Ishq F(o)re(ver) (Intro)

Ishq F(o)re(ver):
The story revolves around a boy named Dev. Dev is a very rich and successful businessman .He has everything one could die for. Dev was trying for years to get that chance. He wanted to merge with the “MALHOTRA’S & COMPANY” from the very first day he entered in this world of business and was just a step closer to achieve his dream but then the mystery reveals.

The Malhotra’s think that Dev is engaged (thanks to our lovely media) and are eager to meet his fiancée. Dev tried to tell them that he wasn’t engaged and the news was just a rumour ,but Mrs.Malhotra didn’t listened to him and without even thinking put the condition in front of Dev that they(Malhotra’s) are going to merge with Dev’s company only when Dev comes with his fiancée on the day of merger. Here Dev was in so much delima because he doesn’t know what to do .Atlast Dev comes up with his best idea ,the idea only he can think of, and the idea was to heir a fiancée.Now the problem was, who’s gonna be his heired fiancée?

He thought of every girl he knows(which were max.1 to 2) but he couldn’t think of anyone.But then his brain strikes,he can thought of only one girl to be his fiancée.And the girl was Ms.Bose(as he calls her) She was his mother’s nutritionist and his no.1 enemy.Although Dev is not a guy that grudges on anyone but Sonakshi was something else.He can’t even think properly when he is beside her.This feeling is so unfamiliar to him so he had given this feeling a name, and it’s “enemies” for him.


  1. DevSona



    Hello my awesome readers? As i wrote this with the speed of 50km/min(sorry if it doesn’t make any sense) so..I was saying that as I wrote it in so hurry and was so excited to submit it that I forgot to re-check the chap. and clicked the submit button.But when I checked afterwards,I got to know that I’ve messed with some words(which few of u are obvio. gonna notice) and I am feeling very bad about it. List of some words which I messed up:
    P.S.-feel free to correct my any mistake and thank u so much for reading my post?

  2. ibtesam

    dont worry dear author …we understand …^_^ ..n even ur mstks luks lyk shrtfrms…^_~

  3. Ishwa

    nyc story.. as i m not watching diz serial… then also i got a clear view abt that by your story.. so myc

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