Ishq F(o)re(ver) Chapter 8 [Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi & Ek Duje Ke Vaaste]


Chapter 7


Ishq F(o)re(ver) : Chapter 8

Sonakshi kept staring at Dev for some time. When Shravan looked at her, he sensed something fishy and immediately moved his eyes to where Sonakshi was staring.

Shravan : Woo! So, Dev is back…..come, let’s meet him.
Sonakshi : No…
Shravan : But why? *again he looked at Dev more closely and noticed him talking to Ayesha* Ohhh! Looks like Dev is busy talking with Ayesha.
Sonakshi : Ayesha? You know her?
Shravan : You don’t know her? I thought Dev must have told you…Ayesha is my sister, she just came a week ago from USA….

Sonakshi remembered the day when Dev had shown her the picture of Malhotra Family.


This is the Malhotra Family. The man is Mr. Abhinav Malhotra, founder of the “Malhotra’s and Co.” and the lady beside him is Mrs. Meera Malhotra, 51% shareholder of the company. She is more important to us than Mr. Malhotra. And the girl standing in the middle, is Ayesha Malhotra, spoiled brat of rich parent’s. She is doing fashion designing in USA and at present she is here, in Delhi, because of her holidays.

Sonakshi: Yeah, so she is Ayesha Malhotra, your sister. Dev had told me, but I didn’t recognize her now. She looked different in the picture……
Shravan:Yes, 5 years had changed her pretty much. Come on, let’s go and catch up with them.
Sonakshi: *feeling awkward* ummmm….. Yeah……
Shravan : Come na,…. *Without her knowing, he holds her hand and drags her towards Dev and Ayesha*

Sonakshi was expecting that feeling, the feeling she gets when Dev’s hand touches her. She thought it’ll be same with Shravan, but no, she doesn’t even feel a single thing when Shravan holds her hand.

Dev saw Sonakshi and Shravan coming towards him and then his eyes caught their holding hands. The rage inside him doubled and he became angrier. He wants to understand Sonakshi and Shravan’s friendship, but his heart is not making him to do that. Whenever he gets cleared out that they are just friends and there’s nothing more, something unexpected happens, leading him into thinking negative again.

Shravan : Hey Dev, hey Ayeshu.
Ayesha : Finally! So finally you get a time to meet your sister. I toh thought that you’ll never come. *Cracks a joke and winks towards Dev*
Sonakshi : “Did she really winked towards Dev? Didn’t they just meet, like 15 minutes ago?”

Dev and Sonakshi were looking towards each other. Both are having weird feelings and they both don’t know what it is. Is this an indication that they now have feelings for each other or is this just a normal feeling, just as friends have for each other? By far, it doesn’t look like the feeling for friendship at all 😉

Dev : I have to go….
Shravan : Dev, wait na….for some time?
Dev : No, I have to go….*gets up and starts forwarding towards the exit*
Sonakshi : *was about to go, but finds her purse missing* Dev, I’m coming…..just two minutes….
Dev : “So now they are so closed that she wants a personal time to goodbye him. Go to hell both of you.”

The fierce Dev gets into the car and lefts the place without even waiting for Sonakshi.

Sonakshi :*Comes outside after finding her purse and looks around for Dev* Mr. Dixit? Dev?

Sonakshi called Dev, but he didn’t pick up. After some time one message popped up on her cell phone.

—–Message from @Mr.Obodhro—–

Sorry Ms. Bose, Got to leave as something urgent came up. Hope you’ll find a ride home.

Sonakshi’s heart shattered when she read this. How can he just leave? How can he leave HER alone? Doesn’t he feel anything for her? Is she just a piece of trash for him that he’ll use and will throw her just like that? The feelings she just fell for him in the club vanished and replaced with her cold anger towards him. She thought that she was wrong and her relationship with Dev will never change. They’re acquaintances and will only be acquaintances. Nothing more than that.

Sonakshi took a taxi to home and as she reached, she quickly replied Dev.

Dev was eagerly waiting for her to reply. Even if he was angry, he wants to know if she had reached home safely or not. As his cell phone made a noise, without even wasting a second, he opened her message.

—–Message from @Ms./Dr. Bose—–

It’s okay Mr. Dixit. Shravan was there to drop me home. He’s a nice guy. By the way, Good Night 

She doesn’t know why she lied. Why can’t she just tell she took a taxi? But the truth is, she wanted him to know that he isn’t the only one for her. She wants him to feel that she’s not left alone if it’s not him, but little did she know how he felt after reading the message.

Dev : *angry* “Shravan, Shravan, Shravan…….who is he to her? She met him just a day ago and now they are acting as they know each other for years……………WAIT! Why are you thinking about them Dev? Who are they to affect you and who is she? She is just helping you with your merger and after that she’ll be the same. She’s your mother’s nutritionist and nothing else. NOTHING ELSE!!!”

The day has been just like a roller coaster ride for them. They laughed, they felt something & then they almost hate each other. Is this really what we think it is? Is it the beginning or the end?

