ishq forever (ishra, swasan, arshi, raglak) (Epi-17)

Swara comes wearing a beautiful yellow saree
She sits in front of the mirror and dries her hair

Suddenly sanskar hugs her from behind .
And says u look so beautiful
Swara : really , i thought sarees dont suit me and this is the first time i am wearing sarees , ishu bhabi tells i would look beautiful if i wear sarees
Sanskar holds her close and says ishu bhabi is right and my wife is the most beautiful person in this world
Swara says really and goes towards the dressing table and takes the sindhoor box and hands it over to sanskar
Sanskar applies sindhoor in swara’s forehead .swara smiles and says sanskar i am married , i cant believe this
Sanskar , u have to believe this because ur husband is standing before u
Swara : i never thought that i will fall in love wid my sister’s best friend
Sanskar : did ur sister think that she will fall in love wid her best friend’s brother
Swara : god makes these relationships , ishitha bhabi also would not have thought about her life after her arranged marriage, she is so happy , she is a strong pillar of our family
Sanskar says u r right and hugs her

Meanwhile , anjali asks arnav what happened to him
He says the whole incident of goons following kushi and she taking care of him
Anjali : kushi is such a sweet girl
Arnav : ya i know that , btw i want to ask u something
Anjali : ask
Arnav : what does it mean if we keep remembering one person everytime and we worry for them if they r in trouble , how to get rid of that thought ?
Anjali : if this happens wid somebody , they should not get rid of their thoughts , it means that they have fallen in love
Arnav: no , how can asr fall in love
Anjali : what then it was about u , arnav
And smiles . she says i dont know whom u r talking about but i am so happy for we lost our parents at a young age . u worked hard and u r in such a great height now and hugs him
Anjali : u deserve happiness , u always be engrossed in ur work , u should not be like that , tell me who the girl in ur life is
Arnav : i dont know this is love or not , this may not be love , but i am somehow attracted to kushi

Maheshwari mansion…
Kushi : this is what is happening everytime i see arnav
Swara : i am happy that u shared this wid me , u thought i will help me out
Kushi : i know , all my bhabis are wonderfull ,but i cant go and tell ishu bhabi tht i am attracted towards her brother and if i tell it to ragini bhabi she will first go and tell this to laksh bhaiya , because she cant keep anything in her stomach
Swara : true (smiling) and this is what they call love , u dont know why u r attracted to that person but u r attracted
Kushi thinks , i dont know what they call this , love or friendship or just infatuation but i am surely happy wid him being around me

To be continued…

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  1. Fairy

    Hehehhe ragini? …awesome uodate dr….waitng for raglak scenes…keep rockng n stay bkessed??

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  2. Jasminerahul

    swasan scene was so romantic. i loved it.liked anjali arnav and khushi swara scene.arshi are still confused of their feelings.hope they realize that they are in love

    1. thanks a lot , glad that u liked swasan and arshi scenes

  3. Jasminerahul

    plz do check vivah and kuch katti

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  4. Asra

    awesome dear…

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  5. Awesom dear…sswasan scens r toooo cute….n swara n khushi’s conversation is very nice…tk care dear n com vd lots of swasan scens

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  6. Mica

    awesome part Varshini, ughh cute Swasan and confused Arnav.. just like Arnav 😀

    1. thanks a lot mica di , the next epi is updated , do have a look

  7. superb update

  8. awsom part dear

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