Ishq F(o)re(ver) Chapter 9 {Part-1} [Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi & Ek Duje Ke Vaaste]

Ishq F(o)re(ver) : Chapter 9 [Merger Day Special (Part-1)]


When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled😊because you knew.-William Shakespeare.

{Previously: As Dev and Sonakshi entered, they saw Shravan and Suman and Sonakshi was shocked to see her best friend, Suman there. Dev again started with his awkward, jealous feeling as he saw Shravan. And Shravan was excited to see Dev and Sonakshi. For him, the real party will begin ‘NOW’.}


Sonakshi : *confused* Sumo? What are you doing here?
Suman : I was here for food and drinks arrangements, but my misfortune star had to twinkle and then I end up here.*annoyed* I just hate him, Mr. Sadu Shravan Malhotra. I’m telling you Sona….
Sonakshi :Hold on, hold on Sumo. What’s the matter? And what is this Mr. Sadu Shravan Malhotra?
Suman : You don’t know him? Great! After what I’ve experienced, I prefer you to stay away from him. And by the way, he is right there talking to Mr. Dev….*she said pointing towards Shravan*
Sonakshi : Listen to me Sumo. I know him and I’ve met him. He didn’t seem to be this bad as you are saying…
Suman : Then you don’t know him Sona, he is the no.1 sadu of the year and I can’t stand him.
Sonakshi : Take a breathe Sumo. I’m sure you’ll handle him.

*Dev and Shravan interrupt their conversation*

Shravan : Come on Ms. Bose,…oops Dr. Bose. The party has begun.
Sonakshi : Okay, come on Sumo. *Holds Suman’s hand*
Shravan : Wait, Sumo? *Tries not to laugh* I am sorry Dr. Bose, but she is Suman Tiwari, my assistant for the day. Not Sumo…
Sonakshi : I’m sorry Mr. Shravan, but she is Sumo, my childhood best friend. And I call her that.
Shravan : It really is a small world then. Come on now, I don’t want to be late…Let’s go Dr. Bose and you too…SUMO!
Suman : Hey! You won’t call me that. This is just for Sona.
Sonakshi : Shravan, please…leave her na…
Shravan : Okay Sonamma.*winks*

Dev felt uncomfortable seeing the bonding between Sonakshi and Shravan. And the most important thing for him right now was to talk to Sonakshi. He hadn’t talked to her only one day and he was already missing her.

All of them entered the party and everyone was ready to welcome Dev and Sonakshi. Especially Mrs. Malhotra, she was the most anxious and excited one. By the way, she was the only one who started all this fiancée drama. (And my ff too 😉 😉 )

Mr. Malhotra aka Abhinav : Welcome Dev and welcome Ms,…
Dev : Sonakshi.
Abhinav : Yes, welcome Ms. Sonakshi. It’s nice meeting you.
Sonakshi : *awkward* Me too.
Mrs. Malhotra aka Meera : Finally! Sonakshi, I was dying to meet you. Wow! You are so beautiful, I love your dress. Come with me, I want to introduce you to some of my friends…*took Sonakshi with her*
Abhinav : Dev, everything ready?
Dev :*sigh*Yes, Mr. Malhotra. Everything is ready and there will be no problem.
Abhinav : Good to hear that.

Mrs. Malhotra took Sonakshi and Dev was talking with Mr. Malhotra. Suman was standing with a bored expression beside Shravan and Shravan was talking with some of the guests.

Shravan : Mr. Khanna, you like the decorations? I’ve done it all by myself………ohhh…..Thank you so much.
Suman : Show off.
Shravan : What???
Suman : *puzzled* What?
Shravan : What did you just say?
Suman : Me? I….I….no…..nothing…
Shravan : I heard it.
Suman : What?
Shravan : Don’t act over smart Ms. Sumo. I know you very well.
Suman : *Irritated* Shravan! I told you not to call me that…Don’t you understand?
Shravan : Suman, Don’t forget that you’re my assistant.
Suman : I’ve not and the same goes for you too. You can only call me Suman, and nothing else.
Shravan : *frustrated* Okay SUMAN, with capital S-U-M-A-N. Happy?
Suman : Much better.

Dev was constantly eyeing Sonakshi from a distance. He can’t control himself and now he wants to talk to her. Even if it leads him apologizing to her, he’ll do that. For now, he just wants her to be on his side. And maybe forever.

Dev : *sees Sonakshi standing alone and reaches for her* Ms. Bose…
Sonakshi : Mr. Dixit, call me Sonakshi…they will get suspicious.*she said alerting Dev*
Dev : yeah, ummm….Sonakshi, I want to talk to you.
Sonakshi : Yes, About what?
Dev: About that night, I want to apologize for leaving you alone.
Sonakshi : *hurt inside* There’s no problem Dev. I got your message.
Dev : But I am feeling very guilty that I was not able to drop you home. It’s hurting me inside.
Sonakshi : It’s ok Dev, you could’ve dropped me if I had found my purse earlier. But that stupid purse got lost at the end moment.*sighs* My bad luck.
Dev : Purse? You lost your purse there?
Sonakshi : No, I found it. But it was too late because you had left till then.
Dev : So you stayed back just to find your purse? Nothing else?
Sonakshi : What else? Yeah, I was finding my purse, that’s it.

