ishq forever (ishra, swasan,arshi,raglak) (Epi-14)

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thanks a lot jasmine rahul di , anu , neha , asra di , isuri ,mica di , jyoti di , sri , ritu and Jannatul.Nayma09.

raman says kushi i had to attend a party today . i need to attend it but i am stuck wid a imp meeting , laksh and sanskar are also busy . so will u please attend the party on my behalf . kushi says sure bhaiya . suddenly arnav enters , he says jiju come lets go . raman says actually i am stuck with a meeting arnav , can u take kushi along wid u . she will accompany u . kushi says what i should go wid arnav ji is it ?arnav says no problem , i will take her wid me . kushi says ok , i will go and get ready .
Kushi asks ishitha , bhabi what shall i wear , ishitha says kushi , u are always traditional , wear something western , see this and shows a knee length blue dress . kushi says ishu bhabi , u know i dont like such type of dresses . ishitha says kushi u will look beautiful , just wear it na ?

Kushi comes wearing the dress . arnav gets mesmerised seeing her . he keeps looking at her . kushi says shall we go arnav ji ? arnav does not respond . kushi says arnav ji . arnav comes to his senses and says what ? kushi says chale ? arnav says yes sure and they leave
kushi calls the waiter and drinks the juice . she says why am i feeling so dizzy . arnav holds kushi
the waiter says omg , i have served that girl drinks by mistake . another man says leave it , if somebody know they will scold us only . the waiter says fine and goes away
kushi says arnav ji this drink tastes so good , she calls the waiter and drinks one more glass .
she says 1 arnav ji , 2 arnav ji and 3arnav ji , arnav ji do u have twin brother why r u looking like three people to me ? arnav says kushi , i think u drank the wrong juice . kushi says no arnav ji its really tasty .

kushi says shall i tell u one think and whispers in arnav’s ear , u look really cuteand laughs like a mad . arnav smiles seeing her
maheshwari mansion……
laksh says finally my wife is home . ragini says laksh the case i was working is over . i am absolutely free now and goes she trips over something and is about to fall but laksh holds her . they share a romantic eyelock . he says i want to hold u like this forever my jaan (zalima song plays in bg ) . ragini smiles , she says i guess u forgot something
laksh : what
rag:tmrw is our 2nd anniversary and u forgot ours , right ? very bad laksh

laksh : i am sorry
but ragini was gone . he says now i should convince her
abhishek comes to maheshwari house , he says ishitha di, ashok is caught , he is in my custody now , nothing can go wrong here after
ishitha: thanks a lot abhishek , its a great news and how is mihika
abhishek : she is really very fine actually she is pregnant .
ishitha says really , thats great abhishek , i am so happy fr u both
raman comes there . abhishek says raman ashok is caught
raman : what , r u serioous thanks a lot abhishek , its all because of u
ish: now atleast i dont need to worry about raman’s worries
raman says i am only too concerned for our family
ishitha says ok , and smiles seeing raman , she and raman share a eyelock .
swara is seen cooking in kitchen . sanskar silently comes and stands outside the kitchen
swara says office nahi gaye ?
sanskar: how did u find that i am here

swara caresses sanskar and says because pati dev i can feel u , i know ur presence
sanskar : really and goes close to swara just then ishitha enters
ish: sorry , lagta hai galat time pe a gayi
swara : bhabi kahan ja rahi hai , ayiye
ishitha comes in and says , i told swara not to cook , but she is not listening sanskar , tell her , i am there na .
swara : sanskar , see ur bhabi , she is pregnant and is so reluctant to do all work , very bad bhabi , i will not allow u to do any work ok ? thats final , this is ur sabse choti devrani’s order
ishitha goes and hugs swara and says u r so cute , ok baba i will not do any work , god , why have given me such cute devranis , one is that ragini who is taking care of me so much and u , u r more than sisters to me
swara : yes u r also like a sister to me

ragini joins them , she says bhabi u in the kitchen , why ? we r there na ?
ish: why should i worry if ihave two cute sisters like u , i am going ,happy ?
swara and ragini together says very good
ishitha says ek selfie ho jaye ?
they click selfies together

precap: arnav brings kushi home . he does not get sleep . in maheshwari mansion kushi keeps thinking about arnav

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  2. Interesting episode and plz write more Raglak scenes

    1. thanks a lot , sure , next epi will have more raglak scenes

  3. Nice dear

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  4. Jasminerahul

    khushi in western dress and Arnav lost in had worn a blue dress in one of the functions.I was imagining khushi in that look.drunk khushi and arnav scene was so cute and funny.raglak scene was very romantic with zalima song.waiting to see what will laksh do on anniversary. ishita swara ragini scene was so nice.lovely bonding. glad that abhishek arrested ashok.mihika is preg. wow.please show abhika scenes too.
    I have updated kuch khatti..vivah..tere sang

    1. thanks a lot di .
      thank u for informing , will surely read and comment

  5. Asra

    awesome dear…arnav kushi scenes so cute…raglak scenes r supper dear…loved it…waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear…

    1. thank u so much di , glad that u liked raglak scenes . will update soon

  6. lovely update ragini ishita and swara scene was cute pls continue soon

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