ishq forever (ishra, swasan,arshi,raglak) (Epi-20)

Ragini comes out after several minutes . she comes smiling .
Laksh : ragini , where did u go suddenly
Ragini : laksh , i had a feeling of nausea several days before , so i consulted a doctor , she did several tests
She gets teary eyed and smiles
She is now telling that i am pregnant
Laksh shouts really
Ragini says laksh shhh and smiles
Laksh lifts her

Ragini says chodo laksh , what r u doing ?
Ragini : chodo laksh , babies will be angry wid u if u trouble their mumma
Laksh gets surprised and leaves ragini down
Laksh : babies ?
Ragini smiles and says han babies , doc says that it may be twins . she says my symptoms say so
Laksh hugs her

Ishitha gains consciousness , she takes the baby and caresses him . raman smiles seeing ishitha
Ruhi hugs ishitha and cries and says mumma i thought u will leave me and go .
Ishitha : can ruhi’s mumma ever leave her and go , ur mumma will not go anywhere
Laksh says bhabi give me my chotu
Ishitha says lo and gives him the baby
Ragini says aram se , aur adat dallo yeh sab karne ki ?
Laksh smiles

Ragini says actually , i want to tell u all something . actually , chotu will have sister or brother soon . so he will not be bored
Ish : are u serious ?
Swara : really di and hugs her . Ragini says doctor says it may be twins
All get really happy

One year later…..
Mahseshwari mansion is fully seen in darkness . a lady comes there with candles . she is revealed to be ragini
Ragini : ishu bhabi , tell ramu kaka to switch on the inverter
Ishu : inverter mein kuch problem hain , yahan aa jao

Ragini comes to the living room and sees the whole family sitting there
Kushi says tmrw is my wedding and today no power , what is this
Raman : itne bade ghar mein , i am surprised that these silly problems r happening
Ragini : its ok , everything happens for good , ok where are arushi and atharv (raglak’s babies)
Ish : arushi , atharv , adi and ruhi , everybody slept now come and sit wid us and pulls ragini
Ragini : shall we play truth or dare . ishitha says good idea
So kushi rotate the bottle . the bottle rotates and stops at sanskar
All shout . ishitha: truth or dare . sanskar : truth
Ish : tho batao sanskar , who is the most beautiful person for u after swara

Sanskar : first is swara ,then ishu bhabi and my bestie forever ragini
Ragini and ishitha and swara smile
Ishitha : bach gaye everybody laugh
Ishitha rotates the bottle , it stops at laksh
Raman : tho laksh truth or dare ? laksh goes wid dare

Raman : tho ek gana ga ke dikao
Laksh : no please , no , u all know how terrible i am in singing
. everybody say u have to do laksh
Laksh sings tum hi ho seeing ragini . raglak share a sweet eyelock . ragini smiles
Ragini says u sing much better now laksh . ishitha says if there is love in something , it makes anything more beautiful . laksh smiles seeing ragini

The bottle next stops at arnav
Ishitha : arnav , u hate danving , right ? tho ek dance tho banti hai , kushi ki help le lo
Arshi dance on jeena jeena
They get lost in each other while dancing
Everybody clap for them

To be continued……..

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  1. Loved Raglak scenes

  2. Awesome episode and Raglak scenes are beautiful

  3. Asra

    awesome dear….loved it alot….raglak scenes r supper dear….game superbbb dear….tkcr dear….

  4. Jasminerahul

    it’s a surprise that ragini is pregnant with twins.sweet raglak scene.thank God ishita is fine.ishita ruhi scene was touchy..especially the year leap was unexpected. nice to see kids.laksh singing tum hi ho for ragini was romantic. loved ishita saying that love makes anything beautiful hinting that its laksh’s love which made his song beautiful. arshi dance was romantic

  5. sooo romantic updt..ragini is ptegnent wow gald to hear….super dear

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