The feeling Dev got was inexpressible. He was beaming with joy inside, he had thought that Sonakshi stayed back to bid Shravan a personal goodbye. But he was wrong and the reason was something else. At that moment he just wanted to hug Sonakshi and tell her how happy he is hearing that, but he can’t do that. He is Mr. Dev Dixit and Sonakshi doesn’t even have a slightest idea of what he was feeling. After his happy moments he realized that he left Sonakshi alone and it was all his fault. How can he became this angry at her that he can’t even drop her home? He felt more and guiltier after knowing the fact.

Dev : Sonakshi I’m really sorry for that. Please forgive me if you can.
Sonakshi : Dev, it’s ok. I’ve moved on from that night and you have to do the same.
Dev : So can we make a fresh start?
Sonakshi : *confused*Yes, we can. But what will be the difference?
Dev : When we first met, we sort of hated each other and became enemies like. This start will be different, it will have the same Dev and Sonakshi, but with slight changes. Now they will be friends.*Dev smiled, saying that*
Sonakshi : *also smiled* Oh, so this is the new start. But of what?
Dev : Where ever it leads us. So, Ms. Sonakshi Bose, aka my *murmur* fake Fiancée, friends? *extends his hand towards Sonakshi*
Sonakshi : Lemmi think…ummmm……hmmmm…….*grins* YES! *Shakes hand with Dev*
Dev : A new start?
Sonakshi : A new start.

After a few minutes, Shravan and Suman gets to the center stage for some announcement.

Shravan : Good evening ladies and gentleman, as we all know the main purpose of why we are here, but there are some who don’t know it. And that’s not their problem as we kept it hidden from them…
Suman : And they are our very own Sonakshi and Dev. We are very sorry to both of you that we concealed it, but now we want to say that today is not only the merger day…

*Dev and Sonakshi were listening to them with a bewildered expression*

Shravan : But it’s also mom and dad’s 25th anniversary. Surprised! You hella be because I’ve tried hard to keep it a secret.
Suman : So let me invite Mr. & Mrs. Malhotra on the stage to cut the anniversary cake and also you both, Dev and Sonakshi…we also have a cake for you…

They all went to the stage and at first, Sonakshi and Dev wished Abhinav and Meera. Sonakshi eyed Suman that what is this and came the answer that she don’t know, Shravan did it. Abhinav and Meera cut their anniversary cake and then it was DevAkshi’s turn. They both were confused that why they have to cut the cake, but Shravan came behind them and whispered that Abhinav and Meera insisted on getting a cake for Dev and Sonakshi in order to congratulate them for their engagement. So, that’s why Shravan brought it.

After the cake cutting ceremony, they all went to their respective places and then again the party gets in full swing. Suman was staring at Sonakshi from the corner, don’t know why, but she was happy seeing her best friend there. Sonakshi was smiling and was looking great. Suman thought that really Dev is the one for her. Sonakshi will not get anyone better than Dev and she deserves it. Suddenly she noticed something and gets tensed. Suman wanted to tell Sonakshi, but she was talking to Meera’s friends so, she decided not to tell her that. As she saw Shravan, she told him about the thing and Shravan also gets worried. They both talked and then went somewhere to do/to get something.

Coming up in the next part: DevAkshi and ShrAman dance and disclose of Suman’s worry

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  1. pretty preeti

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    Mind blowing episode 😍😍😍❤️. Loved it to the core. Awesome. Devakshi love story to start as we’ll of shraman 😘😘😘. Waiting for next part.

  3. sona

    Dev sona..
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    It was so nice..
    Thank God..evrythbg..sort out between devakshi..but I’m pretty sure…his insecurities towards..sona shravan bonding will lead him to realise and confess his love to her😉😉😃😃

  4. Ariana

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    Wonderful epi. Really sweet. Shravan calling Suman SUMO was hilarious. I still like their time nd jerry fight. A new start for DevAkshi. Woho!!! Post next part soon I’m really excited. Lots of love

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    me toh super late, it’s Bengalis’ fate…(like me super man song)…
    amazing epi….
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    pst asap di warna ye Leeti (late+Neeti) mar jayegi…
    luv u – Leeti

  6. Aarav

    Wow DevSona!!! I just love your ff and please post the next part soon 🙂 By the way I’m a silent reader but as you said that it’ll motivate you if we comment. I’ve decided to comment on your ff from now on cause I don’t want you to stop writing it 😉 Please take my comment a motivation and post soon… 🙂

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