ishq forever (ishra, swasan, arshi, raglak) (epi-1)

A beautiful girl wid haldi all over her face is seen . she says ma di kahan hai , why did she not come till now . another middle aged woman says shona , ragini aa jayegi (ragini will come) . yes it was our beautiful swara . she says ma I cant wait more , I want ragini di to come as soon as possible . sharmishta says swara she is not only ur sis but also the DIL of maheshwari family.
Meanwhile a beautiful house is shown . a young lady is applying haldi to a handsome boy , the boy says ishu bhabi bas , how much more will u apply . yes the young lady was our ishitha and the boy was sanskar. Mein bhi lagaungi says a beautiful girl . she applies a handful of haldi to sanskar . sanskar says choti……ishita says kushi yeh kya hai . kushi says ishu bhabi why r u scolding me , how many times will I get this chance . ishitha smiles han tik hai and hugs kushi , kushi asks ishu bhabi where is princess ? ishitha says voh khel rahi hai , rita ke sath . kushi says rita has come wow , ishitha says yes abjaki di is coming today . kushi says ur bro is also coming . ishitha says no , I don’t hink he will come , he has a lot of work . other than work he does not know anything . kushi smiles , she thinks wow great so asr is not coming , if he comes also he will fight or disturb me , it is better that he is not coming . ishitha asks kushi what r u thinking . kushi says nothing ishu bhabi , I am going to rita and ruhi and join them . ishitha says when will this girl become big . sanskar smiles . kushi goes to ruhi’s room . she says hi ruhi , ruhi comes and hugs her . she says kushi bua , where were u from morning . kushi asks where were u madam . ruhi says I was wid rita . kushi says u forgot me ? ruhi says mein apko kaise bhool sakti hun and hugs kushi , kushi kisses ruhi . just then rita comes there . she says hi kushi bua and hugs her . kushi asks , ruhi where is ur father ?

Ruhi tells mujhe kaise pata hoga . kushi says tik hai khelo mein aati hun . she goes from there , takes some flowers which ishitha asked and comes running . she collides wid a young man and is about to fall when the man holds her and the flowers fall on both of them (rabba ve plays in the bg ) . she says u ? arnav ? yes the handsome young man was arnav.. arnav says yes , me? . kushi asks cant u see and walk . arnav says kushi , it was not me who collided wid u . kushi asks what do u want to say . u always find reasons to fight wid me , it was not me who collided , it was u . ishu bhabi told me to bring flowers and u spoiled the whole thing . arnav says it was not me but u . ishitha says why r u both fighting again . kushi says he pushed all the flowers . arnav says me? Kushi just stop it was u . ishita says dono bas karo ab , kushi come wid me and help me . and arnav will go and take care of ruhi and rita please . arnav says what ? no di I have a lot of work . ishitha says arnav just do it , all r very busy . kushi makes funny faces . arnav angrily stares at her and goes from there .

Gadodia house
A beautiful girl says mein aa gayi , shonu and hugs swara . swara says ragini di, why did u delay this much . ragini says ur sweetheart’s haldi took a lot of time shona . swara blushes . ragini says ohoh….and smiles . ishitha goes towards her room when suddenly somebody kisses her , ishitha was shocked by the sudden kiss , she says raman , dara diya aapne . raman laughs . ishitha says why r laughing , it is ur bro’s haldi and u r coming this much late . raman says sorry ishitha . ishitha says fine then , where is laksh . raman says he directly went to swara’s house , ragini will be feeling lonely na . ishitha smiles and says ab chalo , sanskar is waiting for u .

Ragini applies haldi on swara . swara smiles . it was the happiest day in her life . she hugs ragini .

Laksh comes to ragini and applies haldi on her . ragini says laksh , all r seeing us . laksh says did I apply haldi to some other girl , u r my wife yar . ragini smiles and applies haldi on laksh too , laksh smiles and they have a cute eyelock . swara calls ragini di , ragini says mein aa rahi hun and goes from there . swara says ragini di ek selfie lo na please , ragini says sure and takes a selfie .

Precap: swara’s mehendi

Please drop ur views guys ,tell me how I should improve . thank u so much for taking ur time and reading my ff

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    1. thank u so much

    1. thank u so much

  2. Jasminerahul

    all family moments were nice.ishita sanskar khushi rita ruhi scenes were cute.arshi rabba ve moment was romantic.but they r fighting like kids.raman kissing ishita as a surprise was romantic.raglak haldi scene was so romantic.loved ragini swara moment too.

    plz update ur ragsan ff.luv it

    1. thank u so much di , will update ragsan ff soon

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    Nice update dr..raglak were cute

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    It’s Really Interestingggg!!!!!!!!!!

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    Di loved it… How are you?
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        I am fine, di, I am really happy that you liked my ff di.

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    Wow lovely written but can it be translated in English to as well hindi kind off weak pls

    1. thank u so much , will translate all the hindi words in english here after

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    oh this one…… such a good start of the story…. you are amazing

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