Ishq F(o)re(ver) Chapter 7 [Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi & Ek Duje Ke Vaaste]


Ishq F(o)re(ver) : Chapter 7


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Next morning, Sonakshi came to Ishwari Mansion and start working. Dev descends the stairs and sat on the table, waiting for his breakfast. All the others were done with their morning breakfast and Dev was the only one left. Even if Dev was the most punctual one, today he got late. “Why?” Sonakshi seemed curious to know about that.
Kichu Bhaiya put the plate of poha (Flattened rice) in front of Dev and at first Dev seemed confused looking at the plate. After what felt like 5 minutes, he took the spoon in his left hand, [did you notice that-‘left hand’] and uncomfortably starts eating the poha. Sonakshi was watching each and every move of Dev. After a few minutes, she can’t control herself and directly goes in front of Dev to ask him about his WEIRD behaviour.

Sonakshi : Mr. Dixit? Why are you eating with the left hand?
Dev :*Seemed taken aback* whaa….?ummmm…………..*gets his bossy look on* Why are you asking me? Don’t forget I’m your boss. And I can eat with whichever hand, I want. Any problem?
Sonakshi : Yes Mr. Dixit. I have a problem. Don’t forget that I’m your mom’s nutritionist and your fiancée. Ohh! Sorry, FAKE Fiancée.
Dev :*getting frustrated* I don’t care. That doesn’t change my opinion on anything.
Sonakshi : *annoyingly* Can’t you just tell me!
Dev : Can’t you just leave me alone!
Sonakshi : Okay, whatever…..

Sonakshi turned to leave the place, but she put a way more force in her turn which backfired and got her leg to twist.

Sonakshi : Ouch! *She fell down*
Dev : *worried* What happened Ms. Bose? *goes to her side and takes her leg in his hand* Tell me Ms.Bose, Is it hurting?
Sonakshi : *Takes his right hand in her hand and found it swollen red* Mr. Dixit? What is this? How?
Dev : *Snatching his hand back* This is nothing Ms. Bose. Tell me what happened to your leg. Let me call the doctor. *starts dialling doc’s no. in his cell phone*
Sonakshi : No Mr. Dixit. *gets up* I’m fine, but I can clearly see that your hand isn’t. Thank god I fell, at least now I know your reason of eating by left hand.
Dev : *also gets up* Ms. Bose, I’m Suring you that seriously, I’m fine. It’s just a mosquito bite.
Sonakshi : Mosquito bite? You think I’m a fool? Don’t make excuses and tell me the real reason.

Dev remembers the whole scene:


Dev : *with some unknown reason, anger and frustration were building up inside him* You can also leave Ms. Bose.
Sonakshi : *confused by sudden the change in his behave* ummmm…ok………..
Dev : *shout* LEAVE!
Sonakshi : *threatened by his voice* (turns back and hurriedly leaves his cabin)
Dev : *watches her go and punches the wall of his cabin*


He felt nothing at that time when he punched the wall. Not even after that, but the pain he felt this morning was unbearable. The reason for being late at breakfast is this only. And he knew he can’t tell anyone about this. What will he tell? That I don’t know why I got angry? I just saw Shravan and Ms. Bose talking and sort of Shravan flirting with her and that got me angry. It that even a reason? He avoided to tell anything to his family and came late, but he forgot that there is Sonakshi, she had gotten her own ways to know what’s wrong with him. They both are unbelievable and their current relationship is unbelievable too.

