍❤️‍?‍??‍❤️‍?‍??
    U r doing which course sam

  11. Aksa(SidMin's and the ff writers die hard fan...)

    Awesome..luved it to the core..Post ASAP… 🙂

  12. Awesomeeeee

  13. Sayeeda

    Two episodes back to back… Sam jaan tune toh mujhe extra khush kr diya…..
    Thanks for posting episodes…..
    Amazing episode yrr….. Twinj convo was fab….
    Love u ???

  14. Superb….

  15. Thanmy

    Its OK diii no need to tell sorry I understand and 4-5 episodes ek hi din mei I was joking diii but I just can’t wait for that episode when twinj come to know that they r sidmin sorry I did not comment on ur previous post because I could not contain the excitement and I immediately read this part soooooo it wassssss
    Superbbb diii awesome especially the twist twinkle is here to find kunj its toooo interesting pls cont soon and that too when ur free di
    Love u!!

  16. Shreya098

    Superb epi….waiting for the day when they’ll know the truth about each other…

    Enjoyed it…

  17. Purnima.agrawal30

    amazing fabulous marvelous emotional epi

  18. Shatakshi

    Oyeee hoeee Sam
    Yeh to double dhamal tha
    Really I loved both the episodes
    N u told that u will be reveling the truth of twinj being sidmin in 3 episodes
    So aaj to 2 ho gaye…so r u gonna reveal in next???
    I will be Waiting
    Love ya❤❤

  19. Kruti

    Thank u samy for 2 back to back epi’s

    Loved both of them feeling sad for twinkle

    Love u?

  20. Baby

    wow sameera di
    wt a surprise luvd d episode
    oh god dis dumbo she shuld tell kunj naaaa that she is twinkle taneja d owner of sidmin creations paris famous fashion designer ohoho babaji dono ek sath rhe rhe hain tab bhi nhi nh jante jldi milvao naa inhe
    toh sameera di idhar aap bhagvan ho god ho so babaji jldi milvaiye naa hmmm…….. sameera di cnt w8
    post nxt asap
    luv u diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii…………….

  21. Amazing epi.. I actually read both the epis now and both were fab.. so m commentin for both.. I really loved how kunj cared for twinkle when she was crying and slept on floor and kunj carried her and kept her on bed.. it was awesome.. cabt wait to know how twinj will come to know that they r sidmin only… do cont soon ?

  22. wow sam 2epi back-2-back…loved it…twi in search of sid wow…hope they’ll knw abt eo asap…love u…n post asap…

  23. wow sattu…my dear…
    in present sid telling his view regarding love was mindblowing…aww so cute…loved d naughty side of sid…n jas turning table around om was epic…love u…n post nxt asap…

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