ishq forever (ishra, swasan, arshi, raglak) (epi-2)

Ishitha says sanskar , laksh and raman , take care of the house , we r going to swara’s house . sanskar asks why ? we cant come is it? Ishitha says sanskar will u apply mehendi . raman laughs , ishitha says u r so desperate to meet swara ? sanskar says ishu bhabi u r always making fun of me . ishitha says ok ok , I will not make fun of u . ragini says I will make fun of u , what will u do ? sanskar says this is ur work , u have no work other than making fun of me (guys here , ragini and sanskar r childhood best friends, ragini used to come to maheshwari mansion , from the childhood ragini had a crush on laksh ). Ishitha says ab bas karo donon(now stop both of u ) . sanskar says this girl is always arguing bhabi , ragini..u r a lawyer at court not here ok . ragini says sanskar chup raho tum (sanskar be quite ) .

ishitha says what Is this kushi doing till now , I will go and check . ishitha goes to kushi’s room , she says kushi u did not get ready till now wait I will make u ready and starts combing her hair . kushi looked pretty in the pink lehenga . she says bhabi nobody can take ur place , I am so fortunate to have a bhabi like u . I lost my parents at the age of 13 . and after that u came to our family as an angel , u solved all our problems and has been like our mother for six years . ishitha says kushi my make up will get spoilt if I cry . don’t talk such emotional things and cries . kushi hugs her .ishitha and kushi go and join ragini amd ruhi to go to gadodia mansion
Ishitha and all the women of maheshwari family enter gadodia house . they get welcomed by sharmishta . swara goes and hugs ishitha . ragini says shona u forgot me , after getting new bhabi , I am ur sister and ya know I am ur bhabi too , swara says ok baba and hugs ragini . ishitha smiles .

Three dancers wid gungat (veil) come and start dancing , while the designer applies mehendi to swara . swara smiles happily . ishitha says aunty ji why was the need to call rajasthani dancers ? sharmishta says last time when ragini got married , everything was done according to bengali traditions , this time everything will be done wid rajasthani traditions ok . ishitha says tik hai aunty ji and smiles .
Swara smiles seeing sanskar’s name on her mehendi . ishitha says , u r blushing so much seeing sanskar’s name on ur mehendi , what will u do if he comes here . swara smiles shyly .

One of the women dancers lifts her veil , and sees swara , swara sees the woman and gets shocked , she says sanskar….and smiles . raman who was also dressed as a dancer comes near sanskar and says sanskar stop seeing at swara and continue dancing . sanskar says we came to see only na. raman says buddhu come and pulls sanskar and starts dancing again . ruhi was playing wid her friends , she comes running and hits sanskar , sanskar falls down , she says sorry aunty , while sanskar realises that his veil had fallen down . he says hey bhagwan…….. it was too late , all the ladies see him and laugh ,a lady says swara is too lucky to get a husband like sanskar , swara smiles . ishitha sees him and says sanskar tum . sanskar says bhabi am sorry but see them . ishitha says them? Sanskar goes and takes the veil of raman and laksh too . ishitha gets shocked . she says aap log ?

sanskar says bhabi this was these two people’s idea it was not me. Sharmishta says ok now that u have come ,u attend mehendi and go . kushi laughs . after some time swara sees her hand . ishitha says oh ur mehendi is so dark , in olden days people used to say that how much ever dark the mehendi will be that much the bride will be loved by her husband .a lady says that is already seen ishitha , dulha loves dulhania so much that he is ready to don lady avtar and come to meet his wife . swara and sanskar look at each other and smile . they get lost in each other’s eye . they share a romantic eyelock (tum hi ho plays In background).
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  3. Jasminerahul

    ragini had crush on sanskar.shocking.does anyone know abt it?ishita khushi scene was so emotional.missed arshi.raman n sanskar as dancing girls at mehendi func was so funny.swasan eyelock with tum hi ho on bg was very romantic

    1. no no di, ragini had a crush on laksh , sanskar and ragini were only best friends . thank u so much for the comment

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    Really lovely nice

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