__________**********MERGER DAY**********__________

Sonakshi and Dev were getting ready in their respected homes. It’s been a day and they haven’t talked to each other. Not even in messages. Dev and Sonakshi were literally avoiding each other, but today they won’t be able to do that. Today is the “DAY”. The day because of which it all started and the day when Dev is going to achieve his dream. Sonakshi was upset with Dev, but she isn’t that heartless to not help him. Dev was worried after that night, whether she’ll continue to be his fake fiancée or not, but Sonakshi consoled Ishwari that she’ll surely help him and Dev was relieved to hear that.

Shravan was planning the whole party. Today not only is the merger day, but is also his parent’s 25th marriage anniversary. They kept it hidden from Dev and Sonakshi in order to give them a big surprise. Malhotra’s have arranged the whole party to be at their farmhouse and all the preparation is done by Ayesha and Shravan.

Shravan : Ayesha? Where is Raj? I’m waiting for him and he isn’t even here yet. Where did he disappear?
Ayesha : I’ve tried to call him numerous times, but he isn’t picking up. I don’t know what to do.
Shravan : He has all the details and files. If he won’t come then we are gone…this party will be a failure…
Ayesha : Don’t act negative Shravan. He’ll come, fingers crossed.
Anonymous : Shravan sir, Raj met with an accident, so he won’t be able to come. But he have sent these files for you saying that it is something very important. He’s very sorry that he won’t come.
Ayesha : What? Is he okay?
Shravan : Yes, He is alright na? Did he need any help?
Anonymous : No, no, he just have a little sprain and the doctor told him to take a rest. Nothing serious than that.
Shravan : Thank god, tell him to take full rest and don’t worry about anything. We’ll manage…

Shravan : God!!! Now who’ll assist me? Raj was the best one for that. He knew each and everything and I can’t even think of anyone else to understand all this in this much short of time.
Ayesha : Don’t worry bro, we’ll surely find a way. Be positive.
Shravan : We won’t Ayeshu. I think now I’ll have to do this all alone.
Ayesha : *thinking about something* WAIT!!! I’ve got someone. YES! Shravan, I know someone who’ll help you…..just wait for a minute, I’ll come……
Shravan : Ayeshu………..who?………

After a few minutes, she came holding someone’s hand and starts introducing the person.

Ayesha : Shravan, she is Suman Tiwari and Suman, he is Shravan Malhotra. Shravan, Suman is planning the food and drinks for the party and she’s amazing when it comes to managing something.
Shravan : So?
Ayesha : So? She’ll be your assistant for today. Don’t you know that we called Suman at the last minute for food arrangements and she did it so smoothly and without any difficulties….I think this is the best…so Suman, do you agree?
Shravan : Wait Ayesha,….I know that she did the food arrangements well, but it’s because she’s an expert in it. This is not food planning Ayeshu…this is to control, manage and host the whole party and being a girl, she won’t be able to do that.

Suman : huh? What do you mean by being a girl? So you mean that a girl can only arrange food and not the whole function? Mr. Shravan Malhotra, please come out from your old thoughts and see the real world. A girl can do whatever she want’s and will do it better than any other men…..
Shravan : Oh please,…..don’t start with your women empowerment. I’m already tired and your speech will lead me to sleep….yawns….Stop this lecture and do your work.
Ayesha : Shravan, this is not how you talk with a girl. Respect her. And Suman, don’t worry, today you’ll get the chance to prove yourself in front of my brother….Shravan, I’ve officially hired Suman to be your assistant for a day and this is my final decision. Don’t deny or you’ll be left with nothing…..Best of luck Suman…*Ayesha left*

Shravan : See Suman, I seriously don’t have any personal regards towards you. It’ll be best for you only to back off. I’ll take someone else’s help. Thank you.
Suman : Ayesha had officially hired me Mr. Shravan. I’m now bound to help you, and don’t worry, I’ll prove you wrong.
Shravan : Let’s see.
Suman : Let’s see!

Dev and Sonakshi reached the farmhouse. Dev was wearing casual slim-fit blazer jacket(Blue) and Sonakshi was wearing traditional dress(peach). Both of them were looking awesome and they looked perfect with each other.

Shravan and Suman were standing at the entrance and were welcoming the guests. They are somewhat getting with each other, but the fight is unstoppable.

Suman : Mr. Malhotra, at least stop being so cheesy with girls…they’ve heard it millions of times and you’re just boring them doing it again.
Shravan : Firstly, stop calling me Mr. Malhotra. Do I look like a 50 year old man to you? No na, so just call me Shravan. And secondly, did I ask for your opinion? No na, so stop giving me that.
Suman : blah blah blah……

As Dev and Sonakshi entered, they saw Shravan and Suman and Sonakshi was shocked to see her best friend, Suman there. Dev again started with his awkward, jealous feeling as he saw Shravan. And Shravan was excited to see Dev and Sonakshi. For him, the real party will begin ‘NOW’.


A/N : So here’s the chapter you all were waiting for. To all the Shraman fans, I’m really sorry that you have to wait this long for Shraman scenes, but now there’s no problem. DevAkshi and ShrAman will now rock in Ishq F(o)re(ver). Thanks for your support. Love you.

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