Ishq F(o)re(ver) Chapter 6{Part 1} [Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi & Ek Duje Ke Vaaste]


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Ishq F(o)re(ver) : Chapter 6 {PART 1}

The next morning went in a blur. Dev was at his office and was preparing for the merger. Sonakshi, as usual was taking care of Ishwari at Ishwari Mansion.
Ishwari : Thank you so much beta, for accepting the proposal.
Sonakshi : No need to thank me Aunty. I’m more than happy that I got a chance to do something for you. You are the strongest women I’ve ever seen. I respect you more than any other women. Thank you for giving me this chance.
(GKB was standing near Ishwari’s room and was listening to their convo.)
GKB : “Thank you?Proposal?Accept? What is happening in this mansion, which I don’t know?
There is something suspicious. I’ll have to make note of her each and every move. Just wait and watch bangalan.”
(Sonakshi is in the kitchen, telling Kichu Bhaiya about that day’s timetable”
Sonakshi : Kichu bhaiya, today at lunch you’ll make bottle gourd soup with salad and some chickpeas but with less oil and masala…….
(Suddenly her cell phone rang)
Sonakshi : *picking it up* Hello, Who is it?
Anonymous: Don’t act smart Ms. Bose. You have my number saved.
Sonakshi : Is it so? Sorry Mr. Dixit, I think like me my cell phone also doesn’t like you. So, he had deleted you from “HIS” contact list.
Dev : hahaha….very funny Ms. Bose. Now listen, I called to tell you that you are coming to my office, right now!
Sonakshi :whaaa? But why?
Dev : No more questions Ms. Bose. Just come here, it’s urgent.
Sonakshi : Are you sure? Means, now?
Dev : Bye, Ms. Bose. See you in 20 mins.
Sonakshi : but,…..Mr. Dixit……….*the line went dead*
———-At Divine Company———-
Tina : Sir, Ms. Bose….
Dev : Send her in.
Tina : Okay.

Sonakshi :*entering* This is not fair Mr. Dixit. You can’t keep me ordering like that. I’m not your slave by the way……..
Dev : Ms. Bose.Stop overthinking. Who told you that you’re my slave? I don’t need any slave. I called you for something urgent, so, stop your childish behaviour and listen to me.
Sonakshi : Childish? Mr. Dixit, you cannot call me that. I’m not childish. If you call me that ever again, I’ll tell Aunty ji….
Dev : *smirking* Explains it all. Now, stop Ms. Bose. Keep mum for some time and please listen to me.
Sonakshi : Okay.
Dev : Remember that It’s only one day to go before the merger. *unlocks his phone and show it to Sonakshi* This is the Malhotra Family. *The picture has 3 human figures standing beside each other, and perfectly smiling at the camera* the man is Mr. Abhinav Malhotra, founder of the “Malhotra’s and Co.” and the lady beside him is Ms. Meera Malhotra,51% shareholder of the company. She is more important to us than Mr. Malhotra. And the girl standing in the middle, is Ayesha Malhotra, spoiled brat of rich parent’s. She is doing fashion designing in USA and at present she is here, in Delhi, because of her holidays. And yeah, they also have one son which I wasn’t able to get any info. of. Forget that, tell me do you understand what I said?
Sonakshi : *sways her head vertically*
Dev : *confused* what?
Sonakshi : I thought I was not allowed to talk.
Dev : not now. Please answer my question.
Sonakshi : hmmmmmmmmmm…..ok, I understand each and everything you said. Happy?
Dev : Ms. Bose, you’ll have to control yourself in front of Malhotra’s.
Sonakshi : Why do you keep telling me that?
(Unaware to them, one anonymous person was standing outside Dev’s cabin and was listening to their conversation secretly)
Dev : Because it’s about my career Ms. Bose, and I can’t let you ruin by saying something stupid in front of them.
Sonakshi : How mine saying something stupid will ruin ‘your’ career?
Dev : You ask too much questions Ms. Bose. I’m telling you that don’t say anything about our secret. It’ll be kept only between you and me.
Sonakshi : Which secret?
Dev :*getting angry* Don’t be childish again Ms. Bose. I’m serious. Don’t say anything about you being my fake fiancée.
Sonakshi : Ohh! That. Okay, okay, I’ll not tell anyone.
Anonymous:*entering the cabin*Fake fiancée and all haan!
Dev : *shocked* Who are you? *recognise something* Shravan! What are you doing here?
Shravan : *utterly confused* Dev? You? Don’t tell me that you are ‘the Dev Dixit’?
Dev : Yes, I’m the Dev Dixit. But what are you doing here?
(Sonakshi was so feeling out of the place and was not knowing what to do)
Shravan : I’m Shravan. Shravan Malhotra, son of Abhinav Malhotra.
Dev : Shravan Malhotra? Are you serious?
Shravan : 100%
Dev : I’m so glad to see you. I thought you never existed. Where did you vanish?
Shravan : That’s a secret. Will tell you about that at some other day. For now, you tell me what is this all about? Are you engaged? Why did you tell my family that you are if you aren’t? And what is this fake fiancée?
Dev : It’s a long story Shravan. ‘ll explain you in short.*……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………*

Shravan : Mom! Sorry Dev, you are going through this phase because of my family. Do you want me to do anything for you?
Dev : Just don’t tell anyone about this.
Shravan : Sure. *looks at Sonakshi* so, you’re the fake fiancée? Ms……..
Sonakshi : Sonakshi Bose.
Shravan : Nice to meet you Sonakshi.
Sonakshi : It’s Dr. Bose for you. Both of you.
Shravan : Wow! Fiery Fake Fiancée. Nice choice Dev.
Dev : Stop it Shravan. She is mom’s nutritionist and is helping me through this.
Shravan : Ohhhh, Sorry Sona…..Dr. Bose. Thanks for helping my friend
Sonakshi : Please, before you guys go on with more of you boyish talk. Please acknowledge me that how you know each other. I’m a feeling little bit of out spaced here.
Shravan : No problem Doc. I’m here to tell you each and everything about our friendship. So, we met first time here only. In the Delhi College of MBA and became good friends from day one. I was more of bad boy type, but he was the scholar of our class. Our friendship was compared to fire and water. We were never the same. He was something and I was something else. But God made the strings attached and we became best of friends. We were inseparable in our college days. But after our graduation, I was bound to go, and thus, I left him, our friendship and our memories here.
Sonakshi : Wow! I never thought it would be this dramatic.
Shravan : The pleasure is all mine Ms. Bose.
(Dev was standing just there. He was hearing everything. He was seeing the scene in front of him and don’t know why he felt something different. He doesn’t like Shravan’s interaction with Sonakshi. It was like she was his. I mean she was his fiancée. Fake though)

{Coming up in Part 2 : *Dev and Sonakshi were in the car and Dev was dropping her home*
Dev : I think Shravan had made a great effect on you.
Sonakshi :*smiling* He is nice. More like funny than nice.
Dev : I was not knowing that you like funny boys. Must be an upgrade…
Sonakshi : Mr. Dixit, what are you saying? What happened?
Dev : *firmly holding the steering* Noting. Just don’t act like this with him on a day of the merger. People will misunderstood you being his fiancée, not mine.}

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