Dev : Okay, okay Ms. Bose, I’m telling you, but please don’t tell anyone.
Sonakshi : Okay, promise.
Dev : *signals her to put her ear near his mouth* I slipped in the bathroom.[Liar!] Sonakshi : Whaaaat??? *Shocked* Are you serious? *trying best to control her laughter*
Dev : *Pretending to be serious*Ms.Bose, this is not a joke. At least think about me. My hand…….ouch….my loyal right hand, my precious right hand……
Sonakshi : Okay, stop! Don’t act like this Mr. Dixit. Your loyal, precious hand is right there in your hand. *laughs* I know that it didn’t make any sense, but you can feel how worried and serious I’m for your hand. Don’t you? *giggles*
Dev : Yes, 100% Ms. Bose. Your laughter is telling me everything. I know I’ve heard somewhere that laughter is the cure for anything, but hadn’t heard that it can also be cured if the person standing in front of you laughs at you and makes fun of you. Thank you so much.
Sonakshi : *feeling guilty* Sorry. I’m really sorry Mr. Dixit.
Dev : It’s okay. Don’t do it ever again. *smiles*
Sonakshi : *also smiled* Sure.
Dev : Now I’ve to go. Good bye.
Sonakshi : At least put some ointment on it.
Dev : I’ll. Bye
Sonakshi : Bye.
Dev : *was going, but turned back to inform Sonakshi about something* And yes Sonakshi, tonight we’re going to meet the manager of Mr. Malhotra. And the meeting is held at a night club, so dress according to that. I’ll send the driver to pick you up. Be ready.
Sonakshi : Woah woah wait! Night club? But why? Who the hell arranges a meeting at the nightclub? I’m not coming, and that’s final.
Dev : Ms. Bose, why do you always forget that now they think you’re my fiancée and I’m tend to take you with me where ever I go that is connected to the Malhotra’s? So please, no more of this argument and be ready for tonight. Bye.
Sonakshi : *silent*”Why can’t you understand Mr. Dixit. Night club is not a problem. The real problem is, what will I wear? Ughhhh!……”


Dev was waiting for Sonakshi. He was standing at the front gate of NightX9 (club). He doesn’t want to agree, but he was eager to see her dressed in western casuals. On their first date, he was mesmerized seeing her in an orange dress. Today will be the second day he’ll see her wearing something like that.
His car entered the driveway and came to the halt at a little distance before him. Dev saw Sonakshi coming out of the car and one single word escaped his mouth “Wow.”
Sonakshi was wearing a black dress. Probably the shortest dress she had worn till date. It was a shining black dress, reaching just below her knee, pairing with beautiful black & dark blue stilettos. A stone necklace with matching ear-rings. She was looking gorgeous. And Dev was not denying it.
Sonakshi : *Came beside Dev and stands uncomfortably* Are you sure Mr. Dixit? You have a meeting? HERE?
Dev : Yes Ms. Bose. Let’s go.*holds her hand and starts walking towards the entrance.*

Again Sonakshi felt something weird with Dev’s hand touched her. Same as she had first felt on their ‘fake media date’. And again, she ignored that thought and gets into the club with Dev.

Dev : Remember, we’ve media everywhere. Act like my fiancée and no mistakes. Okay?
Sonakshi :*She was not even listening to him and was lost in the atmosphere of the club. She found the club pretty cool and was mesmerized with its lights, music and all.* hmmmmm……
Dev : *screams in her ear* SONAKSHI!
Sonakshi : WHAT??
Dev : Did you hear what I just said?
Sonakshi : Yeah, yeah….I’ve….
Dev : Tell me.
Sonakshi : hmmm??
Dev : Tell me what I just said.
Sonakshi : ummmm….that…….ummmmmm….
Dev : Stop it and now clearly listen to me.
Sonakshi : Okay Mr. Dixit.
Dev : It’s Dev for you……for……….now.
Sonakshi : ohhhh! Ok.
Dev : Act like my fiancée, media is everywhere. Don’t act childish & drink only juice. Do not accept any drink from strangers. Got it?
Sonakshi : Please Mr.,……ummmm…Dev, I know that. Don’t think of me as a 5 year old child.

“Mr. Dev, Mr. Khanna is calling you” Someone came to inform Dev.

Dev : Sonakshi, I’m going into the meeting. Please take care & no…
Sonakshi : MISTAKES. I got it Dev. You can go.

As Dev went to the meeting, Sonakshi was standing alone near the bar & was confusedly watching the club life. This is a real new experience for her. She hadn’t visited a club before. Being so engrossed in her studies and career, she had spent her teenage in her closed room. At that time it was her dream to become a doctor or a nutritionist, but now is not a problem. She had missed so much in her life and now she wants to live it, to the fullest.

“BOO!” someone suddenly came beside Sonakshi and screamed in her ear.
“Ahhh!” Sonakshi yelled, being scared and looked towards that anonymous person.

