ISHQ FOREVER | chapter 9


Karthik’s POV

Her phone was still switched off…I was getting really worried now. Then I thought of calling Naksh..or maybe naira’s maa.
Yes that’s what I will do..let me call her.

“hello karthik?” came the voice, it was naira’s.

I felt so relieved hearing her voice. Thank god she was okay!!

“Hello..where the hell are you? I was really worried you…” I said.

“Karthik I’m really sorry for leaving you guys..but this is the case..I’m at the hospital right now..” She said in a low voice.

“Hospital? why? who?” I mind was filled with questions.

She sighed.

“yes hospital..because of tara bhabi and the baby..” she replied..her voice suddenly broke…she was crying

“Naira. I’m coming there right now” I said.

“Don’t!” she said “I will let you know when to”

She end the call. How dare she go against me!!!

Naira’s POV.

I didn’t want karthik coming and seeing us cry! I knew he was really sensitive!

Maa was still holding Naksh’s daughter. She was really cute. She had bhai’s eyes and bhabi’s nose.
That was the only thing we could say for now.

Bhai was crying seeing her daughter’s state. I walked up to them, to get another chance of holding the baby.

“Let me hold her now” I pleaded.
“Here” said maa handing over the baby.

I held her close..she was really warm. I touched her rosy cheeks.

“Aww” I cooed, feeling how fluffy it was.

“She is an idol of you..when you were little” maa said.

I laughed.

“We need to feed her..come visit her soon” said the nurse. She got the baby from me.

I couldn’t help that tear, jumping out from my eyes! So did did bhai.

“Naira, now you’ve seen the baby…you can go home” said bhai “We’ll let you know about the progress every now and then.

Just few minutes ago, I wanted to be at home..but now I wanted to stay here.

“Can I stay for a while?” I asked.

“Your brother is right naira..go have this something for diner with this.” she said handing over me money. “Call a friend over if you feel bored”

I nodded. “Call me and let me know if anything happens..Bye”

“Bye” said bhai and maa.

I waved them a goodbye and left.

I got home eventually, getting some snacks with me too. I opened the door.The house which was always happy, and noisy was now dead silent.

Suddenly the idea popped up..calling Karthik!

Karthik’s POV.

I couldn’t believe it when she called me over!!! She was home alone!! this meant we could spend quality time together.

I got dressed in my ‘lucky t-shirt’ and my favourite jeans, and hopped on my bike.

I was off!!

Precap: Naira and karthik’s ‘quality time!’


So how was the chapter?

next chapter will be filled with some kaira moments!

hope you guys enjoy it.


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  1. Vrushy

    Awsome update.
    Can’t wait for next.
    How about Natara for Naksh and tara’s daughter !!

  2. Loved it!!!
    And coming to the name then how about twinkle?
    Eagerly waiting for the next!!!

  3. Vinni05

    Really nyc one
    Can’t wait for next

  4. awesome

  5. Well it was literally awesome and ya
    And ya how about NATASHA as Naksh and Tara’s baby 🙂

  6. Cute

    Naintara + Naksh = Naina
    Naksh + Tara = Tarakshi

    or jo aapne socha ho woh !!:)

    waiting for next.

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