Ishq F(o)re(ver) Chapter 9 {Part-2} [Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi & Ek Duje Ke Vaaste]


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Ishq F(o)re(ver) : Chapter 9{Part 2} [Merger Day Special]


“I love your story. Sure it’s messy, but it’s the story that got us here.”- How I Met Your Mother.


[Previously: After the cake cutting ceremony, they all went to their respective places and then again the party gets in full swing. Suman was staring at Sonakshi from the corner, don’t know why, but she was happy seeing her best friend there. Sonakshi was smiling and was looking great. Suman thought that really Dev is the one for her. Sonakshi will not get anyone better than Dev and she deserves it. Suddenly she noticed something and gets tensed. Suman wanted to tell Sonakshi, but she was talking to Meera’s friends so, she decided not to tell her that. As she saw Shravan, she told him about the thing and Shravan also gets worried. They both talked and then went somewhere to do/to get something.] ____________________


Now it was time of the merger, to accomplish Dev’s dream, and everyone was happy to see that. Abhinav and Meera invited Dev and Sonakshi in their cabin to sign the agreements and make the deal final. They both went for that.

Meera : Oh! There you are, come in…*she said to Sonakshi and Dev*
Abhinav : So Dev, you’ve brought all the agreements and files?
Dev : Yes Mr. Malhotra. It’s all ready from my side.

*Abhinav took all the papers and checks it for the last time*

Abhinav : Great. Now just sign these few papers…

*Dev and Abhinav get on with their paper work*

*Sonakshi was awkwardly standing near the door, feeling completely out of place*

Meera : Sonakshi, why are you standing there? Come here…we are just like a family now.
Sonakhi : Yeah…sorry…
Meera : I had forgotten the most important thing to ask you, but now I want to tell you…no, not tell you…I’ll see it myself…

*Takes Sonakshi’s left hand and searches for something*

Meera : Sonakshi? Where’s your engagement ring?
Sonakshi : *puzzled*huh?
Meera : Engagement ring…Where’s your engagement ring?
Sonakshi : “ Oh Shitt!” *tensed* ummm…ring….ummm…tha…
Meera : Dev!! Why Sonakshi is not wearing her engagement ring?

Dev was just signing the last contract when Meera asked him this question and after this, his world literally goes upside down. I mean how can he forget that? It’s the main thing! He forgot to get or to tell Sonakshi to wear a fake ring and his single mistake could price him his dreams.

Dev : Mrs. Meera…I…
Meera : What? Are you both engaged or not?
Dev and Sonakshi together: WE ARE!
Meera : Then where’s the ring? Sonakshi, did you lose it?
Abhinav : Sonakshi beta don’t be scared, just tell us the truth.

*Sonakshi looked towards Dev and he eyed her to say anything but the truth*

Sonakshi : *sweating*Mrs. Meera,….ummm….I….los….

Suddenly Shravan and Suman entered the cabin and Suman immediately went towards Sonakshi.

Suman : What Sona? You are the most careless girl I’ve ever seen.

Shravan goes to stand beside Dev. Dev asked him about the matter and he just winked towards Dev.

Sonakshi : *had no idea what’s going on*Whaaa?
Suman : Just stop it Sonakshi. How can? I mean, how can anyone lose their engagement ring?
Sonakshi : Suman….I…can’t….
Suman : Stop Sona, just stop and take this, your *loudly* ENGAGEMENT RING… *She says it intentionally to let Meera hear and even kept stealing glances at her*
Sonakshi : Engagement ring…*Suman signals her to play along* oh yaa! I had forgotten it somewhere. I’m so stupid, how can I forget my engagement ring *pretends to be sad* I’m such a bad person. Mrs. Meera I’m sorry that I gave you the chance to be suspicious towards us. I’m Sorry…
Suman : *murmurs* Stop overreacting!
Sonakshi : *answered* Okay! *weeps her invisible tears*
Meera : *feels sorrow for her* Oh dear, don’t be sad. I’m a bad person in that way because I was the one to doubt you. Please forgive me.
Sonakshi : No Mrs. Meera, It’s not your fault.
Abhinav : Okay, now stop this. No one is in the fault and no one is innocent. Can’t we forget this and move on?
Dev : You are right Mr. Malhotra. Sonakshi, now forget about all this and next time, be careful about your things *eyed her to stop more drama*
Sonakshi : Okay Dev *gives him an angry look*