Sonakshi : You? Shravan what are you doing here?
Shravan : Sonakshi, I’m also a part of ‘Malhotra’s and Co.’ please don’t boycott me.
Sonakshi : Yeah…..Sorry Shravan that I forgot. By the way I thought that now we’ll only meet at the merger, but life is full of surprises huh!
Shravan : Yes Ms. Bose, it is.
Sonakshi : It’s Dr. Bose for you.
Shravan : Can’t I call you that for just now? HERE?
Sonakshi : *Smiled* Okay, Shravu *laughs*
Shravan : It’s Shravan for you.
Sonakshi : Can’t I call you that for just now? HERE? *Controls her giggles*
Shravan : NO!
Sonakshi : Tit for tat.
Shravan : Okay, now where’s Dev?
Sonakshi : Meeting…..
Shravan : hmmmmmmm…..Wanna drink?
Sonakshi : *remembers-‘ drink only juice. Do not accept any drink from the strangers’* “What should I do? Dev said stranger na, but he isn’t a stranger. He is his best friend. I think I’ll accept”
Shravan : Ms. Bose, Wanna drink or not?
Sonakshi : ………………………..Ummmm,…….No Shravan, I don’t want to.
Shravan : Any reason?
Sonakshi : “Yes” No. Just not in a mood, so…………..
Shravan : Ok, your wish.

Dev was back after the meeting. He firstly searched the place where he had left Sonakshi before going, but she was not there. He eyed the whole area and then starts searching the whole club for Sonakshi. At least he found her, but wait……She’s talking with someone. Is it a guy? Who???,…….With a more clear view, the face of that guy revealed and that was none other than Shravan, Shravan Malhotra. Dev wanted to, but didn’t go to them and sat on the seat of the bar counter & ordered one drink.

He was angry.

No, angry didn’t even begin to describe what he was feeling, it was undeniable rage.
Clenched fists, Dev sat there glaring at the two figures at a short distance away. One being Sonakshi-his (fake) fiancée-and other Shravan-his best friend.
Sonakshi laughed and talked to Shravan while Dev gradually increased his grip on the wine glass, sporting a polite smile. Shravan sometimes glanced at him, but made no other sign of acknowledgement. Suddenly one girl came and sat beside him.

“Hey, I’m Ayesha.” Said the girl.
“Dev” answered Dev.

(Ayesha noticed him staring Sonakshi)

“Who is she?” Ayesha asked out of curiosity.
“She’s no one.” Dev replied harshly.
“Oh!” she said back, but kept on staring him.
“What?” Dev spat out, feeling exasperated.
“Are you okay?” she asked with an annoyed expression.
“Yeah, why wouldn’t I be? I’m fine,” he said.
“Wait…are you jealous?” Ayesha asked with an amused glint in her eyes.
“No” Dev snapped.
“Yes, you’re, but don’t worry, I’ll tell him to leave her. Just for you.”
“She’s my fiancée, he’s nothing more than a friend to her. And why the hell he’ll listen to you?” Dev asked, frustrated with his new company.
“I know that Dev. And he’ll listen to me because I’m his sister,” answered Ayesha.
“What?…….Ayesha? You mean Ayesha Malhotra?”
“Yes, Ayesha Malhotra. Daughter of Abhinav Malhotra and the sister of Shravan Malhotra.”
“But you didn’t look like……..” Dev seemed confused, looking at her.
“Like that family picture we’ve at our company’s website, right?”
“Yes, you seemed different in that.”
“Obviously, because it was taken 5 years ago and after that I shift to USA for my fashion designing course and now I’m here, after long 5 years. Change will be obvious, na?” Ayesha inquired.

Sonakshi was engrossed in talking with Shravan that she didn’t even notice Dev. When she found him sitting near the bar, she was relieved. A smile formed at her face, because she was feeling very lonely in this club and when she saw him, It was like she found someone close. Dev is becoming the part of her life now and she is accepting it. Even if he’s an obodhro. 😉 But it’s not over yet. She also saw a stranger (Ayesha), talking to Dev and he seemed quite interested in talking to her. She felt a pang of feeling….She can’t name it. She doesn’t know what it is, but seeing Dev talking with a girl other than his sisters or her or even Tina was pretty awkward for her.
Is it just something awkward or the word which we are quite frankly familiar with. JEALOUSY 😉 🙂


A/N : Finally!!! I am able to post & It’s the longest chapter I’ve written till date 🙂 . Please tell if you like it or not. Ishq F(o)re(ver) is BACK!!! Love you all…..?

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