ishq forever (ishra, swasan, arshi, raglak) (Epi-19)

Arnav and kushi reach city hospital . kushi cries
Arnav: kuch nahi hoga ishu di ko and gets worried
He calls raman and informs
Raman and the whole family arrive at city hospital
Swara : sab meri galti hai , i should have not let her go alone
Raman gets a call
He says what , it was ashok’s wife shagun ?
Abhishek : yes it was ashok’s wife shagun who did the accident .
Raman : if i come there , i will kill her , i will kill her
Abhishek : she accepted her crime and shot herself , she said she did this fr her husband
aman throws his phone angrily and breaks down . he says i am nothing without ishitha and gets teary eyed
Sanskar and laksh console him
Ruhi hugs swara and cries
Doctor comes out
Raman : doctor is ishitha fine
Doc: i cant say anything right now , patient is really critical and we dont know if we will be able to save baby . we r trying our best to save both mother and the baby
Ramn holds doc’s hands and says pls doctor save my ishu .
Swara says to ruhi .ruhi pata hai , bagwan bacchon ki bat sunte hai , so if u go and pray for ur mumma , he will make her alright
Ruhi goes and prays to god

Nurse comes out wid a baby and says congratulations mr . bhalla , u r blessed wid a baby boy , but the patient has gone into coma
Raman gets shocked and sits in shock . he says eisa nahi ho sakta
Ragini takes the baby from nurse . she gives the baby to raman and says bhaiya , i am sure bhabi will get up , so take him , see he is crying so much
Raman takes the baby from ragini and goes inside to see ishitha . he holds ishitha’s hands and cries . he says i will never get angry wid anyone , u always say na , dont get angry wid anybody ,see ishu , our son is waiting for us , why dnt u get up and cries.
Ruhi comes there and says mumma , ut jao na ?
The baby cries . raman tries to console the baby .
Ruhi : papa yahan dekiye
Raman sees ishitha’s hand moving . he gets happy he says mujhe patha tha ki tum utogi
Ishitha slowly opens her eyes

Raman shows the baby and says hamara baccha and gives the baby to ishitha . ishitha kisses the baby . the baby stops crying
She gives the baby to raman and faints . raman says ishu , what happened ishu andtries to wake her up
Doc : she is really weak , thats why she is not able to regain consciousness , dont worry , she willbe alright soon
Raman takes the baby out
Ragini says mujhe dijiye bhaiya and takes baby from him . arnav says nahi nahi mujhe do . kushi says no i am bua ,i have the right , give him . all start arguing . swara says stop now , we will start from smaller to elders , first ruhi , then , kushi , than arnav , ok . all agree
Ragini goes somewhere . laksh follows her . she goes inside a room
Laksh stops and thinks what is she doing now

To be continued…….

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  1. Fairy

    Superb uodate…waitng for raglak???? loved it??keep rockng n stay blessed???

    1. thanks a lot

  2. Jasminerahul

    thank God. ishita and baby are’s a boy.was shocked to hear that ishita is in coma. but thanks for not dragging the coma track and bringing out ishita from coma. shocking that as ashok instructed its his wife shagun who did the accident and due to guilt she shot herself.but I wonder if shagun did suicide or ashok killed her.what’s raglak upto?

    1. thanks a lot

  3. Superb dear

    1. thank u dear

    1. thank u

    1. thank u

  4. Asra

    superbbb dear…where ragini s going…eagerly waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear..m

    1. thanks a lot di

  5. Dharani


    1. thanks a lot di , ur dp is superb

  6. awesome update so shagun did the accident she shot herself after accepting the crime everyone was worried for ishita doctor said he will try to save baby and mother after sometime nurse came with baby boy and said patient have gone into coma raman started crying loved the way ragini consoled raman he went inside with baby and ruhi loved his emotional talk ishita wokeup and kissed baby but again fainted

    1. thanks a lot for the detailed comment

  7. ohhh finally ishita is alri8 ..argument for baby was sooo nice

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