Ishq F(o)re(ver) Chapter 9 {Part-3} [Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi & Ek Duje Ke Vaaste]

Ishq F(o)re(ver) : Chapter-9 Part 3 [Merger Day Special (Last)]

Sonakshi : You’ll have to do Sumo and Shravan. NO MORE EXCUSES!
Dev : I agree.
Sonakshi : *Looks at Dev* Thanks.
Suman : But…
Shravan : *Holds her hand*
Suman : What?
Shravan : We’ll do it.
Suman : Shravan….
Shravan : Suman, we’ll do it. And that’s final…
Sonakshi : Yay!

Firstly, it was the turn of our Anniversary couple. They danced on a beautiful song ‘Humdard’. Even after 25 years of their marriage, they look like they were madly in love. Sonakshi was overwhelmed after watching them. She also had wished her love life to be like this, just like a fairy tale. She had dreamt of her prince charming coming on a white horse with a gorgeous smile and take her with him. Just as she was thinking, one hand was kept on her shoulder,breaking her trance.

Dev : Sonakshi, It’s our turn now.
Sonakshi : Uh?….ummm…yaa…yaa…let’s go.
Dev : *exceeds his hand towards her*
Sonakshi : *takes it with a stern smile on her face*

They both went to the floor and the song ‘Dekha Hazaro Dafa’ started playing. Sonakshi kept her left hand on Dev’s shoulder and right hand in Dev’s left hand. Similarly Dev kept his right hand on Sonakshi’s waist and left in her right hand. Their style was slow dancing so, it didn’t bothered them much. Other than Sonakshi’s fast, pounding heart, which was making her feel nervous. She had never experienced this closeness with anyone and most probably any boy [or any Dev XD]. Her hand was sweating and she was afraid if Dev got to know about her behaviour, what he will think of her. But little did she know that Dev was feeling the same. He also had never been close to anybody like this. It was kinda awkward, but it felt soothing. He was enjoying it. He liked the feeling he gets when he is around Sonakshi.
Suddenly Sonakshi tilted her face up and looked in his eyes. Their eyes met and after that, they were not able to break the contact. Both were looking intensely towards each other, as if their eyes were talking. Sonakshi want to shift her gaze, but couldn’t. And she didn’t bothered to know the reason.

After sometime, they heard the applause, which broke their eye-contact. They were so engrossed that they didn’t even know the song ended. Sonakshi felt embarrassed and immediately left the center stage, blushing. Dev followed her.

Dev : Sonakshi…
Sonakshi : huh!
Dev : What happened? Why you left so hurriedly?
Sonakshi : *puzzled* ummm….Dev…I’m…ummm…yeah! I was not feeling well…
Dev : *worried* What? You’re not well? Should we go home? Do you need anything?
Sonakshi : NO NO! Dev, we can’t leave. It’s your day…and I’m okay. I’ll manage..
Dev : There’s no need to manage Sonakshi. If you’re not well, we can leave…
Sonakshi : Please Dev, I want to stay…And I’m okay…please please please….
Dev : Okay. But if you feel anything wrong, let me know…okay?
Sonakshi : *smiles* okay. Thanks…lets go! It’s Suman’s turn now….*she held Dev’s hand and got near the stage*

Now it was the time for Suman and Shravan’s performance. Suman had no idea what she’ll do because they doesn’t even know anything about Salsa. As per her opinion, Shravan was an idiot to accept the challenge. She looked at Shravan, who was walking towards her with a smirk playing on his face.

Shravan : Are you ready?
Suman : *Sarcasm* Yeah yeah! I was born Salsa queen,…let’s go.
Shravan : Woah woah! Not Salsa queen, but you were totally born sarcasm queen. Right?
Suman : Whatever…
Shravan : So, can we go?
Suman : Why are you asking me?
Shravan : *frustrated* Suman Tiwari, you’re just….
Suman : What?
Shravan : Nothing. Come on.

