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Lights camera action…..
Recap : twinj at college n mahi entry

The episode starts with kunj seeing twinkle irritated face n thinks to tease her ….
K : oh mahi I missed u so much jaan
M : I missed u too bha….before she could complete kunj cuts her n says I know u missed me too jaan
T: ye jaan jaan kya laga rakha hai …..??
M : come I’ll make u meet my friend
She turns n looks at twinkle who was burning in jealousy…..
M : hey twinkle this is kunj my
K : mahi first go inside then we will talk …
M : ok but this is twinkle flat no….
Twinj : yeah we r sharing this flat
M: what’s this bhai doing is she bhai gf she thinks n smiles ….
They went inside n twinkle goes to bring some snacks for them ……..
M : ahha ahha bhai what’s this happening
K : nothing mahi just teasing this siyappa queen
M: siyappa queen????
K : twinkle
M : wow that means twinkle is my bhabhi
Kunj coughs heavily n says no it’s nothing like that mahi u know na I am waiting for jasmin only
M : bhai but we don’t know when u too will meet
K :I had a belief we will meet soon ….
Twinkle comes there n they trio talks n have fun together …..
Suddenly twinkle phone beeps n she looks at the message n smiles replying back
Mahi n kunj goes go kunj room to talk while twinkle was waiting for someone….

In kunj room …..
M : bhai I came here to talk to u bhai maa wants
to talk to u bhai plz call her once
K : u know na mahi I don’t want to talk to her …
M: bhai plz just for my sake plz bhai
K : ok mahi if u say so ..
Kunj calls usha ……n she picks up the call ..
Usha : I know kunj u will call me
K : ma don’t think much I called just for mahi
U : kunj beta plz come back to India plz
K : no maa many years before I ask u not to send me but u didn’t listen I’ll not come to India
U : but kunj ….
K : bye maa he ends call he has tears in his eyes ….while mahi consoles kunj
On the other side :
Twinkle was waiting patiently when uv comes there n twinkle hugs him tightly kunj sees this n get jealous too
Uv : hey baby doll what’s up
K:baby doll what’s is this baby doll (murmurs)
T : u came uv u know I was missing u soo much
Uv : mee too baby doll actually I came here for
Kunj eyes them n get jealous……

T : come uv I’ll make u meet my friends …
Uv : ok baby doll he comes forward….
T : so uv this is mahi n kunj n this is uv my bff
K : pressing his teeths nice to meet u
Yuvi n mahi sees eo n both get lost in eo eyes
There was a awkward silence when kunj breaks it n says mahi it’s too late now
M : yeah bhai it’s got late today
T : bhai ?????
M : yeah twinkle he is my brother kunj
T : ohh hmm
Uv : baby doll u know I have to talk to u
T : uv I have to make dinner then we will talk
Uv : ok baby doll
K : kya baby doll baby doll she is my siyappa
queen (murmurs)
M : bhai u said something
K : no why will I
Twinkle goes to make dinner followed by yuhi n kunj stands there in jealousy…

In India :
Business meet :
There was business meet going on …
Tanejas n sarnas comes there in their cars with
full attitude n again passed death glare to eo
Rt along with leela n Manohar along with come inside n sits on the tables there
Surjeet along with Anita also comes there ….
Anita meets leela n they have a talk
A: so leela how R U ??
L : I am fine Anita ….
A : so did twinkle called u …
L : u know na Anita she doesn’t want to talk to me as she thinks we send her purposefully…..
A: don’t worry leela everything will be fine I have send uv to Germany so that he meets twinkle n they both like eo ……
L : hope soo ….
(So guys Anita n leela had send uv to Paris so that twinkle n uv knows eo but they r just friends )
On the other side …..

Twinj along with yuhi r in the kitchen they were having fun while preparing lunch …..
Suddenly uv makes an excuse n goes from there leaving twinj alone …..
Twinkle hairs was coming on hwr face kunj sees her struggling
K : can I help u ??
T : yeah sure …..
Kunj moves her n tucks it behind twinkle could feel kunj touch they both lost in eo eyes …
Sajna ve plays ……
Yuvi comes outside n hugs mahi from behind she smiles n turns to look at yuvi. …
The screen freezes on couples face ??
So guys like the epi
Plz do comment
Yuhi knows eo ????
Did Anita n leela will succeed in making twiraj one
Will twinj get to know about their childhood friends
Stay tuned with me only ??
Ba byeee
Love u all
Do read keep commenting n stay tuned

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    Sameera di
    N I think so that yuhi know eo
    Let see ………
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    Amazing ….
    Their jealousy..❤❤
    Thank god yuhi are together….

  5. Thanmy

    Wow dii Amazing you made my mood good I was in sooo much stress thanq u soooo much diii I just loved it specially kunj jealousy it was tooooo good

  6. Fan

    Awesome epi sam!..btw iam confused..yuhi know eo??

  7. SidMin

    Sameera Loved it
    Their Jealousy and Yuhi already know each other I think they are in love so waiting for the next episode to know more about
    will Anita n leela be successful in making twiraj one
    Will twinj get to know about their childhood friends that is Sid being Kunj and Jas being Twinkle 🙂

  8. Sanjanaagrawal

    Awesome …. ?????

  9. Nice…i badly miss sid bhaya koi 2 meri help karu un ka contact kahe re lawo plzz

  10. Sayeeda

    Yuhi are already a couple… Sahi hai….

    Twinj sooooooooo cute… Do dil mil rhe hai magar chupke chupke… Too adorning episode yrr ??…

    Specially Twinj burning in jealousy was the best part….
    Sam Jaan u r too good.. U always fulfill my demand….
    Tum Puri krdeti ho isiliye main aur demand krti hoon… Phir se next demand aaree wahi purani wali hai..
    Jaldi post krde plzzzzz ????……

    Loved the episode to the core…
    Love u ??

  11. The last part was shock….more of surprise type…..luvd it…..amazyn….CNT sooon

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    Kunj aur twinkle dono jaal ke khak ho gaye???
    Really Sam it was Amazing
    N yuhi already love eo…wow??
    Love u

  14. Aksa(SidMin's and the ff writers die hard fan...)

    Wow…luved twinj’s scenes and the jealousy..uff yaar kab in do no ko pata chalega ek dusre ke baare me….can’t wait for that epi..plzz dii indo no ko milado…overall the epi was fantastic….

  15. Really nice sameera!!! Awesome…. I loved the jealousy parts.. What fun??

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    Yuhi toh set hai. ????????

    Or rahi baaat humarien bachapan ke love birds ki. …………….
    Tu unhein set kardegi. Toh lya chinta darling ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Aur bata kaisi hai.
    Sam i wanna ask one thing u r in which class nd wats ur age. I am in 11th grade and 15 yrs.

    Cming to episode it’s awesome as usual.
    Luv u ❤️❤️?

  17. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute epi

  18. Amazing

  19. Rashiverma2199

    Wow…..Sam….episode was too cute….jealous twinkle …??

  20. Romaisha

    Yaar DAT was the 1st question came to mind. UV and mahi knows each other. Kya?? Huh?? So lost right now!!
    Jealousy wala twinj .. How cute yaar ???
    Can’t wait for u to reveal these mysteries .. Post soon
    Love u ❤❤

  21. Angita


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  23. Baby

    oh my god sameera di
    wowwwww so yuhi no eo
    n dis leela n anita
    oh god n shckd bt luvd it
    n also di ealous twinj were amazing
    n hlka sa twinj ka kitchen romance ohhhhhhh miss it a lot
    luv u di
    post nxt asap
    adorably angelic episode

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