Hello guys here I am back dekho fir se aagayi kya karu tu se door reh hi nai paaati
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Recap : twinj n yuhi cute n funny moments

The episode starts with twihi waking up n they both freshen up n came outside the room n saw kunj making breakfast for them
Twi : good morning kunj
Mahi : good morning bhai n hugs him
Kunj : GM siyappa queen n mahi ??come let’s have break fast ….
Twihi nods n they trio have their breakfast n left for college ……….??

At college
Mahi : so i should take a leave bye twinkle bye bhai
Twinj : bye mahi n she left from there
Kunj : come lets go to class
Twi : yep n they went towards their class
Naman ashna rohit n cherry come there n sees twinj together in class ….
Ashna : wow twinkle kunj u too R looking nice together ….
Naman : yeah ashu is saying right
Twinj blushes ?? n makes an excuse
Naman talks with kunj while ashna with twinkle.
A : twinkle what magic u have done on kunj
T : means ????
A : before u coming in this college kunj used to come only to meet us he never attain any lectures
T : seriously??????
A : yep yaar ….
Naman : so …u have found ur jaan finally
K : nope yaar me n twinkle r just friends …
N : friendship is the first step of love my bro
Kunj coughs n went from there
They attain lectures all the while kunj was just admiring his lady love …..
After college they come to their flat ….and without saying anything they went to their rooms ……..

Kunj gets babee call n he comes in the hall n talks with her on video chat
B : kunj u have forgot me ??
K : no darling how can I forget u …..
Twinkle comes outside to take water n listens kunj calling darling n went from there
B : huh khotey tujhe apni babee ki yaad nai aati
K : aati hai na babee
They both talk while kunj ask babee about jasmin ……
K : babee have u got some info about jasmin ?
B : no beta she didn’t came back till now but I am sure u too R just made for eo …when u r coming back kunj
K : yeah babee bye …he makes excuse n cuts the call
He ends calls n thinks sid and jasmin went from India together they will come back together only any how I’ll find my love my jasmin
He gets up from there n slips due to chocolate rapper fallen on the ground ….
K : ouch what’s is this ??this is the same chocolate which jasmin used to eat …

Flashback shows
Lil Kunj : jasmin mummy says we should not
eat chocolates or else our teeth will get germs
Lil Twi : huh Sid I love chocolate n this is my fav
Brand of chocolate
Lil Kunj : huh jasmin ….ok u eat
Lil Twi : I’ll share it with u
Kunj : ok
They share the chocolate n smiles
Fb ends ….

K : why twinkle habits is similar to jasmin but anyone can eat this chocolate huh
Twinkle comes out of the room n sits to watch TV but leela calls her
K : ur phone is ringing siyappa queen
T : let it ring she increases volume
Kunj sees mumma flashing on screen n ask twinkle to pick up
T : I told u na to let it be she says angrily n went to her room
K : but twinkle she is your mother why u don’t wanna talk to her
T : I hate my mother ok she says angrily n went inside the room n bang the door hard with a thud
K : strange ?? I should not come between her personal life he thinks n went to his room.

In twinkle room
Twinkle was continuously crying remembering her a leela moments how they send her to Paris ..when she begs them not to send her but she didn’t listen how twinkle was alone in Paris with care taker how she used to misses leela she cries n says I hate u maa I hate u I don’t wanna talk to u how can u make me away from u she cries n falls asleep on floor only
Kunj was restless In his room thinking about twinkle behavior…….
K : why I am thinking about her I should check her once if she is fine or not …
He comes to twinkle room n sees it fully messy n sees twinkle weeping on floor n continuously saying don’t make me away from u plzz ma plz he gets teard eye looking at twinkle condition he picks up twinkle from floor n makes her lie on the bed ……and sit beside her n Caressing her forehead …
K : just look at her condition what happen to her
He went inside making lights offf n goes in a deep thinking …
Screen freezes on Twi n kunj face …

So guys how was the epi
Emotional tha na ??
So ba byeee
Stay tuned
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  1. It was amazing… hope kunj&twinkle find out they are sid &jasmine soon … do continue and try to post asap xxx
    Take care ???

  2. Rashiverma2199

    Wow….sameera episode was superb….

  3. Priya_

    Plz post the next part soon

  4. Ranabulbul

    Bahut aacha tha epi
    Pehle Aapke blogspot me kiya tha cmnt
    Hehehehhhehe silly me
    Bbye post soon jaldi me hoon aj warna lamba likhti

  5. Really nice!!! Twinj moments are always sooo cute! Specially chotus ke time par❤️❤️

  6. Nicee

  7. presha singhal

    awesome & lovely

  8. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Sameera di waaahhhh!!!!!!
    Very emotional
    Twinkle was so sad….feeling bad for her
    Love u ??

  9. Amazing…

  10. Aksa(SidMin's and the ff writers die hard fan...)

    Bohot hi accha epi he…luved it to the core…luved the way twinkle was missing her mom…plzz jaldi se milwa do humare sidmin ko…luve you.. 🙂

  11. Sayeeda

    Soo cute nd emotional episode…..
    Loved it to the core ???

  12. Awesome….. Plzz update soon….

  13. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing emotional epi…..

  14. Baby

    oh my my yummyy.hehe
    di d pisode wowwww luvd it hmmmmmm emotional bt u rck always
    luv u di u r amazing fab hm

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