All of them get to the normal stuff, completely forgetting the above scene. Dev signed the last paper and the deal finalized. His dream of merging with ‘Malhotra’s and Co’. was finally attained. Mr. and Mrs. Malhotra left the cabin to announce the guest about this merger, leaving all of them alone.

Sonakshi : *goes and hugs Suman* SUMO! How do you know about this?
Suman : *Proudly* Your friend is smarter than you think of her Sona…
Dev : Yaa Shravan, how do you both come to know about this?
Shravan : I don’t want to agree, but it’s all because of Suman. Don’t know from where she noticed that Sonakshi was not wearing an engagement ring. She told me and I also got to know that you guys, must have forgotten the most important thing about engaging in this whole fake fiancée thing…
Suman : And then we went hurriedly to arrange a ring for you two. I knew that Mrs. Meera will surely ask you about that and my doubt was 100% right…
Shravan : I know, and we came at the right time or else you were gone. My mom would’ve known everything from you Dr. Bose…
Sonakshi : *Saw the ring in Dev’s right hand* You also got a ring for Dev?
Suman : Obviously Sona, how can only a girl wear an engagement ring? It’s on both the sides…
Shravan : Dr. Bose, I think you are confused. About, when Dev wore this, right?
Sonakshi : Yeah…
Shravan : When we entered, Suman quickly walked towards you and I came beside Dev. When Suman gave you the ring, all attention came to your side and I used that chance to give this ring to Dev. We can’t afford another suspicion from my dad towards Dev, don’t we?

Dev listens to Shravan, remembering his old days. Days when they used to be best friends, inseparable from each other. Dev had always been fond of this side of Shravan. No matter what will happen, Shravan is there for him and will be there for him. Dev felt guilty for now knowing his best friend, and only hated him for his closeness with Sonakshi. Dev know Shravan and Shravan know Dev. They were best friends and will be best friends.

Before some time, Dev was confused about himself and prevented to hug Sonakshi. Again he got this feeling, to hug Shravan, his best friend. And for the first time, in last 10-15 years, he ignored everything and hugged Shravan. Shravan was taken aback at first, but then a smile formed on his lips and he hugged him back. Dev can’t express with words, so he hugged Shravan with much of homeliness to get him know that he is happy. He is happy to see him back!

