ISHQ FOREVER | chapter 8

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Naira’s POV.

I parked my car outside, and opened the door of my house. It was locked.

“Hello?” I shouted.

There was no reply. everything was dead silent. I tried pushing the door open, but was distracted by a note.

‘ at hospital come soon – naksh’

It was bhai. I was really tensed now…what’s the problem at the hospital?

As my mind revolved around with questions, I grabbed my car keys again to set off to the hospital.

Raina’s POV.

After Naira left, we both also left. We both were really worried about Naira, and her phone was switched off as well. That made us worry even more. Karthik was the one who was terrified. Oh poor boy Karthik. He was really worried about Naira.

Karthik is really in-love with her! He will be really broken, if this relationship wouldn’t work..i mean who else would suit for karthik other than naira.
I know how it feels when your love turns out wrong. I have experienced it..

But what can I do to help them out? do I need to help? I should ask Karthik for his opinion!!!

Naira’s POV.

I rushed down the hallways of the hospital not knowing where I was supposed to go. Suddenly I heard my phone ringing.

“Naira?” Asked the voice, it was mama
“Mama, I’m at the hospital where are you?” I asked.
“You mean the city hospital?”
“yeah” I replied.

She took a deep breath.

“wait near the entrance, i’ll come there” she said, and with a minute she switched her phone off.

I did as I was told, and soon mama came to meet me. Her eyes were red and swollen. I was sure that she was crying.
I ran towards and hugged her.

“Mama tell me what happened?” I asked.
“Naira…tara…” She stammered.

Tara? what was wrong with bhabi??

“What’s wrong?” I asked her.
“She gave birth” she spat out.

Birth? I was shocked as hell. She has 3 more weeks left.

“It’s a premature birth…and…” she was crying now. I held her tight. I couldn’t help my self, now I was crying too!
“How is the baby?” I asked her.

she took a deep breath.

“She is in care..not too bad.” she started.
“She? is it a girl?” I interrupted her.

She nodded.

“But it’s Tara, she is still in Coma…she has lost her senses…bhai is worried as hell” She cried.

I gasped. I wanted to see them badly. A baby girl..unconscious bhabi..a worried bhai!!!
Mama understood all of it. She took me to the ward.

Everyone was outside crying. As soon as they saw me they wiped their tears. I ran towards bhai. He had covered his face with his hands, crying. papa and gayu di was next to him.

“Bhai..” I whispered. I touched his shoulders.

He took of his hands off his face, slowly. His face was full of tears, and it was red and puffed.

“Na..nai..naira?” He stammered, staring at my face.
“I came as soon as you called me..I saw your note” I said.
“I’m sorry for ruining your meet with your friends.” He apologized.

I smiled and whispered “It’s okay”
He managed to smile through his tears as well. I wiped his tears with my fingers.

“Smile…always..” I said. I felt a small tear run down my cheeks.
He hugged me tight. We both cried for a while.

“Excuse me are you Tara singhania’s wife?” asked a voice.

Bhai let go of me and looked at him.

“Yes doctor” he replied. “How is she now?”
“Can’t really say at the moment. I came to can now go to your baby…” He said. His voice was calm and polite.

Bhai clenched his fists, struggling for control.

“why can’t you say anything? you are the doctors you must know..” He said. His voice was starting heat up.
“She is still unconscious..that’s all we know for now” He replied.

I held his hands and pulled him backwards.

“Calm down..” I mumbled.

“I’m sorry mister, your anger is not helpful…be patient..for now go and visit your baby..she is in good condition right now..” He said, and left.

Bhai sat down on the floor and started to cry.

“Naksh..come on let’s go and visit your daughter” said mama.

He got up and held mama’s hand like a baby. I held her other hand, and all of us headed to see bhai’s daughter.

Precap: Naira at home alone..karthik visiting her..


okay guys..i’m sooooo sorry for the late update.

I was really busy with school work, and now I am fine so I can update now.
Thank you for staying with me.. Do comment….

I know Raina’s POV was small, but that’s all I can give for NOW.
also sorry if you thought this was a short episode..

P.S- The role of Raina will be played by nalini negi.

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