*They went on the stage and the song played- “Toota jo kabhi taara”*

Suman : I still can’t believe you agreed to this.
Shravan : But what’s the problem?
Suman : Shravan? Seriously? I DO NOT KNOW SALSA. And that is what we should be doing right now.
Shravan : Oh that? That’s not a problem here Sunshine. I know salsa.
Suman : “Sunshine?” What? You know salsa? How? (She found it kind of funny. Shravan goes to salsa class? Definetly a joke.)
Shravan : See, I didn’t wanted, but my ex-girlfriend Kiara was fond of dance and especially of salsa style. She forced me to join classes with her and I joined just for fun. Thank god I joined, today it’ll help us in this situation.
Suman : Okay so you know salsa, but I don’t. What do I do?
Shravan : I’ll teach you some basic steps and you just follow. We’ll go through the whole song doing them. No worries at all.
Suman : You sure?
Shravan : 110% sure.
Shravan : Now you walk forward one step and then you walk back on the other. It is the basics of salsa. I will do the opposite as yours. If you get excelled with this manner it will help you doing the other steps.
Suman : Okay. [Does the step] like this?
Shravan : Perfect. You’re doing well at your first time. Okay, now take neutral a position[feet on side by side] in front of me.
(He kept his left hand in her right and his right hand on her back. And guided Suman to keep her left hand on his shoulder)
Suman : Now what?
Shravan : I’ll be the lead and you’re the follow. The step we did earlier is known as ‘On1timing’. After we complete that, I’ll gently press your back and that is the signal for you to take a right turn. As you take the turn, our positions will be swapped. And then, again the On1timing.
Suman : It’s too much to handle.
Shravan : Don’t worry, it’s nothing.

Like that Shravan guided Suman with some basic salsa steps and Suman tried to follow them. It didn’t change anything with their attitude, just that they are listening to each other for the first time. The song ends and the crowd went cheering. They indeed have done great. Sonakshi and Dev were surprised after their performance. Sonakshi didn’t knew that Suman knew salsa. As Suman and Shravan came near, she stopped them and starts with her rants.

Sonakshi : Wow Suman, Shravan. You nailed it.
Shravan : Thank you so much Dr. Bose. I’m glad you enjoyed *smirks*
Dev : *breaking their convo* (jealous much? :P) Shravan, you know salsa?
Shravan : Yeah. It’s the long story, but in short, yes.
Sonakshi : Suman you too?
Suman : Me? NO. I didn’t know how to dance salsa.
Sonakshi : Then how did you?….*looks at Shravan* OMG! You taught her. You freaking taught her..but where?
Shravan : Any Guesses?
Sonakshi : *thinking* NO! No no….how? You taught her on STAGE? How can this possible?
Dev : Shravan can do anything if he wants to.
Suman : I don’t want to agree, but I think he can be a good salsa teacher*laughs*
Sonakshi : *joins in* True.
Shravan : Don’t laugh Suman. Today I rescued you from embarrassment. Remember that.
Dev : Okay all, we have to go to cabin. Abhinav called.
Shravan : Why?
Sonakshi : Don’t know. Will tell there.
Suman : Okay.

They all go to the cabin where Abhinav and Meera were waiting for them.
Abhinav : All here? Alright. I have an announcement to make. Our company is planning a trip Goa. It’s sort of business trip, but I want all of you there. Meera suggested this trip plan, because she wants to spend more time with Sonakshi and I found it great. Dev will also be there to help me in business along with Shravan. It’ll be a work+enjoyment experience. What do you think?
(All were hella confused)
Shravan : But dad…
Abhinav : Shravan, you don’t have an option. As my son, you’re tend to come. Dev? You tell.
Dev : Mr. Malhotra….I….okay.
Abhinav : okay? Means you agree?
Dev : ………ummm…….yes.
Meera : And Sonakshi? You’ll come na?
Sonakshi : *left out of response* (looks at Dev)……Okay. I’ll come.
Meera : Thank you so much Sonakshi.

Suman felt that this conversation is not for her, and was going to leave the cabin when…

Abhinav : And you…what’s your name?…Ah…Suman Tiwari right? Where are you going?
Shravan : Dad, she was my assistant for the day. There’s no need….
Abhinav : Shravan. Did I ask you?
Shravan : No. Sorry.
Abhinav : Suman, will you continue with your job for the rest of the trip?
Suman : But..
Abhinav : You’ll be paid for that. And because you agreed in our crisis, you’ll be paid double.
Shravan : Dad, Raj is my assistant and…
Abhinav : and he met with an accident today. He is told bed rest for one month. So Suman, what’s your decision?
Suman : *After thinking a lot* I agree Mr. Malhotra.

A/N : Sorry guys….I know I’m full 10 days late 🙁 🙁 But what to do…bahot busy thi. Please please please don’t hate me for that. And please comment ur reviews on this story. All their reasons on the agreement for the trip will be revealed in the next part. And Phew! At last the merger day ends here. How’s the dance sequence? COMMENT BELOW. LOvE YoU

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