Dev :*getting normal* But Suman, how did you know about our fake engagement?
Suman : *casually* Sona told me…*Sonakshi hits her leg hard* Ouch! What Sona? You only told me na? Tell him.
Sonakshi : Ummm Dev, I’m sorry…
Dev : I told you not to tell anyone, but you won’t get that.
Suman : But I’m her best friend.
Dev : So what?
Sonakshi : When I say I won’t tell anyone. My best friend doesn’t count.
Suman : Got it, Mr. Dev Dixit?
Dev : *sighs* Girls…They are just unbelievable.
Shravan : True Bro, they are the dumbest creature made by god.
Suman : What? Shravan, just stop talking this crap or I’ll…
Shravan : Or you’ll what?…..huh…
Suman : Or I’ll…..*thinks*………Yes! I’ll touch your hair…no…I’ll make your hair a mess…*goes to ruffle his hair*
Shravan : Don’t you dare to do this Suman,..
Suman : *In a childish tone* Awww! Shravan, the baby boy loves his hair…please let me touch it…Once?
Shravan : NO! Stop this, or else I’ll call you ‘Sumo’…
Suman : Shravan! I had warned you…you can’t…..
Shravan : Sumo, Sumo Sumo… Sumo eats Momo….Sumo loves Limo…Sumo is an ultimo superwomamo!….*bursts into a loud laughter*
Suman : *putting hands on her ears* STOP! Just stop! You’ve crossed the line Shravan, and you’ll pay for it…
*She immediately goes beside Shravan when he was busy laughing and gets up on the nearby table to match his height*
Now you’re gone *with an evil smirk she ruffles his hair, creating a mess*
Shravan : *Shocked* What the……*sees Suman* Suman Tiwari, you’re dead…*Suman runs seeing his anger and hides behind Sonakshi*
*Shravan runs behind to catch her*
Sonakshi :*frustrated* Are you guys in kindergarten?
Suman and Shravan : NO!
Sonakshi : *shout*Then stop behaving like that! Stop this Tom and Jerry fights. We have much more to handle, than your silly threats towards each other.
Suman : But Sona. he called me…
Shravan : But Dr. Bose she messed my…
Dev : Shravan! Don’t behave like a child and don’t call her that name if she don’t like…*orders* Now say sorry.
Sonakshi : You too Sumo, you messed his hair…You’ll have to say sorry…
Shravan : Never!
Suman : Sorry? To him? Hahaha, in my dreams.
Dev and Sonakshi : You have only 2 minutes…Say sorry or we’ll not talk to you…
Suman : That’s not fair Sona,….
Shravan : Dev,…why?
Sonakshi : Tick..tick…One….tick…tick..Two..tick…tick..Three…Hurry up!

*Suman and Shravan both came in front of each other*

Suman : *quietly* Sorry.
Shravan : What? I can’t hear anything.
Suman : *gets her mouth near his ear and screams* I’M SORRY!
Shravan : Woah woah woah…No need to scream,…I got it. And it’s ok.
Suman : See Sona, he’s didn’t apologize…
Dev : *scolds*Shravan! Do it, don’t be a coward.
Shravan : Ok,…Sorry.
Suman : Sorry?
Shravan : I’m really very sorry Ms. Suman Tiwari. Forgive me.
Suman : ‘Please’ would have sounded great with your last sentence Shravan. But forget that, it’s ok.

*Both turns with an angry look on their face and came back beside their besties*

The party was blooming with guests and music. Everyone was enjoying the party with their known ones. Mr. and Mrs. Malhotra were talking to their business partners about the merger and Dev and Sonakshi were standing near the stage talking to some guests who came to congratulate them. Suddenly Ayesha came from nowhere and hugged Dev.

Ayesha : Dev, how are you? Congratz for your merger.
Dev :*uncomfortably* Thank you.
Ayesha : So, you like the party? Shravan and I planned it.
Dev : It’s great. You’ve done an excellent job.
Ayesha : Awww! Thanks Dev. You’re so sweet.
Sonakshi :”*annoyed*He isn’t a candy Ayesha.” Hey Ayesha, forgot me?
Ayesha : Oh! Sonakshi, right? How can I forget you? Congratulations for your engagement…
Sonakshi : *sarcasm* Awesome, and thanks. I toh thought you only knew Dev.
Dev : *sensed something in her tone* Sonakshi?….
Ayesha : No, no Sonakshi, it was that I saw him first and came to him. Sorry if you felt that.
Sonakshi : No probs Ayesha, It happens…
Dev : Sonakshi, I want to talk to you.
Sonakshi : Yes?
Dev : Alone.
Sonakshi : Oh! Bye Ayesha, it was nice meeting you. And yeah, don’t forget me again.
Ayesha : *awkwardly* Yeah Sonakshi, I’ll never do that. Bye.

*Dev holds her arm and takes her to the corner*

Dev : What was that?
Sonakshi : What?
Dev : You talking with Ayesha?
Sonakshi : So what about that?
Dev : You sounded like a possessive wife Sonakshi, who the hell does that?
Sonakshi : Is she your girlfriend?
Dev : No.
Sonakshi : Yeah! Must be fiancée.
Dev : No.
Sonakshi : Then who the hell is she to just come and behave overfriendly with you.
Dev : She is Shravan’s sister.
Sonakshi : *tries to cover her jealousy from Dev* That doesn’t mean she’ll behave like that. And my reaction was worth it. Now no one will get suspicious about our engagement. A real fiancée have also reacted like this.
Dev : *gets the whole point* Yaa, I can buy your last point, after all, you’re my friend *smiles*
Sonakshi : *also smiled* Thanks…
Dev : For what?
Sonakshi : …….ummmm…..nothing….

*Shravan and Suman again came on the stage to say something*

Shravan : Sorry to disturb you, but ladies and gentleman, now it’s time for some funn!
Suman : And we’re here with one amazing game for you all.
Shravan : It’s about dance!

*Dev and Sonakshi were not happy after hearing this*

Suman : You’ll have to dance and not alone, but with a partner…
Shravan : And don’t move, because we’ve found you your partner. Your partner is the one who is standing right beside you.

*All the guests started to pair up and Sonakshi and Dev saw each other, standing beside, feeling somewhat awkward*

Suman : And you’ll have to do a couple dance. Here, on stage in front of everyone.
Shravan : With one condition…

*DevAkshi : Now what???*

Suman : Your song and style will not be decided by you…
Shravan : It’ll be decided by our ‘pot baba’…

*DevAkshi : Pot baba?*

Suman : Yes, we have pot, in which we’ve written songs and styles…
Shravan : You’ll select one chit, and the song and style written in it would be performed by you…
Suman : Interesting na?

DevAkshi with a bored expression: Na! [No]

Shravan : So let’s start.

One by one, all the guests came and pick their respective chits. Even Mr. and Mrs. Malhotra came and they luckily they got song ‘Humdard’ from the movie ‘Ek Villian’. And the style was the ballroom, which they refused to do as they don’t know that dance.
Now it was our DevAkshi’s turn. Sonakshi took one pink coloured chip and immediately opened it. She was going to read the content, but Suman snatched it from her hand and reads it in the mike.

Suman : Wow! Our newly engaged couple have got the song ‘Dekha Hazaro Dafaa’ from the movie ‘Rustom’ and their style is Slow Dancing…Lucky chose Sona.

Sonakshi : Now your turn.
Suman : Mine? I’m not in the game.
Sonakshi : You are, now take one chip
Suman : No Sona, I don’t even have a partner.
Sonakshi : You have a partner Sumo, the one standing right beside you, Shravan.
Shravan : What? No, Dr. Bose, I’ll not dance with her
Suman : The feelings mutual.
Dev : You have to, now be a sport and take one chip.
ShrAman : NO!
DevAkshi : YES!

*Abhinav and Meera listen to their convo.

Abhinav : Shravan, why are you denying? Don’t disappoint them, take one chip.
Shravan : But dad..
Meera : Shravan, stop arguing like a child…
Shravan : Fine, take one *he told Suman*
Suman : Took one chit, but to be snatched by Sonakshi…
Sonakshi : So, ladies and gentleman, our host couple have got a song ‘Toota Jo Kabhi Tara’ from the movie ‘A Flying Jatt’ and their style is…..Woooohooo…….SALSA!
ShrAman : *screams* NO!!!

Precap : DevAkshi and ShrAman dance. End of the Merger night. ShrAman to get a new reason to stick around each other.


A/N : Pheeewww! Feeling tired after writing this. Please comment your views…
This is probably my last second chapter………for NOW!
The reason is, my exams are going to start from 21st sep and I won’t be able to write then. After the third part of this Merger Special, I’ll post straight on 1st of Oct.
I know it’s a long time….sorry…but can’t do anything else…Don’t hate me for this 🙁

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